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Camille Schaller 2022 Domaine Camille & Laurent SchallerTasted with Camille Schaller in Prehy, 06 Januray 2022.

Domaine Camille & Laurent Schaller
20 Grande Rue de Chablis
89800 Préhy
Tel: +33 3 86 41 41 88
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Camille on 2021:
2021 was very heterogeneous. In the end, we did quite well with about 2/3rds of a normal harvest. The bottoms and tops of the hills were well frosted but the middles produced some juice – some people had nothing so we have to be thankful. All the harvesting was done in 1 week as there was some worry of porriture. The fermentations are done and I’m happy with the evolution.

Camille on 2020:
We made a good volume in what was a sunny year – like in 2019 except that the harvesting started already in August. We harvested early to keep the energy – it depends when you taste sometimes I think it is very similar to 2019 other times I think there’s more energy – more peps! All the wines were bottled by July…

The wines…

A super range of whites – definitely worth your time – the Bourgogne Pinot Noir is more about personal taste in this vintage due to some pyrazines.

2020 Petit Chablis
From Prehy, 3 ha – these are lower vines towards Chablis near the cereal plantations. They have some in another villages too but they are never blended.
Here’s a nice and open freshness – modestly forward, quite delicate. Actually quite generous and mouth-filling but at the same time really vibrant and rather perfumed in the finish too – so much more than an apero wine – this is excellent.

2020 Chablis
A blend of Prehy and Courgis vines with similar exposures. The largest cuvée of the domaine.
More direct aromas, fine, pure – a good invitation! Less fat – open, more detailed and mouth-watering – complex, elegant modestly mineral and completely delicious – bravo!

2020 Chablis 1er Vau de Vey
The 4th vintage since it was acquired in 2017. Like the previous wines, mechanical harvest but here with about 20% barrel elevage and keeping a little more of the lees.
Here the nose also has fine purity but is also quite a lot tighter. Wide, supple, beautifully mouth-watering, growing mineral, labile, almost juicy finishing – that’s a really great finish – I’d like a bit more structural definition to start but the finish is gorgeous!

2020 Chablis 1er Vaucoupin
South-facing. Very steep here so it’s a manual harvest – made here since 2016 as they are young vines planted in 2013 and with a sunnier exposure than the last.
Just a little more airy width of aroma but this is also quite a tight nose. Here is a little more structure, even a little tannin. The core is denser and more mineral – but also with a fine mouth-watering middle and finishing flavour that well balances a little extra ripeness of flavour. This is lovely…

2020 Chablis Vieilles-Vignes
Here with oak elevage. 44 years old and the oldest vines of the domaine – a different barrel-type to the 1ers – all the rest of the elevage is the same as for the Chablis. More oak here so presented after the 1ers
Another smaller nose, slightly round but not overtly of oak. Nice width, a vibrancy of mineral flavour, becoming more citrus-mouth-watering before exposing some subtle oak. This is well balanced and the oak flavours will largely be gone in about 2 years. I think this is potentially excellent, though today I much prefer the unoaked wine for its more floral elegance…

2020 Bourgogne Pinot Noir
All tank elevage, machine harvested so it’s destemmed.
Modest colour – for a 2020! A little green and pyrazine aromatic. But airy and floral in the mouth – it’s really closer to gentian than pyrazine in the flavours. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the nose but the flavour is very attractive. Good wine.

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