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the last (floral) days…

Batch 2 - iris 2021

I thought I’d update you after this first image of the iris crop chez-moi this year. Two were missing in action this year – no blooms – but still a creditable 14 different ones this year. The yellows were the first and the last…

With all the seedlings, I’m running out of space for more.

A later flowering year but still a good year for them, without too much rainy weather over the flowering season – maybe I’ve another 10 days to enjoy the blooms before it’s all over for 2021…

an open day – château moulin à vent

Chateau moulin a vent open day 2021

New in my inbox today.

I guess that this is the covid-successor to the last few years’ Jazz à Moulin à Vent – also held at the château. I can’t make it as I have a new kitten to collect that day(!) but feel free to head along yourself!

See Here.

Latest Burgundy Reports


Chablis frost - April 2021

The April 2021 issue of Burgundy-Report
Tasting wines, catching up on old names, visiting new names…

The Producers
Plus from each producer a few words on their 2019 and 2020 campaigns. As always, those extra-special wines that are worth a special search are highlighted for you:

New here:
First catching up on domaines who delivered great 2019 Petit Chablis in my January blind tasting:
Christophe Camu – 2019
Bernard Defaix – 2019
Jean Durup – 2019
Marsoif – 2019
L&C Poitout – 2019
Savary – 2019
Gerard Tremblay – 2019
Venon et Fils – 2019
Vincent Weniger – 2019

In the Côte d'Or, producers of great Beaunes from my last blind tasting:
Saint Marc – 2019
Sophie Joigneaux – 2019

And in the Mâconnais:
Auvigue – 2018
Marcel Brubach – 2019
des Gerbeaux – 2019

Finally, catching up on some domaines not so new here – from North to South:
Maison de la Chapelle – 2019
du Colombier – 2019
Laroche – 2019
Berthaut-Gerbet – 2019
Dominique Gallois – 2019
Henri Rebourseau – 2019
Henri Richard – 2019
Seguin-Manuel – 2019


You still like to have something touchy?


The Finest Wines of Burgundy

A portable, hard-wearing guide to the Côte d’Or plus 90 producers of note and their best wines. Truth be told, there should have been 150 great producers – but not in the 320 pages that were prescribed.
It’s probably time to start working on a new one – eh?

Burgundy Report

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