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Already 1,322 notes from 2012 & 984 from 2013 plus much, much more…

Here, the old, but far from forgotten, Burgundy Report 2003-2013:
The original, ‘free-to-air’ Burgundy Report, since late 2002, was a slowly expanding library of domaine and village profiles, comment on the market and vintage challenges plus, of-course, discussion of the wines.

This site remains a place that allows you to learn about the region and its wines, peruse notes from many, many bottles or even discuss with other people.

Of-course there is now a ‘free Burgundy Report’ pause until each individual subscription Burgundy Report ‘matures’ but once each one reaches 18 months old (from their date of publication), the old-style Burgundy Report collection will, once-more start to expand…

  Spring 2003   Summer 2003   Autumn 2003
Negociants I
Profiles of Bouchard Pere, Joseph Drouhin and Louis Jadot
Birth of a Domaine
Domaine de la Vougeraie
Romanee-Conti 2000
Tasting the wines from the vintage 2000 release
Humble Bourgogne Rouge
Twelve different wines assessed some not so humble!

Negociants II
Profiles of Joseph de Bucy, Alex Gambal and Nicolas Potel
The 1997 Vintage – reds
Forty wines assessed – and a very enjoyable assessment it was too!
Humble Bourgogne Blanc
Thirteen different wines to assess, again some not so humble!

The smallest Gevrey Grand Cru. A profile of the vineyard, it’s producers and the wine
The 1997 Vintage – whites
Over twenty wines assessed through the heat of summer
A man with two hats
Etienne de Montille; Domaine Hubert de Montille and Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet

  Spring 2004   Summer 2004   Autumn 2004
Vineyard Profile
Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Clos des Réas – Monopole
Domaine des Varoilles
Wines from Gevrey’s Côte
1993 red wines
Saints or Sinners? Frankly, I
wish I’d bought more!
The Purest Expression…
The 2001 release from the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
Vineyard Profile
Clos St Philibert from Domaine Méo-Camuzet
Domaine Profiles
Domaine Bertagna and a clutch of Vougeots plus
Maison Camille Giroud, an old name in a new phase
The 1998 Vintage – reds
Forty bottles; welcome to a very good Burgundy vintage but maybe with a sting in the tail…
The Dijon School – Part 1
Every generation throws up new names with an extra talent. Here is the pick of the new crop in the Côte de Nuits…
Domaine Bonneau du Martray
Charlemagne & 1,000 years of Corton
The Clos de Vougeot
51 hectares in 53 pictures, the gates to the Clos and it’s terroirs revealed…
  Spring 2005   Summer 2005   Autumn 2005
The Dijon School – Part II
The pick of the new crop from the Côte de Beaune…
Domaine Profiles
Comte Georges de Vogüé, Clos des Epeneaux, Hubert Lamy and Domaine Pavelot
Negociant Update
Profile of Maison Albert Bichot plus 32 wines from Bouchard P&F, including their ‘early-picked’ 2003’s.
Giving thanks
The Hotel-Dieu and the wines of the Hospices de Beaune – over 500 years of history
Vintage Roundup
Domaine Armand Rousseau from Gevrey-Chambertin, and the Vosne-Romanée domaines of Robert Arnoux and René Engel are profiled
Romanée-Conti 2002
The mastery of one-upmanship
Romanée-Conti’s Grandchildren
Maintaining the vines, upgrading the performance
A Vintage Viewpoint
2003, 2004, 2005…
Volnay 1999
A must-have vintage? Let us take a look…
2002 A Grand Vintage
A look at the performance of 20 Grand Cru wines from this vintage
  Spring 2006   Summer 2006   Autumn 2006
A profile of the ‘pretty one’
Domaine Profiles
Domaine Clos de Tart and Jean-Claude Boisset
Beaujolais Niveau
Where value and quality sometimes intersect
Romanée-Conti 2003
Bottling Sunshine
2004 Round-Up
Over 100 wines
A profile of this upwardly mobile village
Domaine Profiles
Domaine Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier from Chambolle and the Château de Maltroye from Chassagne
Negociant Profiles
Traditional values from Pierre Bourée and Mischief & Mayhem in Aloxe-Corton
A Vintage Viewpoint
2004, 2005 & 2006 in focus
A famous winemaking village profiled
Domaine Profiles
Tollot-Beaut of Chorey, Prieure Roch of Prémeaux and Antonin Guyon of Savigny
A Leroy Dinner
Multiple bottles with multiple courses
  Spring 2007   Summer 2007   Autumn 2007
Village Profiles
A case for Pommard and a look at Fixin
Domaine Profiles
Des Croix of Beaune, Clos de la Perrière of Fixin + Coche-Dury
Spring Round-Up
New offers from DRC, Bichot, Boisset, Bouchard, M&M, Potel, Vougeraie
Thinking about colour
Village Profiles
Gevrey-Chambertin, “soul-warming red wine, comforting like a blazing fire”
Domaine Profiles
Pierre Gelin in Fixin and Patrice Rion from Premeaux
Domaines Anne Gros and Comte Liger-Belair in Vosne-Romanée
Around 150 wines tasted
A Vintage Viewpoint
2005, 2006 & 2007 in focus
Négoce Profiles
Moillard of Nuits, Remoissenet of Beaune
Domaine Profiles
Berthaut of Fixin, Lucie & Auguste Lignier of Morey
58 x 2005
You have 2 hours…
Around 125 wines tasted
  Spring 2008   Summer 2008   Autumn 2008
A Vintage Viewpoint
The 2005 Grand Crus of Gevrey
Négoce Updates
Bichot, Boisset, Bouchard Père, Gambal, Moillard and Potel
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Domain Maume of Gevrey
Les Grands Jours
Tastings and Rugby Scrums Roundup
Around 180 wines tasted
Morey St.Denis
The village and its crus in focus
Domaine Profiles
Louis Chenu Père et Filles, David Clark, des Lambrays, Lignier-Michelot, Parent, Ponsot, Seguin-Manuel
Domaine Updates
des Croix, LA Lignier, Mischief and Mayhem
Of wines tasted
A Vintage Viewpoint
2008, 2007, & 2006’s today
2004 à la Coccinelle
What’s that smell?
Domaine Profiles
Jean-Claude Bessin, Eugénie, Fougeray de Beauclair, Jean-Paul et Stéphane Magnien
Domaine Updates
Alex Gambal, Comte Liger-Belair
Of wines tasted
vosne corton nuits
  Spring 2009   Summer 2009   Autumn 2009
2007s in focus
Bichot, de Vogüé, Nuits & Vosne
Newstyle old négoce
Champy Père et Fils
Domaine Profiles
Champy, Dubreuil-Fontaine, Georges Roumier, Terres d’Aromes
Comparing Morey Neighbours
Clos of Lambrays & Tart
Of wines tasted
More from 2007
Ardhuy, JC Boisset, Mischief & Mayhem, Potel
Lavaux St.Jacques
The largest 1er cru of Gevrey
Domaine Profiles
Château Gevrey, Dublère, Dujac, François Lamarche
Louis Jadot Updated
Cuvéries, 2008s and JC Ferret
Of wines tasted
A Vintage Viewpoint
2009, 2008, & 2007s today
DRC Corton
Romanée-Conti & Corton rejoined
Domaine Profiles
Jean-Noël Gagnard
Domaine Updates
Bouchard Père et Fils plus Camille Giroud
Of wines tasted
savigny beaune chassagne
  Spring 2010   Summer 2010   Autumn 2010
New Releases
Boisset, Gambal, Remoissenet M&P Rion, Vougeraie & more
Domaine Profiles
Chandon de Briailles & Joseph Roty
A victory of the unions
Terroir or social history?
2008 Grands Jours: Pommard new and old, Exception-Elles & Nuits St.Georges
All about Beaune
Mud on the boots – the premier crus laid bare
Domaine Profiles
Bellene, Chanson Père, Château de Chorey, Pierre Labet, Albert Morot & Jean-Claude Rateau
2008s and 2009s from Albert Bichot, Domaine Dublère, Camille Giroud and Domaine Parent
A Vintage Viewpoint
2010, 2009, & 2008s today
Inside Burgundy
Jasper Morris – the new reference
Domaine Profiles
Buisson-Charles, Comtes Lafon, Antoine Jobard, Duc de Magenta
Chambolle 1er Les Fuées
Some of the finest Chambolle
P.Ox Research
Latest ex BIVB
chassagne jacques summer growth
  Spring 2011   Summer 2011   Autumn 2011
This report
Almost 500 wines from 40 domaines
Chablis Vintages
Positioning the 2009, 2008, & 2007 vintages
Domaine Profiles
Benjamin Leroux, Chavy-Chouet, Maume, Serveau & F.Esmonin
Angels looking down…
DRC’s shiny new home & their new Corton…
All about Santenay
Its vines and a selection of domaines
Making a Modern Négoce
Different starting points: Pascal Marchand and Ray Walker
Domaine Profiles
Roger Belland, Lucien Muzard and A & R Olivier of Santenay
A mere 180 or-so wines tasted at 16 domaines…
A Vintage Viewpoint
2011, 2010, & 2009s today
Why Tastevinage?
A worthy label?
In search of pinot noir
Benjamin Lewin’s super book
Domaine Profiles
Domaines: Camus, Digioia-Royer, Henri Germain & Henri Jouan
Gevrey 2010
83 wines from 32 producers
chandon-briailles clos-arlot sacrifice
  Spring 2012   Summer 2012   Autumn 2012
A Grands Jours
Hundreds of wines…
Chandon de Briailles
A pair of icons
Domaine Profiles
Girardin, François Mikulski, Pierre Naigeon, Pousse d’Or, Rebourseau, Marc Roy, Terres de Velle
Prime 2010s
From Bellene, Bouchard Père & Jadot
Nuits St.Georges
And its vines
Monopoles of Premeaux
Tasted together
Domaine Profiles
JJ Confuron, Chevillon, Dufouleur, Lecheneaut, Bertrand Machard de Gramont, Louis Max, Gilles Remoriquet, Hospice de Nuits
Hospices de Nuits
The ‘other’ wine-auction…
Vintage Viewpoint
Current status of 2011 (and 2012 + 2010…)
Underexposed and undervalued – a profile of the vineyards
New domaines
Nine new domaines from Pernand, Savigny, Santenay & Maranges
Syndicat de Gevrey
59 wines from 2011
ducks beaune harvest
  Spring 2013   Summer 2013   Autumn 2013
Corton 2009
21 wines put to the test – blind – including the first from DRC. Where will it place…?
Clos de Tart
Bowled-over – A brilliant vertical with Sylvain Pitiot
The best of 2010
Mainly top grand crus, 22 brilliant blind wines
All eight grand crus from 2010 – no spitting!
Domaine Profiles
Jean Chartron of Puligny, G&P Chicotot and Maison Clavelier of Nuits and Claudie Jobard of Demigny, Domaine des Tilleuls / Philippe Livera from Gevrey & Michel Noëllat from Vosne
Vintage Viewpoint
Current status of 2012 (and 2013 + 2011…)
The big Round-up
Almost 300 wines from 50 domaines
New domaines
Au Pied du Mont Chauve, Remy Poisot, Chantal Remy
Syndicat de Gevrey
The brilliant 2012s – 97 wines

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