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Karine Roy, 2022Tasted with Karine Roy in Fontenay-Près-Chablis, 13 January 2022.

Domaine Roy
71 Grand Rue
89800 Fontenay-près-Chablis
Tel: +33 3 86 42 10 36
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Karine on 2021:
A vintage that was quite difficult. Here we had about half a harvest. We changed strategy after our 21 harvest – we kept more than usual for our own customers – even though there would have been extra value to the domaine from the high contract prices…

Karine on 2020:
We didn’t make our planned volume in 2020 either – but it was a lot more comfortable! Though we did start harvesting in the last week of August – that’s very early for Chablis… But we have real Chablis – there’s a proper acidity that was conserved. It’s calm now but since September last year sales were 2-3 times normal for the period – we can’t keep going at this level!

The wines…

Delicious wines, all. Sometimes great!

This domaine has flirted with the use of DIAM seals but didn’t like the results. Now they are all cork again…

2020 Petit Chablis
Kimmerigian. This opposite Bougros on the wrong side of the road – the lieu-dit is called Petite Preuses – but it’s not allowed on the label!
A wide and vibrant nose. Supple, lovely energy, actually quite a layered wine – there’s concentration here – and a super finish – the first wine is always the tastiest of the day! Delicious!

2020 Chablis
This the Chablis of Maligny
Sold out so not tasted…

2020 Chablis 1er Fourchaume
From Côte de Fontenay on the road to Fontenay – ‘My grandfather had vines concentrated in this area – so he could be there and back each day on his horse!’
Wider, narrower, more intense aromas. This is also finely vibrant and in this case more saline too – almost a little austere and direct – I would say attractively strict – I love this – bravo!

2020 Chablis 1er Vaulorent
There was no cuvée in 2017 as it was completely frosted.
Here the nose is more open, airy but with a very attractive depth of mineral energy. More full, rounder – still a nod to the structure here – give it a year or two to relax – but the flavours are melting and delicious. There’s also a good extra width and vibration of finishing flavour here – simply excellent wine.

2020 Chablis Bougros
3.5 has under Preuses – great grandfather and father bought in multiple parcels and planted in the 1960s – €70k just for the candles for 5 nights
It’s quite a large nose here – much more open – still quiet airy so not a nose of impact. This is my kind of grand cru, it’s not about extra concentration particularly, certainly not about fat, but it’s direct, it’s finely textured and there is plenty of strength to this material – long, long, small waves of finishing flavour that radiate out from the core – both delicious and for keeping – excellent wine.

2020 Chablis Preuses
‘Only 0.5 ha’ – a long parcel that joins with the first vines of their Bougros. This with a sommelier-style bottle Replanted 16 years ago. Just one owner’s vines separate the domaine’s two grand cru parcels – indeed also the domaine’s Vaulorent and their small parcel of Petit Chablis too.
A more compact nose today – but also more overtly saline. Vibrant but a little austere starting for a Preuses – but here is everything; it’s the minerality that is to the fore today but here are also, slowly more relaxing waves of mouth-watering flavour. Really persistent and like the aromas extra slaine in the finish. Really a wine for keeping – drink any of the others in preference today – but it’s another simply excellent Grand Cru!

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