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Vincent Wengier Chablis 2022Tasted in Prehy with Vincent Wengier, 27 January 2022

Domaine Vincent Wengier
45 grande rue de Chablis, Prehy
89800 Chablis
Tel: +33 3 86 41 41 54
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Vincent on 2021 & 2020:
2021 was a better surprise than we expected. The volume was low but we had roughly half a harvest – in my first vintage converting to organic. So, actually, we had a good harvest but a small one. We clearly didn’t have the sugar levels of 2020 but I think we had more phenolically ripe fruit. 2020 – Was nearly a full harvest and we have some nice wines. The grapes kept gaining sugar with time during the harvest – my last parcel, some Bourgogne Côtes d’Auxerre, was at 14°…

The wines…

Another very good selection of wines from Vincent who is already sold out at the domaine!

These 2020s were all bottled when I tasted:

2020 Bourgogne Aligoté
Like all the vines of the domaine from around Prehy
That’s got a lovely ‘local’ freshness and perfume – I don’t see aligoté. A little fat, there’s concentration here – finely mouth-watering too – you just have a middle that’s more generous. Still tasty wine.

2020 Petit Chablis
Wider, more airy – that’s a good invitation. Less generous but still plenty of concentration here – the flavour cascading easily over the palate – so mouth-watering. And far too easy to drink and deliciously long – that’s very good Petit Chablis!

2020 Bourgogne Chardonnay
A little narrower, a little deeper – faintly ripe but with fine aromatic clarity. Mouth-filling but not fat – a little contemplative and with a growing, mouth-watering style and floral perfume too. Long. That’s delicious again – another wine that’s far too easy to drink!

2020 Chablis
More airy – a little freshness of lime in this citrus mix. Mouth-filling – cooler flavours, again with a fine mouth-watering style and going long in the finish. In the end, you see similarities to the last but here has a little more visible structure and mineral clarity. Very good!

2020 Chablis Quintessence
All barrel elevage, including fermentations – 5-years-old and all 228s.
This nose is more compact, more direct, with only a faint suggestion of creamy barrel. Direct, ultra-silky. Supple, layered flavour, not hard edges – all chamfered by the barrels. A little granular finishing complexity like a right-bank wine. A deeper mineral complexity to finish things – slowly mouth-watering into the horizon. Another really very good wine which I’dd keep in the cellar for a couple of years to let the last hints of barrel fade away..

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