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The reimagining of Beaujolais

Beaujolais - esprit de partage
Beaujolais – l’esprit de partage

For quite some time now, the marketing of the Chablis region had its own visual identity; this/these in informative ‘little black books‘ the style and content of which I particularly enjoy.

Now is the time of Beaujolais.

Whilst some of the data-based presentation – 2 départements, 2 grape varieties, etcetera – smacks of the approach of Chablis, the actual presentation / visual identity couldn’t be more different or more lively. Whilst it’s always nicer to have the real book(let) in your hands, I offer you the chance of not having to live too vicariously – below you can see the pdfs:

In French*
In English*

*NB: These are not small downloads – there’s over 100 pages per – but they are well worth your time!

pierre labet’s 2005 beaune 1er coucherias

2005 Pierre Labet, Beaune 1er Choucherias
I remember, 2-3 years ago, this wine being so impressive. Like this wine, my memory has faded, it has actually been 7 years – and for this particular bottle, despite a robust and okay looking cork, time has not helped…
The nose from the very start shouts old and bretty – you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s at least 30 years old, not 15. I find none of the aromatic interest of before. The palate has fared a little better – layered, concentrated and complex – but never losing the bretty undertones. Such a shame. Aeration lessens the brett a little, but overnighting in the fridge exacerbates the problem – spiced brown sauce the resulting aroma – HP or Hammonds – if that means anything to you. Not what I want in my glass.
Rebuy – No – not this particular bottle, anyway…

Latest Burgundy Reports


July 2020 - Veraison

The July 2020 issue of Burgundy-Report
Image: Mid-July 2020 & veraison already!

A melange of domaines visited in July/August:
Beginning to cross the border into tasting 2019s. From the covid-compatible South to the North…

From the Mâconnais:
Jules Desjourneys – 2017
Thibert – 2016

Three new domaines from Meursault:
Profile: Buisson-Battault
Profile: Philippe Bouzereau
Profile: Génot-Boulanger

Côte de Beaune:
Maison Harbour – 2018

Domaines from the Côte de Nuits:
JF Mugnier – 2019
Laurent Ponsot – 2018
Rossignol-Trapet – 2019
Henri Rebourseau – 2018
Joliet / Clos de la Perrière – 2019


You still like to have something touchy?


The Finest Wines of Burgundy

A portable, hard-wearing guide to the Côte d’Or plus 90 producers of note and their best wines. Truth be told, there should have been 150 great producers – but not in the 320 pages that were prescribed.
It’s probably time to start working on a new one – eh?

Burgundy Report

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