Marronniers & Maupertuis – 2020


Marie-Noëlle Ternynck 2022 Domaines Marronniers & MaupertuisTasted in Préhy with Laurent & Marie-Noëlle Ternynck, 06 January 2022.

Domaine de Mauperthuis
3, Grande rue de Chablis
89800 Préhy
Tel: +33 3 86 41 42 70
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Marie-Noëlle on 2020:
2020 brought a decent rendement but what we look for so no complaints…

The wines…

Always an interesting and eclectic range of wines at this address – a few cuvées worth a special search too!

DIAM for some of the base wines, PC and Chablis, the rest are cork. Not all are bottled yet, but all are assembled, and in the absence of Laurent, a quicker tour through the cuvées 😉

2020 Marronniers, Petit Chablis
A 5-hectare parcel called Temps Perdu in the plateau of Préhy. Youngest plantation of the domaine – about 15 years old – behind the buildings of JM Brocard. With DIAM but not yet bottled.
Fresh and direct, a certain mineral character too – that’s attractive. Nice weight and richness of flavour here but the flavour is still mobile and mouth-watering – that’s a very good one – the finish is particularly delicious…

2020 Marronniers, Chablis
Different parcels from Préhy and Courgis – about 10 hectares worth – 11 months of all tank elevage.
Like the PC a nose that starts tight but is a picture of clarity and freshness. A bit more mineral and vibrant – more citrus flavour complexity here – ooh – that’s super. That’s a great Chablis, melting and complex finishing…

2020 Maupertuis, Bourgogne Chardonnay Renouel
Because Irancy blanc isn’t allowed! Above Paradis – 65-year-old vines. Only old oak elevage. ‘A great vine for massale selection – tiny grapes, really quite different.’
That’s a nice nose – deep and attractive with a small coating of barrel aroma. Supple, concentrated, a nicely direct line of flavour too – this a wine for keeping – 2-3 years, or easily 5 if you prefer – a comparison with Chassagne is not out of the question here…

2020 Marronniers, Chablis 1er Montée de Tonnerre
Still some barrel aroma but here’s a more airy width. Wide, clean lines, direct flavour. Juicy, clean and delicious – the oak more aromatic than in the flavour today. Excellent and a little zesty finishing.

2020 Marronniers, Chablis 1er Montmains
2.5 ha but all in Butteaux. All tank elevage, for 15 months – not yet bottled.
Hmm now that’s a super nose, chalky, complex and pure – yes! Really a nicely pure and mouth-watering flavour profile – this I love – a great Chablis!

2020 Marronniers, Chablis 1er Vaillons
From Epinottes, with elevage in 600-litre barrels, a contract.
A fine clarity, narrower yet more floral and expressive. Really a very fine and relaxed delivery of flavour here – this is a simply lovely wine. Pure, cushioned mineral clarity. That’s a lovely wine.

Les Reds:

2020 Maupertuis, Bourgogne Les Brûlis
Pinot with all tank elevage, bottled.
The gentian/pyrazine hybrid aroma of the vintage – like this it’s quite attractive. Quite a vibrant flavour profile too – there’s energy here and a faint dryness of tannin though almost no grain…

2020 Maupertuis, Bourgogne Pinot Noir Grand Reserve
12 months elevage, in barrel 15% new.
A fainter touch of the pyrazine – here’s a deeper and very inviting depth of fruit. The flowers of the last and a bit more structure. Keep this for now but the shape and flavour energy are really fine.

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