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Perrières & Clos de la Perrière
The July 2019 issue of Burgundy-Report

It's always an modest mix of domaines in July due to French holidays, but imodest domaines none-the-less! Tasted are a blend of 2018 and 2017 wines – the latter now bottled, the former amazingly precocious:

First some (now) bottled 2017s in Chablis:
2017 Billaud-Simon
2017 Nathalie, Julie & Gilles Fèvre
2017 Pinson

A little more white, this time 2018:
2018 Jean Chartron (Puligny-Montrachet)
2018 Vincent Girardin (Meursault)

Now the reds – a mix of 2018 & 2017:
2017 Albert Morot (Beaune)
2018 Nicole Lamarche (Vosne-Romanée)
2018 & 2017 Jacques-Frederic Mugnier (Chambolle-Musigny)
2018 & 2017 Comte Georges de Vogüé (Chambolle-Musigny)
2018 Rossignol-Trapet (Gevrey-Chambertin)

Lastly, a little Jeroboam action, chez Faiveley:
A mix of Faiveley…


The May 2019 issue of Burgundy-Report

Celebrating 140 years of Domaine Albert Grivault of Meursault
It's not every day you get an invitation like this:
Albert Grivault – Clos des Perrières 2017-1928

New domaines from Beaujolais
Domaines I've wanted to visit after blind-tasting great wines from them:
Profile: Les Capreoles
Profile: Nicole Chanrion
Profile: Gilles Copéret
Profile: Gilles Paris
Profile: Robert Perroud
Profile: Château des Ravatys

Simply great Mâcon
Jules Desjourneys plus the wines of Jean-Marc Guffens:
Profile: Verget – Guffens-Heynen
Jules Desjourneys – 2016

Château Thivin's Clos Rochebonne
A visit to their outpost in the Pierre Dorées:
Château Thivin’s Clos Rochebonne

A new name in Beaune
Tasting with Charly Fatien of Domaine-Maison Fatien:
Profile: Maison Fatien

Old names, visited:
Château Pommard – 2016
Jean Loron – 2017

2017s Tasted Blind
I thought a number of red villages outperformed the average in 2017 – here are some, tasted blind:
2017 Maranges
2017 Santenay
2017 Marsannay
2017 Fixin


Clos des Grands Vignes
The April 2019 issue of Burgundy-Report

Marsannay – 2017s
Marsannay is one of the strongest sectors of the Côte d'Or in 2017, so here are a few domaines for you to compare:
Profile: Bart
Château de Marsannay – 2017
Collotte – 2017
Fougeray de Beauclair – 2017
Jean Fournier – 2017
Huguenot Père et Fils – 2017
Sylvain Pataille – 2017

Psst – want some Echézeaux?
My second-favourite area for above-average wines in 2017 – here are 28 of them for you:
Echézeaux – 2017

Already 2018?
Don't worry – I tasted 2017s too – but 2018 is an early vintage with fast fermentations, these wines already taste like they normally would in July!
Bruno Clair – 2018 + 2017
Cécile Tremblay – 2018 + 2017

Mainly Beaujolais!
Short profiles of 10 new domaines from Beaujolais and Mâconnais, plus many magnums of Beaujolais tasted at the BBB!
Mainly Beaujolais – new names & many magnums

A mix of new and old names, visited:
Dufouleur Frères – 2017
Jean-Noël Gagnard – 2017
Antonin Guyon – 2017
Laurent Ponsot – 2017
Jean Tardy – 2017
Vougeraie – 2017
Profile: Catherine et Claude Maréchal
Profile: Joannet


The March 2019 issue of Burgundy-Report

New Names from Chablis – 2017s
In January I did my regular blind tasting of Petit Chablis and from the pick of those wines were some domaines that I didn't already know – here they are:

Profile: Chevallier
Profile: Christophe et Fils
Profile: Eléonore Moreau
Profile: Francine et Olivier Savary
Profile: Guy et Olivier Alexandre
Profile: Moreau-Naudet
Profile: Pisse-Loup
Profile: Sylvain Mosnier

'Older' names, but not Chablis – 2017s

Berthaut-Gerbet – 2017
Clos de la Chapelle – 2017
Gouffier – 2017
Maison de la Chapelle – 2017

Wines tasted Blind
Nearly 100 wines that are less challenging for your bank balance:

2017 Beaujolais Blanc
2017 Irancy

Screw-cap versus Cork
Tasted back to 2004 with Clotilde Davenne:

Screw-caps versus Cork

The connection between elevage and barrels

Elevage, Oak & Alchemy


The February 2019 issue of Burgundy-Report
Beaujolais 2017

2017 Beaujolais – A small but often perfectly formed vintage…

The Producers
45 producers and over 300 wines – all visited in the month of February 2019. Comment from their producers on 2018 as well as 2017. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted, though not any 2018s at it's still too early:

Anne-Sophie Dubois – 2017
Bois du Chat – 2017
Château Bellevue – 2017
Château Bonnet – 2017
Château de La Chaize – 2017
Château de La Terrière – 2017
Château des Bachelards – 2016
Château des Jacques – 2017
Château Moulin à Vent – 2016
Château Pierreux + Mommessin – 2017
Château Poncié – 2017
Château Thivin – 2017
Claire & Fabien Chasselay – 2017
Clos de la Roilette – 2017
Daniel Bouland – 2017
David-Beaupère – 2017
de Bel Air – 2017
des Nugues – 2017
du Breuil – 2018
du Paradis – 2017
Fabien Collonge – 2017
Georges Duboeuf – 2017
Girin – 2017
Jean Foillard – 2017
Julien Sunier – 2017
La Pirolette – 2017
Labruyère – 2017
Le Nid – 2016
Longère – 2017
Louis-Claude Desvignes – 2017
Manoir du Carra Sambardier – 2017
Mathieu et Camille Lapierre – 2017
Mee Godard – 2017
Monternot – Les Jumeaux – 2017
Paul Janin – 2017
Profile: Bernard Jomain
Profile: Château du Basty
Profile: David Large
Profile: Jean-Marc Burgaud
Profile: Philippe Deschamps
Raphaël Chopin – 2017
Richard Rottiers – 2017
Thillardon – 2017
Trenel – 2017
Vincent Audras – 2017

Bourgogne Côte d'Or
30 wines tasted from the maiden, 2017, vintage:

A Bourgogne Côte d’Or?


The January 2019 issue of Burgundy-Report
Unashamedly Chablis 2017
2017 Chablis – An Enigma…

The Producers
62 domaines – including a bunch of new names – but one isn't from Chablis! 625 wines, including (shock) 16 from 2018, bottled or about to be bottled! That's 2,425 wines in the 2017 vintage reports to-date. Plus from each producer on their 2017 and 2018 campaigns. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

52x 2017 Petit Chablis
Agnes et Didier Dauvissat – 2017
Alain Geoffroy – 2017
Alice & Olivier De Moor – 2017
Beaufumé – 2017
Besson – 2017
Billaud-Simon – 2017
Céline et Frédéric Gueguen – 2017
Charly Nicolle – 2017
Chaude Ecuelle – 2017
Château de Béru – 2017
Christian Moreau – 2017
Clotilde Davenne – 2017
Colombier – 2017
Corine et Jean-Pierre Grossot – 2017
Daniel Seguinot – 2017
Daniel, Sébastien & Vincent Dampt – 2017
Domaine du Chardonnay – 2017
Drouhin Vaudon – 2017
Eleni & Edouard Vocoret – 2017
François Raveneau – 2017
Garnier & Fils – 2017
Gilbert Picq – 2017
Jean Collet & Fils – 2017
Jean Dauvissat – 2017
Jean-Claude Bessin – 2017
Jean-Claude Courtault + Michelet – 2017
Jean-Hughes & Guilhem Goisot – 2017
Jean-Marc Brocard – 2017
Jean-Paul et Benoit Droin – 2017
l’Enclos – 2017
La Chablisienne – 2017
La Meulière – 2016 (2)
La Motte – 2017
Laroche – 2017
Laurent Tribut – 2017
Long-Depaquit – 2017
Louis Michel – 2017
Louis Moreau – 2017
Malandes – 2017
Marronniers & Maupertuis – 2017
Millet – 2017
Nathalie & Gilles Fèvre – 2017
Oudin – 2017
Patrick Puize – 2017
Pattes Loups – 2016
Pinson – 2017
Profile: Caves Duplessis
Profile: Domaine d’Henri
Profile: Domaine Roy
Profile: Guillaume Vrignaud
Profile: Guy Robin
Profile: Servin
Profile: Thomas Ventoura
Roland Lavantureux – 2017
Samuel Billaud – 2017
Séguinot-Bordet – 2017
Testut – 2017
Vignoble Dampt Frères – 2017
Vincent Dauvissat – 2017
Vocoret – 2017
William Fevre – 2017
Yvon & Laurent Vocoret – 2017



The December 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report


The 2017 Vintage Grands Maisons Report
Over 440 wines for you to add to the last two months reports – so that’s already more than 1,800 wines from 110+ producers in the October to December reports, with Chablis 2017 in January 2019 and Beaujolais 2017 in February 2019 still to come. Nobody else brings you such a wide perspective of Burgundy!

A Vintage Viewpoint…(2018, 2017, 2016)

2017 Burgundy – The Grands Maisons

Albert Bichot – 2017
Alex Gambal – 2017
Benjamin Leroux – 2017
Boisset Jean-Claude – 2017
Bouchard Père et Fils – 2017
Champy – 2017
Chanson Père et Fils – 2017
Faiveley – 2017
Jaffelin – 2017
Joseph Drouhin – 2017
Louis Jadot – 2017
Louis Latour – 2017
Louis Max – 2017
Marchand-Tawse & Domaine Tawse – 2017
Remoissenet – 2017
Seguin-Manuel – 2017




The July 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report
Summertime reporting….


Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly
190 wines tasted blind
The vintages 2017, 2016, 2015 even a few 14, 13, 12 and 11

Beautiful summer whites:
Over 50 Mâcons from the best producers
Les Artisans Vignerons de Bourgogne du Sud – 2016

And some domaines to finish:
Anne Parent (Pommard) – 2016
Clos des Lambrays (Morey-St.Denis) – 2017
Jane Eyre (Bligny-lès-Beaune) – 2017
Lamarche (Vosne-Romanée) – 2017
Profile: Claire et Stéphane Follin-Arbelet (Aloxe-Corton)


The June 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report
Where are the real centres of value in white burgundy – you could do a lot worse than Auxey-Duresses:


A profile of Auxey-Duresses
In figures, the geography the vines…

Winemakers of Auxey-Duresses:

Domaine Agnès Paquet
Domaine André et Bernard Labry
Domaine Diconne
Domaine Lafouge
Domaine Michel Prunier & Fille
Domaine Piguet-Chouet
Domaine Prunier-Damy
Domaine Roy
Domaine Terres de Velle

Cave Prestige 2018 – Les Blancs
The 47th year of the BIVB trophy wines – 48 whites

There's something stirring near Beaune
How about 180 hectares of Vin de France?


The May 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report
A report with 277 wines to cover all sizes of pocket-books and bank accounts…

Les Aligoteurs
A celebration of Aligoté – 77 wines
Image credit (right) in linked article.

And then there were two:
A tale of two Ponsots

Domaine Ponsot (Morey) – 2016
Laurent Ponsot (Gilly) – 2016

Mâconnais 2016:
45 wines Here

Chalonnaise 2016:
Bouzeron, Montagny and Rully – 57 wines

Moulin à Vent:
A dozen producers – 39 wines

And to finish:
Domiane Chicotot (Nuits) – 2017
Domiane AF Gros (Beaune) – 2016
Maison Jean Loron (Pontanevaux) – 2016


The April 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report

DIAM and the Triumph of Empiricism
Why I believe DIAM to be the closure of choice for your white burgundy purchasing
Including the most telling tasting I’ve done in years – William Fevre’s domaine Chablis, tasted back to 2006 – all sealed with DIAM.

Latricières-Chambertin – A Vineyard Profile:
This started with a friend’s tasting of (mainly) Latricières-Chambertin in Zürich – 15 wines – then the project grew bigger!

Everything that you could wish to know about the vineyard and it’s dozen producers (below). Over 50 different Latricières were tasted for you in the making of this!

Latricières-Chambertin – a vineyard profile…
Domaine Camus (Gevrey)
Domaine Faiveley (Nuits)
Domaine Trapet (Gevrey)
Domaine Rossignol-Trapet (Gevrey)
Domaine Drouhin-Laroze (Gevrey)
Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux (Vosne)
Domaine Simon Bize (Savigny)
Domaine David Duband (Chevannes)
Domaine Chantal Remy (Morey)
Domaine Duroché (Gevrey)
Domaine Launay-Horiot (Pommard)



The February 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report
Beaujolais 2016
2016 Beaujolais – So sweet…

The Producers
48 producers, well over 300 wines – all visited in the month of February 2018. Comment from their producers on 2017 as well as 2016. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

Cave de Juliénas Chaintré – 2016
Cave de le Château de Chénas – 2016
Château Bonnet – 2016
Château de La Chaize – 2016
Château de La Terrière – 2016
Château des Bachelards – 2016
Château des Jacques – 2016
Château des Ronzes – 2016
Château Moulin à Vent – 2015
Château Pierreux + Mommessin – 2016
Château Poncié – 2016
Château Thivin – 2016
Claire & Fabien Chasselay – 2016
Clos de la Roilette – 2016
Daniel Bouland – 2016
David-Beaupère – 2016
de Bel Air – 2016
des Nugues – 2016
du Paradis – 2016
Fabien Collonge – 2016
Georges Duboeuf – 2016
Girin – 2016
La Pirolette – 2016
Labruyère – 2016
Le Nid – 2015
Les Bois du Chat – 2016
Longère – 2016
Louis-Claude Desvignes – 2016
Manoir du Carra Sambardier – 2016
Mee Godard – 2016
Monternot – Les Jumeaux – 2016
Paul Janin – 2016
Profile: Anne-Sophie Dubois
Profile: Cave du Château des Loges
Profile: Cave du Fleurie
Profile: Domaine de La Grand’Cour
Profile: du Breuil
Profile: Jean Foillard
Profile: Julien Sunier
Profile: Mathieu et Camille Lapierre
Profile: Oedoria
Profile: Thillardon
Profile: Vignerons des Pierres Dorées
Profile: Vinescence
Raphaël Chopin – 2016
Richard Rottiers – 2016
Trenel – 2016
Vincent Audras – 2016


The January 2018 issue of Burgundy-Report
Unashamedly Chablis 2016
Great wine – considering…

The Producers
60 domaines – but one isn’t from Chablis! Over 560 wines. Comment from their producers on 2015 and 2016. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

Agnes et Didier Dauvissat – 2016
Alain Geoffroy – 2016
Alice & Olivier De Moor – 2016
Beaufumé – 2016
Besson – 2016
Billaud-Simon – 2016
Céline et Frédéric Gueguen – 2016
Charly Nicolle – 2016
Chaude Ecuelle – 2016
Château de Béru – 2016
Christian Moreau – 2016
Claire, Laurence et Denis Race – 2016
Clothilde Davenne – 2016
Colombier – 2016
Corine et Jean-Pierre Grossot – 2016
Daniel Seguinot – 2016
Daniel, Sébastien & Vincent Dampt – 2016
Drouhin Vaudon – 2016
du Chardonnay – 2016
Eleni & Edouard Vocoret – 2016
François Raveneau – 2016
Garnier & Fils – 2016
Gilbert Picq – 2016
Jean Collet & Fils – 2016
Jean Dauvissat – 2016
Jean-Claude Bessin – 2016
Jean-Claude Courtault + Michelet – 2016
Jean-Hughes & Guilhem Goisot – 2016
Jean-Marc Brocard – 2016
Jean-Paul et Benoit Droin – 2016
La Chablisienne – 2016
La Manufacture – 2016
La Meulière – 2016
La Motte – 2016
Laroche – 2016
Laurent Tribut – 2016
Long-Depaquit – 2016
Louis Michel – 2016
Louis Moreau – 2016
Malandes – 2016
Marronniers & Maupertuis – 2016
Millet – 2016
Nathalie & Gilles Fèvre – 2016
Oudin – 2016
Patrick Puize – 2016
Pattes Loups – 2015 (v2)
Pinson – 2016
Profile: Domaine de l’Enclos
Profile: Domaine du Clos du Roi
Profile: Domaine Roland Lavantureux
Profile: J Moreau & Fils
Samuel Billaud – 2016
Séguinot-Bordet – 2016
Simonnet-Febvre – 2016
Testut – 2016
Vignoble Dampt Frères – 2016
Vincent Dauvissat – 2016
Vocoret – 2016
William Fevre – 2016
Yvon & Laurent Vocoret – 2016

And a little extra from the Côte d’Or:Chandon de Briailles – 2016
Digioia-Royer – 2016
Dominique Gallois – 2016
La Pousse d’Or – 2016
Louis Boillot, Ghislaine Barthod – 2016
Profile: Jean-Marc Pillot
Profile: Michel Niellon

2017Free content available


The December 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report


The 2016 Vintage Grands Maisons Report
Almost 430 wines for you to add to the last two months reports – so that’s already 1,620 wines from 101 producers in the October to December reports, with Chablis 2016 in January and a Beaujolais 2016 in February still to come. Nobody else brings you such a wide perspective of Burgundy!

A Vintage Viewpoint…(2017, 2016, 2015)

2016 Burgundy – The Grands Maisons

Albert Bichot – 2016
Alex Gambal – 2016
Benjamin Leroux – 2016
Boisset Jean-Claude – 2016
Bouchard Père et Fils – 2016
Champy – 2016
Chanson Père et Fils – 2016
Faiveley – 2016
Joseph Drouhin – 2016
Louis Jadot – 2016
Louis Latour – 2016
Louis Max – 2016
Marchand-Tawse & Domaine Tawse – 2016
Remoissenet – 2016

2016 Red Burgundy – Revisits
The whites were tasted in the October report – here are their reds:

Château de Meursault 2 – 2016
Jacques Prieur 2 – 2016




The September 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report
A look at this year’s 2017 harvest – started in August but completed in September – and based on those observations, some basic context for beginning to review the wines in another 12 months. And with the theme of vintages ending in a 7 – a look at some of the best wines from 1997 – 20 years on.
To finish, some delicious and good value Saint-Véran.


What the 2017 harvest means
what we know in 2017 – and a few pointers…

2017 – not quite the annus horribilis…:

The growing season in 2017

1997 – 20 years on – has time been kind?

Not your average wines, but time has been relatively kind to them


Saint-Véran: The appellation in profile
Almost 90 Saint-Véran, tasted…


The July 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report
The last visits before the summer holidays of the vigneron(ne)s – I took a little look at Vosne-Romanée, an even smaller look in Chambolle – but a long look at Saint Amour…


What to make of the appellation:
A Village Profile

Profiled St.Amour Producers:

Cave de Juliénas Chaintré
Château de Saint Amour
Château La Romancière
Domaine de l’Ancien Relais
Domaine de la Pirolette
Domaine du Breuil / Château des Jean Loron
Domaine du Mas des Tines
Domaine du Moulin Berger
Domaine du Paradis
Domaine Matray

And to finish, a little Côte de Nuits:

Digioia-Royer – 2015
Gérard Mugneret – 2016
Michel Noëllat – 2015
Robert Sirugue – 2016


The June 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report
‘Off-season’ I still aim for at least a dozen visits, but managed only 10 following the theft of my car – absent for the best part of 3 weeks so making for très difficult logistics! – but I almost rescued the situation!


The visits
And nice to make some rechecks on the quality of those 2015s – mainly(!) now all in bottle.
Albert Morot – 2015 revisted
Antoine Olivier – 2015 revisited
Arlot – 2015
Château de Meursault – 2014 revisited
Clos de Lambrays – 2015
des Croix – 2015 revisited
Louis Michel – 2014 mainly
Moulin à Vent – 34 wines
Profile: Domaine Perrot-Minot
Samuel Billaud – 2015 revisited



The April 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report
Another issue with a blend of themed, blind tastings, new producers profiled and others’ 2015s appraised. Here also with extra Marsannay content!



A profile of Marsannay
In particular its proposed new 1er crus
2014 Marsannay (+) 53 wines blind tasted

Themed blind tastings
I chose the two Beaujolais appellations because I feel that they are among the least known of the crus, and it was anyway time to return to the Mâconnais and Irancy…

2015 Chiroubles…
2015 Régnié…
2015 Irancy
2015 Mâconnais

The producer visits including new names profiled:

Profile: Domaine Collotte
Profile: Maison de la Chapelle
Profile: Moulin aux Moines
Berthaut-Gerbet – 2015
Dubreuil-Fontaine – 2015
Meurgey-Croses – 2015
Pierre Glantenay – 2015
Vincent Girardin – 2015



The February 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report
Brilliant Beaujolais 2015
A once in every 2 or 3 generations vintage…

The Producers
51 domaines, 355 wines – all visited in the month of February 2017. Comment from their producers on 2015 and 2016. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:
Château Bonnet – 2015
Château de Buffavent – 2015
Château de Cercy – 2015
Château de la Terrière – 2015
Château des Bachelards – 2015
Château des Jacques – 2015
Château Moulin à Vent – 2015
Château Pierreux + Mommessin – 2015
Château Poncié – 2015
Château Thivin – 2015
Claire & Fabien Chasselay – 2015
Clos de la Chapelle des Bois – 2015
Clos de la Roilette – 2015
David-Beaupère – 2015
de Bel Air – 2015
de Colette – 2015
de la Madone – Frères Bérerd – 2015
des Josephins – 2015
des Nugues – 2015
des Pierres Roses – 2015
des Terres Dorées – 2015
Fabien Collonge – 2015
Gaget – 2015
Girin – 2015
Jean Loron Beaujolais – 2015
Julien Duport – 2015
Labruyère – 2015
Laurent Gauthier – 2015
Le Nid – 2015
Les Bois du Chat – 2015
Les Roches de Garants – 2015
Longère – 2015
Louis-Claude Desvignes – 2015
Manoir du Carra Sambardier – 2015
Mee Godard – 2015
Michel & Sylvain Tête – 2015
Monternot – Les Jumeaux – 2015
Paul Janin – 2015
Profile: Céline et Nicolas Hirsch
Profile: Châtaignier Durand
Profile: Château de la Chaize
Profile: Château des Ronzes
Profile: Daniel Bouland
Profile: Dominique Piron
Profile: du Vissoux
Profile: Georges Duboeuf
Profile: Yvon Metras
Raphaël Chopin – 2015
Richard Rottiers – 2015
Trenel – 2015
Vincent Audras – 2015


The January 2017 issue of Burgundy-Report
Unashamedly Chablis 2015
A warm but surprisingly delicious vintage…

The Producers
59 domaines – but one isn’t from Chablis! Over 560 wines. Comment from their producers on 2015 and 2016. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

Agnes et Didier Dauvissat – 2015
Alain Geoffroy – 2015
Billaud-Simon – 2015
Bitouzet-Prieur – 2015
Céline et Frédéric Gueguen – 2015
Charly Nicolle – 2015
Christian Moreau – 2015
Claire, Laurence et Denis Race – 2015
Clothilde Davenne – 2015
Colombier – 2015
Corine et Jean-Pierre Grossot – 2015
Daniel Seguinot – 2015
Daniel, Sébastien & Vincent Dampt – 2015
Domaine du Chardonnay – 2015
Drouhin Vaudon – 2015
François Raveneau – 2015
Gilbert Picq – 2015
Jean Collet & Fils – 2015
Jean Dauvissat – 2015
Jean-Claude Bessin – 2015
Jean-Claude Courtault + Michelet – 2015
Jean-Hughes & Guilhem Goisot – 2015
Jean-Marc Brocard – 2015
Jean-Paul et Benoit Droin – 2015
La Chablisienne – 2015
La Manufacture – 2015
La Meulière – 2015
Lamblin et Fils – 2015
Laroche – 2015
Laurent Tribut – 2015
Long-Depaquit – 2015
Louis Michel – 2015
Louis Moreau – 2015
Malandes – 2015
Marronniers & Maupertuis – 2015
Millet – 2015
Nathalie & Gilles Fèvre – 2015
Oudin – 2015
Patrick Puize – 2015
Pattes Loups – 2015
Pinson – 2015
Profile: Alice & Olivier De Moor
Profile: Château de Béru
Profile: Domaine Bachelier
Profile: Domaine Beaufumé
Profile: Domaine Besson
Profile: Domaine Colbois
Profile: Domaine de Chaude Ecuelle
Profile: Domaine de la Motte
Profile: Domaine Eleni & Edouard Vocoret
Profile: Domaine Garnier & Fils
Profile: Domaine Samuel Billaud
Profile: Domaine Yvon & Laurent Vocoret
Séguinot-Bordet – 2015
Testut – 2015
Vignoble Dampt Frères – 2015
Vincent Dauvissat – 2015
Vocoret – 2015
William Fevre – 2015

2016Free content available


The December 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report


The 2015 Grands Maisons Report
Almost 300 wines for you to add to the last two months reports – so that’s already 1,300 2015 wines in the October to December reports, with a Chablis January and a Beaujolais February still to come:

A Vintage Viewpoint…(2016, 2015, 2014)

2015 Burgundy – The Grands Maisons

Albert Bichot – 2015
Alex Gambal – 2015
Benjamin Leroux – 2015
Jean-Claude Boisset – 2015
Bouchard Aîné et Fils – 2015
Bouchard Père et Fils – 2015
Champy – 2015
Chanson Père et Fils – 2015
Faiveley – 2015
Joseph Drouhin – 2015
Louis Jadot – 2015
Louis Latour – 2015
Louis Max – 2015
Marchand-Tawse – 2015
Olivier Leflaive – 2015
Remoissenet – 2015




The September 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report


September’s report is usually focused the year’s harvest – though only just in 2016, as we were still harvesting in October:

2016 The Harvest Insight…
2016 The Vintage Growing Season

But I still managed to fit-in a few interesting domaine visits too:

Frédéric Esmonin – 2015
Henry Fessy – Beaujolais
Hubert Lamy – 2015
Jaffelin – 2015
Jean Tardy – 2015
Lucien Muzard – 2014

Maison Ilan
This is an important story, so it’s free to everyone:

The spectacular rise & fall of Maison Ilan


The July 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report

July is a quiet month with many people already on holiday, but here are a few domaine visits made this year that didn’t make it into previous month’s reports.


Just a few wines and a few thoughts that may or may not add some food for though to augment or disprove our thoughts on this, the word of the moment…

Domaines Visited:

Digioia-Royer – 2014
Dubreuil-Fontaine – 2013
Jane Eyre – 2015
Pierre Gelin – 2012
Dominique Guyon – Combe au Moines
Jessiaume – 2014
Matrot – 2013
des Varoilles – 2014


The June 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report


Rosé – Pinot vs Gamay – blind!
Close to 100 wines – all tasted blind. It’s all Burgundy, but it’s also not all the same. Tasting #1 in Beaune, tasting #2 in Villefranche. Then the ‘top-6’ taste-off!
118% Corton – Vigne au Saint
A lesser known Corton with just 3 owners – but it’s bigger than it should be! Here all three producer’s wines tasted from 2014-2010
The other Ancien Cuvée Carnot
Everybody knows the Ancien Cuvée Carnot as Bouchard Père et Fils’s Volnay Caillerets, but actually they have another…
The baker’s dozen of blind Meursaults
Older whites – there’s always some trepidation these days, but this was simply a great evening with great wines
Laurent Ponsot – Fighting the fight
The winemaker with the most visibility in the downfall of Rudi Kurniawan – what’s he up to now?

Domaines Visited:

Jean-Claude Boisset – 2014
David Duband – 2014
Jean-Philippe Fichet
Anne Gros – 2015
Marc Morey – 2014
Newman – 2014
Château de Marsannay – 2014 (and 2015!)
Odoul Coquard – 2014 (and 2015!)



The April 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report


Beaujolais Part 1:
A review of the many pluses and minuses of Beaujolais and its wines:

1. Beaujolais – why it’s important, & its market in context
– Why it’s worth your time
– The internal market structure
– The volumes of wine produced
2. Beaujolais – it’s not just one problem
– The moribund market for Beaujolais
– What about Beaujolais Nouveau
– The need for sustainable viticulture
3. Beaujolais – Solving some problems(?)
– A worthwhile place to visit
– The changing viticulture
– Prices and ‘right prices’
– Time to dump the prestige cuvées?
4. Beaujolais – the beauty produced by gamay…
– The relative qualities of Beaujolais
5. Beaujolais – that you should buy!
– Meet one set of brilliant producers


The March 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report


Volnay Part 2:
An overview of the vineyards of Volnay, plus tastings with important producers of Volnay – or simply Volnays that I love – from producers who don’t live in the village.

Right a rock, freshly plucked from Volnay Santenots du Milieu and placed on the wall of the Clos des Santenots:

A trip around the vines of Volnay
Volnay ‘Various’ – Bouchard Père et Fils
Volnay 2014s – Nicolas Rossignol
Volnay Clos de la Barre – Louis Jadot
Volnay Clos de la Chapelle – 2014
Volnay Clos des Chênes – Château Meursault
Vonay Clos des Chênes – Joseph Drouhin
Volnay Clos Santenots – Jacques Prieur
Volnay Santenots – du Pavillon (Bichot)
Volnay Santenots du Milieu – Comtes Lafon

Grands Jours
I’m really not a fan of packed tasting venues and having to elbow your way through to the front to taste a particular wine, but anyway, here are a few from the BIVB’s marketing fest of March 2016…

Some Chablis 2014
Some Clos de Vougeot 2006-1985!
Some Corton from Louis Latour
Some Côte d’Or & Mâconnais 2014 whites
Some wines from the ‘Punition Collective’



The January 2016 issue of Burgundy-Report

Random Ruminations
The market for En-Primeur 2014 plus ‘the rise’ of DIAM

Unashamedly Chablis 2014
A relatively uncomplicated vintage…
29x 2014 Petit Chablis, blind

The Producers
48 domaines. Over 500 wines. Comment from their producers. As always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

Agnes et Didier Dauvissat – 2014
Alain Geoffroy – 2014
Billaud-Simon – 2014
Céline et Frédéric Gueguen – 2014
Charly Nicolle – 2014
Christian Moreau – 2014
Claire, Laurence et Denis Race – 2014
Clothilde Davenne – 2014
Colombier – 2014
Corine et Jean-Pierre Grossot – 2014
Daniel Seguinot – 2014
Daniel, Sébastien & Vincent Dampt – 2014
Domaine du Chardonnay – 2014
Drouhin Vaudon – 2014
François Raveneau – 2014
Gilbert Picq – 2014
Jean Collet & Fils – 2014
Jean Dauvissat – 2014
Jean-Claude Bessin – 2014
Jean-Claude Courtault + Michelet – 2014
Jean-Hughes & Guilhem Goisot – 2014
Jean-Marc Brocard – 2014
Jean-Paul et Benoit Droin – 2014 + 2008
La Chablisienne – 2014
La Manufacture – 2014
La Meulière – 2014
Lamblin et Fils – 2014
Laroche – 2014
Laurent Tribut – 2014
Long-Depaquit – 2014
Louis Michel – 2014
Louis Moreau – 2014
Malandes – 2014
Marronniers & Maupertuis – 2014
Millet – 2014
Nathalie & Gilles Fèvre – 2014
Ouidin – 2014
Pascal Bouchard – 2014
Patrick Puize – 2014
Pattes Loups – 2014
Pinson – 2014
Séguinot-Bordet – 2014
Simonnet-Febvre – 2014
Testut – 2014
Vignoble Dampt Frères – 2014
Vincent Dauvissat – 2014
Vocoret – 2014
William Fevre – 2014

2015Free content available


The December 2015 issue of Burgundy-Report

The 2014 Grand Maisons Report + +
About 460 wines for you to add to the last two months reports (January will be a big one too) – so more than 1,500 wines in total from October to December.

A Vintage Viewpoint…(2015, 2014, 2013)

Vintage 2014 – Grand Maisons:

Albert Bichot – 2014
Alex Gambal – 2014
Benjamin Leroux – 2014
Boisset Jean-Claude – 2014
Bouchard Aîné et Fils – 2014
Bouchard Père et Fils – 2014
Champy – 2014
Chanson Père et Fils – 2014
Faiveley – 2014
Joseph Drouhin – 2014
Louis Jadot – 2014
Louis Latour – 2014
Louis Max – 2014
Marchand-Tawse – 2014
Remoissenet – 2014

Beaujolais: In search of Pinosity

Pinosity, Loron & Château Bellevue

A blind tasting – to tease out some names
for future visits:

36x 2013 Ladoix




The July 2015 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!


A vineyard profile…

Santenay Clos de MalteMany of Santenay’s best vineyards are unmarked – only a decent map will tell you where you are – but the Clos de Malte is much less shy. It does require that you get off the beaten track though…

New domaines in profile…

Domaine Francoise André – Beaune
Domaine Debray – Beaune
Domaine Jean Yves Devevey – Demigny
Maison Jane Eyre – Bigny-lès-Beaune
Domaine Heitz-Lochardet – Chassagne-Montrachet
Domaine Henri Richard – Gevrey-Chambertin
Domaine de Serrigny – Savigny-lès-Beaune


The June 2015 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!


A vineyard profile…


What are Burgundy’s biggest négoce to do?

Burgundy’s merchant class – facing up to the changing marketReflections on strategy, including discussions with the heads of Maisons Jean-Claude Boisset, Albert Bichot, Picard and Béjot.

Tasting list…

72 wine extravaganza from Comte Liger-Belair – Vosne-Romanée
A jumble of blind Chablis – mainly grand cru

Domaines profiled…

Maison Bejot – Meursault
Domaine Gros Frère et Soeur – Vosne-Romanée
Domaine des Beaumont – Morey St.Denis


The May 2015 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!
The delayed issue – cursed by my house move in June but online at last!

For all that, a rather ‘classic’ yet interesting selection of producers that have never before been profiled in Burgundy Report.


Producers from the Côte de Beaune

Domaine Leflaive – Puligny-Montrachet
Domaine Van Berg – Meursault
Maison Olivier Bernstein – Beaune
Maison Lucien Lemoine – Beaune
Maison Philippe Pacalet – Beaune

Producers from the Côte de Nuits

Domaine René Cacheux – Vosne-Romanée
Domaine Anne Gros – Vosne-Romanée
Domaine Jean Tardy – Vosne-Romanée
Domaine Gilbert et Christine Felettig – Chambolle-Musigny
Domaine Odoul-Coquard – Morey St.Denis
Domaine Tortochot – Gevrey-Chambertin


The April 2015 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

Random Ruminations

Rully Blanc 2013
Not to be missed for those on a budget. Here is a snapshot of the appellation and a large number of highly recommended wines:
25 blind whites

Côte d’Auxerre 2013
A window on the 2013s from Saint Bris and Irancy:
Blind wines

More Mâconnais 2013
A return to visit the trophy winners from the 2015 ‘Distinction Saint-Vincent’ – an annual blind tasting, mainly by the vignerons, of a particular vintage’s wines, where this year I also took part this year:
Château de Messey
Cave Cooperative d’Azé
Cave Cooperative de Lugny
Domaine Fichet
Cave Cooperative d’Igé
Stéphane & Lucie Guillemin
Château de la Greffière
Domaine Thevenet
Cave Cooperative Charnay-les-Mâcon

And a single domaine from the Côte de Nuits – but a good one!
Castagnier, Morey St.Denis



The February 2015 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!
Twenty new domaines and an old friend…

Five Côte de Nuits domaines, including, amongst others, style turnarounds and Gevrey ‘heaven and hell!’:
Ambriose – 2013
Taupenot-Merme – 2013
Huguenot et Fils – 2013
Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Heaven and Hell!’:
Geantet-Pansiot – 2013
René Bouvier – 2013

The remarkable old wines of Camille Giroud:
The 2015 release…

A little Côte Chalonnaise 2013 selection
Quite a massive area to get to grips with, bit here’s a little Mercurey to start with – it is, after-all, the largest appellation for red wine in Burgundy:

l’Europe – 2013
Faiveley – 2013
La Monette – 2013
Raquillet – 2013
Theulot-Juillet – 2013
Tupinier-Bautista – 2013

Even more Côte Chalonnaise 2013
Here, producers from Givry, Montagny, Buxy, Bouzeron, Rully and Fontaines:

Crémant!: Louis Picamelot
Bouzeron: Chanzy – 2013
Bouzeron: de Villaine – 2013
Buxy: Caves de Buxy – 2013
Fontaines: Gouffier – 2013
Givry: Michel Sarrazin – 2013
Montagny: Feuillat-Juillot – 2013


2014Free content available


The December 2014 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

This is the last Burgundy Report of 2014 and it focuses on the 2013 offerings from a handful of ‘Grandes Maisons.’

When I look at the quality and also the quantity of ‘highly recommended’ wines in these reports, I can only shake my head at the some of the ‘highly irregular’ ‘early drinking’ ‘high acid’ ‘modest vintage’ reports that I’ve had the misfortune to read. Of-course, I’ve only tasted from barrel since the 1996s – so what do I know. It is also worth noting that the wines are apparently ‘putting on weight’ – some tasted in October and then again in December are now showing ever better!

But, most importantly, you will be the judge when you open your own bottles – but the ‘don’t miss’ wines that I highlight should cushion any ups and downs for you…
A Vintage Viewpoint – 2014, 2013, 2012 in focus…
Blind – 2012 Savigny Les Dominode & Beaune Grèves – I was surprised!

‘Grand Maisons’ 2013 Burgundy Vintage
275 wines, including much comment from their producers, and as always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

Jean-Claude Boisset
Bouchard Père et Fils
Chanson Père et Fils
Joseph Drouhin
Louis Jadot
Louis Latour
Benjamin Leroux
Remoissenet Père et Fils


The November 2014 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

This is the 2013 Vintage Red Burgundy report, focusing on the domaines and smaller houses. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, here its not about scores, rather the most interesting wines in a particular cellar – they are easy to spot in my reports, highlighted in their little orange boxes!
2013 Red Burgundy. What is it? & What value has it?

Domaine 2013 Red Burgundy
525 wines, including much comment from their producers. Those extra-special wines are highlighted:

2013 Le Roi Chambertin: 108 wines – Gevrey Villages, 1er Crus & Grand Crus
Simon Bize
Camille Giroud
Château de La Tour (+ Pierre Labet)
Clos de la Chapelle
Clos de Tart
Comte Liger-Belair
de Courcel
des Croix
Dufouleur Frères
Henri Gouges
AF Gros
Michel Gros
Mark Haisma
Machard de Gramont
Georges Noellat
Sylvain Pataille
Jean-Marc et Hugues Pavelot
Michel Rebourgeon
Patrice Rion
Robert Sirugue
Jean-Louis Trapet
Still 2012?
Some late tasted 2012s



The October 2014 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

This is the 2013 White Burgundy report, focusing on the domaines and smaller houses. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, here its not about scores, rather the most interesting wines in a particular cellar – they are easy to spot in my reports, highlighted in their little orange boxes! Enjoy:

2013 White Burgundy. What is it? & What value has it?

Domaine 2013 White Burgundy
221 wines from 2013 including much comment from the producers. Those extra-special wines are highlighted:

Au Pied de Mont Chauve
Maison en Belle Lies
Bonneau du Martray
Jean Chartron
Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey
Vincent Dancer
JP Fichet
Emmanuel Giboulot
Patrick Javillier
Albert Joly
Comtes Lafon
Hubert Lamy
François Mikulski
Bernard Moreau
Jacques Prieur
Terres de Velle

Still 2012?
Some late tasted 2012s

Camille Giroud
Olivier Leflaive

2011 Clos de Vougeot – Blind
38 wines tasted blind – always a chance for surprises!

38x Clos de Vougeot 2011


The September issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

Of-course, September is harvest time. This was my 11th consecutive harvest, and accounted for 11 days devoted only to the best possible sorting of the ‘home domaine’s’ grapes. I expect that many of you may have kept up with my harvest diary. There is a wealth of observation there, also from Mark’s Morey harvest diary, but I’m pretty sure there’s lots more that you want to know!

The 2014 Vintage:

And: waste not, want not…

Given that in September 2014 the vigneron(ne)s were harvesting and starting to make wine; pressing, filling tanks, emptying tanks, digging-out then pressing again, they had limited time for visits by time-wasters such as I. So, I chose not to burden and annoy them with my dubious presence, rather I looked for a number of other people to annoy:

The Léproserie
The ‘Old Cuverie

A Tasting:
16 bottles of 2012 Corton-Charlemagne, opened on your behalf and tested with a few friends!

Who gets the popular vote?


The July issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

July to September are quieter months for visiting producers:
July because the next vintage is usually not quite ready for note-taking, and because the most recent might not be offered to taste due to their recent bottling, or, as is now quite often the case, because it is already sold-out!
August because the producers are largely on holiday – so Burgundy-Report Extra! is also on holiday.
September because it’s Go-Go-Go! for harvesting – but here, you won’t miss a thing – lots of harvest analysis and commentary will be added to that you have already seen in the Big Red Diary. Maybe even a few real-world observations!
October to December will, of-course, be non-stop 2013s and vintage commentary…

Despite all the reasons above not to write something, please enjoy here a modest selection of new, and old-favourite, domaines and their latest wines…

Domaine Vincent et Denis Berthaut (Fixin)
Domaine Henri et Gilles Buisson (Saint Romain)
Domaine Dujac (Morey St.Denis)
Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard (Chassagne-Montrachet)
Domaine Huber-Verdereau (Volnay)
Domaine Thibault Liger-Belair (Nuits St.Georges)
Domaine Olivier (Santenay)
Domaine Paul Pillot (Chassagne-Montrachet)
Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé (Chambolle-Musigny)


The June issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!


Welcome to Irancy! Overlooked but characterful, darkly fruited wine with energy. It could only come from Burgundy – except maybe for the price-tag! But, can you find some?

Irancy – the basics.
27x Irancy 2012 – Blind.

A collection of Irancy domaines visited:
There are only about 10 domaines actually producing Irancy, in Irancy – and here are most of them:

Domaine Bienvenu
Domaine Benoît Cantin
Domaine William Charriat
Domaine Christophe Ferrari
Domaine Franck Givaudin
Domaine Jean-Hughes et Guilhem Goisot
Domaine Heimbourger
Domaine Stephan et Marie Podor
Domaine Thierry Richoux

The other stuff:

A Collection of Côtes
All you need to know about the various ‘Côtes’ labels, including the best wines

18 wines from 2012 tasted too

A Collection 2012s at one tasting…

12 Domaines, 35 wines


The May issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

The average Mâcon-Blanc from 2012 is concentrated but flat. Put some energy in your glass by choosing a wine from a producer from this, the group of Vignerons Artisans. 24 domaines summarised…

A collection of domaines visited:

Denis Bachelet
Jean-Marc Bouley 2012
Pierre Bourée 2012
Jean Fournier 2012
Jean Grivot 2012
Louis Max 2012
Dr Georges Mugneret 2012
JF Mugnier 2012
Château Pommard
Rouge Queues 2012

Two tastings:

29x Givry 2012s
Merchant tasting London

A tasting for the Circle of Winewriters in London aiming to position the particular aroma and flavour profiles of ‘affected’ wines and to try to expose some potential false positive identifications for what they really are.

The presentation from the tasting


The April issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

The Unashamedly-Chablis issue. Chablis seems not just the class of the 2012 vintage whites, but also the clear value leader. As always, from these 195 wines the extra-special are highlighted in each tasting – assuming there are some!

Chablis – Petit Chablis 2012
If 2012 really is a great vintage for Chablis, are the 2012 Petit Chablis also be worth our time:

Petit Chablis 2012

Chablis – Producers worth your time
For my first ‘professional’ visit to Chablis I chose not to begin with a wish-list of domaines to visit, rather, I chose the objective route of starting with the domaines who already had wines chosen for BIVB’s 2014 ‘Cave Prestige‘ and then included the producers of better wines from my Petit Chablis tasting above. Okay, maybe I chose to add a couple ;-)

Jean-Claude Bessin
Pascal, Damien et Romain Bouchard
La Chablisienne
Domaine du Chardonnay
Jean Collet
Domaine du Colombier
Jean-Claude Courtault & S+V Michelot
Jean Dauvissat
JP et B Droin
William Fevre
Alain Geoffroy
Corinne et Jean-Pierre Grossot
Lamblin et Fils
Christian Moreau
Louis Moreau
Claire, Laurence et Denis Race
Daniel Seguinot et Filles


The March issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

Rather ‘note-heavy’ in this issue – over 320 – and that’s thanks to the multiple opportunities offered by March’s Grands Jours de Bourgogne. This month I also begin my exploration of Chablis, there’s plenty there too, but there will be much more to come in the next two reports. Enjoy:

Chablis – Part 1

Getting a fix on Chablis – geographically
Chablis Union des Grands Crus – 15 2012 Grand Crus
Chablis 2012 1er Crus – over 50 wines
Chablis Laroche – worth a second look

The producers:
A modest collection of domaines visited in-between the organised tastings of the month.

Chandon de Briailles – 2012
Jerôme Galeyrand – 2012
Le Grappin – 2012
Daniel Rion – 2012
Jean-Louis Trapet – 2012

The Grands Jours de Bourgogne:
Every two years, and always more tastings and too much crowding to do everything. But operate selectively, and there are interesting things:

27 Corton – 2012
18 wine Clos de Vougeot vertical…
23 Echézeaux – 2012
18 Pommard 1er Crus – 2012
40 Nuits St.Georges 1er Crus – 2012
36 Grand Crus – 2011 red, 2008 white
40 Mâconnais Blanc- 2012



The January issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

The first of Bill Nanson’s new subscription reports.

Because publication was delayed, due to technical implementation of the subscription software (where I let somebody cleverer than me do that work) you will only have to wait two more weeks for delivery of the February issue – long enough to give you the time to digest this one!

March content will be online as each article is completed, rather than waiting for a ‘mass’ of content.


Opinion & (sometimes) Fun…

2012? What is it? & What value has it?

Grande Maisons 2012
300 wines from 2012, and those extra-special wines are highlighted. Including much comment on pricing and quality from the producers:

de Bellene
Bouchard Père et Fils
JC Boisset
Chanson Père et Fils
Joseph Drouhin
Alex Gambal
Louis Jadot
Louis Latour
Pascal Marchand
Jacques Prieur

2013Free content available


Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
2013-2012-2011 in focus
Blind – Corton 2009
Big names – interesting results
Top-Table 2010s
22 Special wines
DRC 2010s
Sterling stuff this vintage…
Gevrey-Chambertin’s 2012s
The Syndicat de Gevrey tasting…
An evening of Clos de Tart
Simply bowled-over – 2005 from magnum
The very big round-up
Lots of new wine…

Domaine Jean Chartron
Now, ticking all the right boxes
Domaine Chicotot
Superb Nuits!
Domaine Claudie Jobard
Claudie’s day-job…
Maison Clavelier
Not just a pretty roof…
Domaine Michel Noëllat et Fils
Less well-known but fine Vosne
Au Pied du Mont Chauve
The real Château Chassagne
Domaine Remy Poisot
Old vines, new label…
Domaine Chantal Remy
Elegance personified…
Domaine des Tilleuls
Really top wines…

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2012Free content available


Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
My updated annual review of recent vintages: 2012, 2011 & 2010…
Les Maranges
An introduction to ‘Maranges’ and its vineyards
Syndicat de Gevrey 2011
59 wines tasted: Villages, 1ers and Grand Crus
Catching up with Antoine
The 2011s of Antoine Olivier

Japano/Deutsch/Burgundy hybrid
Domaine Chevrot
‘The DRC’ of Maranges
Contat-Grangé & Edmond Monnot
Also from Maranges
Le Grappin & Henri De Villamont
Two sizes of Savigny
J-M Vincent & David Moreau
Brilliant Santenay
Domaine Pavelot
Complex, powerful Pernand

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Nuits St.Georges
The historic centre for vines and commerce – in profile.
The Premeaux Monopoly
A look at the seven monopolies of Premeaux
Hospices de Nuits
The unfairly forgotten charity auction
150 Wines tasted
Wines tasted with their makers

All from Nuits St.Georges
Profiled, domaines:
l’Arlot (Updated)
Robert Chevillon
JJ Confuron
Dufouleur Frères
Machard de Gramont
Louis Max
Gilles Remoriquet

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Grand Jours 200
The big round-up – almost 200 wines – tasted in March at the Grands Jours de Bourgogne
Mainly 2010s
78 wines from domaines Bellene, Bouchard Père and Louis Jadot
Icons from Chandon de Briailles
A revealing evening of Corton Blanc and Iles des Vergelesses
Potel’s Collection Bellenum
I think I said ‘wow’ quite often!

A Gevrey Trio
Profiled, domaines: Pierre Naigeon, Rebourseau & Marc Roy
Domaine Vincent Girardin
All change!
Domaine François Mikulski
Beautiful wines from the quiet man
Domaine de la Pousse d’Or
Detail, detail, detail – but…
Domaine Terres de Velle
Catching up with Fabrice and Sophie

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2011Free content available


Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
My annual review of recent vintages: 2011, 2010 & 2009…
A look into the world and the work of the Tastevinage…
In search of Pinot Noir
Benjamin Lewin’s new chronicle of the grape
Gevrey 2010
83 wines from the Gevrey Vignerons’ Syndicat…
Rounding Up
Many new wines…


Domaine Digioia-Royer
Hard to find wines from Chambolle
Domaine Henri Germain
Worth the wait; tasting with Jean-François Germain
Domaine Henri Jouan
Great value wines indeed – again if you find them!
Domaine Camus
I think it’s time to be realistic!

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Santenay in Profile
Much value delivered by the southern-most outpost of the Côte d’Or…
Maison Ilan
A Californian in Nuits – the crazy world of Ray Walker
Maison Pascal Marchand
Building on his own name…
Just so many wines…Pt.2
Following on from the last installment, a collection of 2008s and 2009s from multiple domaines…

Domaine Roger Belland
A well-known name that’s becoming just a little finer
Domaine A & R Olivier
Quality Santenay from Antoine & Rachel Olivier
Domaine Lucien Muzard
The wines of brothers Claude & Hervé Muzard

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Chablis 2007, 2008, & 2009
Pinpointing the differences…?
Grand Cru
By Remington Norman MW – ‘Burgundy through the perspective of its finest vineyards
An angel looking down
Of DRC’s new home and new Corton…
Just so many wines…
A mix of 2008s and 2009s from almost thirty domaines…


Maison Benjamin Leroux
Branching out…
Domaine Chavy-Chouet
Unheralded in Meursault
Domaine Frédéric Esmonin
Great value from family Esmonin
Domaine Maume
Catching up with Bertrand
Domaine Bernard Serveau
It’s not looking good…

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2010Free content available


Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
My annual review of recent vintages: 2010, 2009 & 2008…
Inside Burgundy
By Jasper Morris MW – Lavalle for a new generation…
Oxidation Update
Notes from a visit to the BIVB Technical Centre
Chambolle 1er Les Fuées
A look at the vineyard
Updates 2009
A compendium of over 160 wines, many 2009s, with their producers.


Domaine Buisson-Charles
‘Expressive, with a little discretion’
Domaine des Comtes Lafon
Re-defining Meursault
Antoine Jobard
‘Meursaults that are taut, mineral, complex and refined’
Domaine du Duc de Magenta
Gentleman (lady!) farmers…

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Because I can – lingering over Beaune and its vines; premier cru by premier cru…
The Pearl of the Côte
By Allen D. Meadows – at least I expect you could buy this book in Beaune…
Updates 2008 | 2009
The new wines from:
Albert Bichot
Domaine Dublère
Camille Giroud
Domaine Parent

A tour of producers in or of Beaune:
Domaine de Bellene
Maison Chanson Père et Fils
Domaine Château de Chorey
Domaine Pierre Labet
Domaine Albert Morot
Domaine Jean-Claude Rateau

The Other Beaunes
The compendium of Beaune 1ers tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

The Great Domaines…
By Remington Norman?
A Victory Of The Unions
Reprinted courtesy Tong…
2008 Grand Crus (mainly)
Plus a few 2002s – 31 wines.
Pommard – New and Old(er)
First some newer wines, then a tour of the 1999 vintage
Updates 2007 / 2008
The new wines from:
Alex Gambal, Remoissenet, Patrice Rion and general tastings from Boisset & Nuits St.Georges


Chandon de Briailles
Quality Corton. Long established though perhaps a little under the radar.
Domaine Joseph Roty
First visit to this enigmatic domaine – looking at a few 2007s
Unfortunately an exceptional crowd too!

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2009Free content available


Random Ruminations…

DRC & Corton
A short walk on the hill of Corton in the company of Aubert de Villaine and Didier Dubois
The Wines of Burgundy (Clive Coates)
An important book deserves a considered appraisal, here’s mine.
A Vintage Viewpoint
My annual look at the three most recent vintages and how they are shaping-up – here it’s 2009, 2008 & 2007…

Bouchard Père et Fils
Not only a long look at their 2007s, but also Philippe Prost’s views on 2007 vs 2008, and premature oxidation
Maison Camille Giroud
A few 2007s and a look at 2008s
Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard
Chassagne-Montrachet, through and through.

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Lavaux Saint Jacques
In some ways it is Gevrey’s version of the Clos de Vougeot: A profile of the largest 1er cru in Gevrey-Chambertin and 22 wines to help us understand it.
Château de Gevrey-Chambertin
Long on history, rather shorter on wines
Louis Jadot
Of construction, early samples from 2008 and Pouilly-Fuissé from JA Ferret

Domaine Dublère
Super wines from Blair Pethel
Domaine Dujac
A first call on this leading Morey domaine
Domaine François Lamarche
A first call here too
Domaine d’Ardhuy
Jean-Claude Boisset
Mischief & Mayhem
Nicolas Potel (the saga…)
Updates mainly from the 2007 vintage

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

2006 – Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
Palling and Sidebotham step in when I couldn’t make it…
Lambrays & Tart
A splendid multi-vintage comparison of these neighbours
En Truffière?
Who’s behind the label? it’s the heavy-duty gardener
Champy Père et Fils
Bio – the oldest of the négoce
Remoissenet Return
07, 06, 05, 99, 89, 79, 69 courtesy Bernard Repolt

Seemingly overlooked in Pernand
Georges Roumier
A first call on this leading domaine
Terres d’Aromes
Claire Forestier on a mission
Albert Bichot Domaines
Nuit St.Georges
Comte Georges de Vogüé
Updates mainly from the 2007 vintage

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2008Free content available


Random Ruminations…

2004 – Vintage à la Coccinelle?
Where does that smell in your glass come from?
A Vintage Viewpoint
Thoughts on the vintages; 2006, 2007, 2008
Domaine d’Eugénie
The Bordelais are coming – should the Burgundians be worried?
2006 in Bottle
112 bottled and ‘ready’ wines from the 2006 vintage tasted

Fougeray de Beauclair
An eclectic range from the 18ha domaine
Jean-Paul et Stephane Magnien
Morey St.Denis masterclass
Jean-Claude Bessin
A Chablis name challenging for honours
Comte Liger-Belair
Alex Gambal
Updates mainly from the 2007 vintage

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Profile: Morey St.Denis
First a look at the village, then a look at some of it’s producers
Domaine David Clark
An engineer’s approach to winemaking
Domaine Clos des Lambrays
A tour of the domaine with Thierry Bruin
Domaine Lignier-Michelot
The family domaine of Virgille Lignier
Domaine Ponsot
Iconoclastic Morey

Louis Chenu Père et Filles
Savigny from the sisters…
Domaine Parent
Consistent quality in Pommard
A venerable name that’s new to Beaune
Domaine des Croix
Lucie et Auguste Lignier
Mischief and Mayhem
Updates mainly from the 2006 vintage

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Gevrey’s 2005 Grand Crus
Twenty Grand Crus with dinner – not to mention a few 05 Folatières as a warm-up
Grandes Maisons
Thirty-Seven grand crus tasted in the Château du Vougeot
Grandes Jours: Volnay
Wines tasted with their makers
Domaine Maume
A Vertical of Mazis-Chambertin
2005 Romanée-Conti
I may as well squeeze this one in…

Albert Bichot
Jean-Claude Boisset
Bouchard Père et Fils
Alex Gambal
Nicolas Potel
These are my annual updates, typically with news and tasting-notes from the most recent 2006 vintage

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2007Free content available


Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
What are we to think? 2005, 2006 and 2007 stretched out before us.
Maison Moillard
Looking to the future with a new team
58 x 2005’s in 2 hours
It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it

Vincent et Denis Berthaut
Can the words elegant and Fixin be used in the same sentence?
Lucie et Auguste Lignier
Nobody ever said that it would be easy…
Remoissenet Père et Fils
We all know the name, but what else do we actually know?

The Others
The compendium of about 125 wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Appellation Gevrey
Heading north, it’s the last ‘great’ commune of the Côte d’Or
Comte Liger-Belair
Of contructions and putting Echézeaux in its proper place
Domaine Anne Gros
A visit and new vintage appraisal by David Lester

Domaine Pierre Gelin
Profiling one of the largest Fixin domaines
Domaine M&P Rion
Thoughtful winemaking from Patrice Rion in Premaux

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest



Random Ruminations…

The Spring Round-Up
The list gets longer: DRC, Bichot, Boisset, Bouchard, M&M, Potel, Vougeraie
Appellation Pommard
Unfairly maligned? What’s the real deal with Pommard
Appellation Fixin
Easy to pass by and hard to say?
Colour-coding your thoughts with Didier Michel

Domaine des Croix
A new domaine for Burgundy’s “great hope”
Domaine de la Perrière
Aiming high. The renaissance of an historic Fixin domaine
Domaine Coche-Dury
What’s the fuss all about – discussing over dinner

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2006Free content available


Just a few words about this new ‘interactive’ format.

A Vintage Viewpoint
What are we to think?
2004, 2005 and 2006 stretch out before us.
A place of pilgrimage, a village and its vineyards in profile
A Dinner-Date with Leroy
12 bottles and 8 Michelin rated courses provide a very ‘above-average’ Sunday dinner

Domaine Antonin Guyon
Volume and some quality from this unheralded Savigny domaine
Domaine Prieuré-Roch
Fabulously aromatic wines from this committed and thoughtful producer
Domaine Tollot-Beaut
Glossy Côte de Beaune wines of character and depth

The Others
The compendium of over 100 wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer & other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

Another Roundup
Visits with old aquaintences, incl. news from Comte Liger-Belair
This upwardly mobile village and its vines profiled
“Authentic” Burgundy
A profile of the very traditional Maison Pierre Bourée of Gevrey Chambertin

Mischief & Mayhem
A little corner of Aloxe will be forever English/Australian
Château de Maltroye
Of Chassagne-Montrachet
Jacques-Frederic Mugnier
Chateau de Chambolle-Musigny

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2005Free content available


Thoughts on the Hospices, random oxidation and the machinations of the market.

A Vintage Viewpoint
What to think? 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Volnay – Scaling the heights
Often special, but one step higher in 1999
2002 – a Grand Cru View
A lauded vintage that will in the end be judged by its Grand Crus – let’s look…

de l’Arlot
Super-subtle Nuits and the coolest vineyard you will ever see.
de la Romanée-Conti
Of provignage and progress…
Hard work in Romanée-Saint Vivant plus an early look at 2004

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Chilled white on the terrace and decanters in the fridge – it’s that time of year again

The Hospices de Beaune
A most Burgundian institution. Over 500 years of history and a view of the vineyard holdings
2002 Romanée-Conti
In demand, but a vintage to lose your heart/wallet to? Only one way to find out…

Robert Arnoux
Vosne, Nuits and a nice little sideline from Pascal Lacheaux
Domaine René Engel
One of the most influential names in the last 100 years, but a sad post-script
Domaine Armand Rousseau
“You know, they all ended up in my office!”

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations; Critics, eventually a little wine, finally the dogmatic approach…

Guest Text
Can you smell that?
The Dijon School…Part II
The next generation, this time from the Côte de Beaune
Bouchard P&F 2003’s
Tasting a whole range of ‘early-picked’ 2003’s with their creator, Philippe Prost
Maison Albert Bichot
Past and present – Albert Bichot could very well be described as the large and silent type…

Clos des Epeneaux
Famous for Pommard but there’s much more
Hubert Lamy
From father to son
Jean-Marc & Hugues Pavelot
From father to son – again
Comte Georges de Vogüé
Great expectations…
(…also auf Deutsch…)

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2004Free content available


Random ruminations on harvest reports, vintages and cold remedies…

A Vintage Viewpoint
My summary of the 2002-2004 vintages
The Dijon School
There is a new generation of producers out there and they share what they learn – here’s Part 1 of a look at some of the best…
The Clos de Vougeot
If a picture paints a 1,000 words; the Clos de Vougeot, it’s terroirs and it’s gates unveiled…

Bonneau du Martray
Corton and Charlemagne
Domaine d’Ardhuy
A worthy source of Corton
Comte Liger-Belair
A new name but what history…
Domaine Sylvain Pataille
A Marsannay showcase

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Summer writing in the garden issue…

They’ll make a man of you…
The 1998 Reds – full of fruit, good acidity and tannin that could dry your laundry
Clos St-Philibert
A little bit of over there, over here. Join J-N Méo’s fascinating New-World-Style learning curve.
The purest expression 2
Re-tasting the 2001’s from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti this time plus Montrachet

Domaine Bertagna
A tour of the vineyards and wines of Vougeot with Claire Forestier
Maison Camille Giroud
Not just a coat of new paint – a new outlook for an old name

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Random Ruminations…

2001 Romanée-Conti
The purest expression of pinot noir? A day out in London to make the test…
Saints or Sinners?
The 1993 Reds – critics can’t make up their minds – so are the wines Saints or Sinners?
Clos des Réas
The Vosne-Romanée ‘Monopole’ of Domaine Michael Gros – fourteen vintages tasted
Lies, Damn Lies & Cork
Does it really matter how your bottle is sealed? The issues…


Domaine des Varoilles
Wines from Gevrey’s Côte St Jacques hillside

Photo collection
Pictures recently taken on the Côte

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

2003Free content available


Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
Thoughts on the vintages; 2001, 2002, 2003
What’s in a name? A tiny vineyard with a big reputation. Few producers, but 25 wines tasted
1997 Whites
Last issue I looked at the 1997 reds, this time . . .
Allen Meadows
Who let the dog out? – the hound is loose in Burgundy!

Domaine des Chézeaux
The Griotte-Chambertin domaine
Domaine Fourrier
The pure essence of Gevrey
Château de Puligny-Montrachet
The challenge of Château de Puligny-Montrachet for Etienne de Montille

Photo collection
Pictures recently taken on the Côte

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


A few word on reaching issue 2

Guest Text
Each issue provides a ‘podium’ for a guest to say what they will…..
1997 Reds
Perhaps overshadowed by the vintages around it – is that really the case? Let’s see how the wines are starting to look.
Or surely that’s Not Really Bourgogne Blanc !

Négociants Part II
A look at some of the new négociants on the block, including:
Joseph de Bucy
Alex Gambal
Nicolas Potel

The Others
A compendium of the wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest


Thoughts on the first issue of the Burgundy Report

Guest Text
Each issue provides a ‘podium’ for a guest to say what they will…
Burgundy 2001/2002 update
Is it time to exercise your ‘plastic’?
Or surely that’s Not Really Bourgogne Rouge!
2000 Romanée-Conti
To balance the Bourgogne Rouge, let us have a first look at the 2000 release from the Domaine

The Birth of a Domaine
Domaine de la Vougeraie saw the light for the first time in 1998.
Négociants Part I
The ‘raison d’etre’ of négociants and a close look at some of the best known:
Bouchard Père et Fils
Joseph Drouhin
Louis Jadot

The Others
In one place, most of the other wines tasted

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest

Burgundy Report

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