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January 2012: A Book, plus, plus…

A portable, hard-wearing guide to the Côte d’Or plus 90 producers of note & their best wines. Truth be told, there should have been 150 great producers – but not in the 320 pages that were prescribed.

At least 2nd editions each, in English & Japanese, with a Chinese translation too(?) This book discusses modern vineyard management & the dark arts of elevage; it pulls no punches about the ‘Burgundy is a minefield’ myth or the rise of ‘early onset aging’ – oxidation to you and I!

2012 onward, occasional contributions to these publications: The World of Fine Wine, Decanter, Le Pan and wine-searcher.com

  Burgundy Report – In short…

  1. Burgundy Report is written from an enthusiastic consumer’s perspective & completely independent of the wine trade – so has the luxury to say exactly what it thinks…
  2. Bill Nanson is: “gifted and experienced… He is more than just a moderate or immoderate imbiber of good bottles. He knows his stuff.”Clive Coates MW
  3. Who, what, where and how much: The independent facts about Burgundy Report.

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