#2017burgundyreport – the winemakers visited in week 48, 2018

By billn on December 01, 2018 #reports

My 2017 White Burgundy report’s not quite ‘publishing ready’ yet, but it will hit the reports page in the next few days. That hasn’t stopped the red report visits, as you can see above, I lost three domaines this week due to timing-belt issues, but I’ve still more visits than ever before – partly the reason for delay in publishing, maybe I have to do less visits next year 🙂 – so I’m sure you won’t notice!

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#2017burgundyreport – the winemakers visited in week 46, 2018

By billn on November 16, 2018 #reports

Plenty of tastings this week for the November Burgundy Report, moving ‘fulltime’ onto the mainly red domaines in the CĂ´te de Beaune. Hmm, I think it must nearly be time to start on the CĂ´te de Nuits 🙂

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#2017burgundyreport – the winemakers visited in week 45, 2018

By billn on November 11, 2018 #reports

Last week’s happy producers, including the last of the ‘white wine’ domaines for October’s Burgundy-Report – out at the end of the month – as I transitioned to ‘predominantly’ red wine domaines for the November report.

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september report is online…

By billn on October 31, 2018 #reports

Online here:

It’s all about 2018 and 1998 – the short report that peps your appetite for the major reports on the 2017s to come in October to February – already 40 domaines visited, plus another 15 next week. Then there’s the small matter of nearly 150 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau which I’ll write about in these pages next week. It’s getting busy – enjoy!

Oh – I forgot to mention the little bit of science fiction that’s also in the September Report!

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#2017burgundyreport – the winemakers of week 41, 2018

By billn on October 12, 2018 #reports

A modest number, but not modest selection, of vignerons pouring their 2017s this week, and that’s to add to this happy group from last week and another 14 (so-far) booked for the week after next.

This ‘predominantly white producers‘ report will be online at the end of November – subscribe below 🙂

I just had to order a new SD card today – right – after a camera problem this week. I hope that fixes things – or it’s finally time for the new one – which I’d anyway planned for November. Anyway, that’s why this week a couple of the producers were photographed with my backup – the iPhone – it’s not bad, but no cigar!!

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By billn on October 02, 2018 #reports#travels in burgundy 2018

It’s colder. And the birds are starting to gather in the vineyards. I guess it’s Autumn!

Monday was the first day of my programme of vintage 2017 domaine visits – it was also the day of a very rare occurance – rain! Okay, only modest rain! But it was the first in this neck of the woods since the middle of the harvest – actually the end of the harvest for many white domaines – so that’s about 3 weeks – but we’ll soon have 25°C again – it’s forecast for the end of the week!

Yesterday brought visits in Puligny, Meursault and Chassagne. Today there was more Puligny and Chassagne but tomorrow I will get out a little more, adding St.Romain and Pernand!

A few views from my first two days:

july’s burgundy-report is online…

By billn on August 24, 2018 #reports

Just in time to get my teeth into the harvest, next week, July’s report is now online – so it’s only a notional ‘holiday’ that there’s no August report 🙂

July marks the first serious tastings of 2017s at a modest number of domaines – but a vintage that largely had very fast malos so the wines are already ‘readable.’ There’s also a big blind tasting of Brouilly and CĂ´te de Brouilly from multiple vintages, 2017-2011, but predominantly from 2017-2015. Then there are the beautiful 2016 Mâcons of Les Artisans Vignerons de Bourgogne du Sud.

I hope that you will enjoy…

june’s burgundy report…

By billn on August 03, 2018 #reports

Some of the producers of Auxey-Duresses.

I might be on holiday, but the June Burgundy Report is now online for you here.

The synopsis? Something stirring in flatlands near Beaune. The 2017 Cave Prestige of the BIVB. Auxey-Duresses profiled plus multiple domaines profiled…

down south – a 2018 mâconnais update…

By billn on July 25, 2018 #report: producers#reports#travels in burgundy 2018#vintage 2018

Yesterday I hit the Mâconnais to taste wines from the Artisan Vignerons of South Burgundy – wines that are as good as Mâcon can be. They will be in my July report at the end of August.

Northern Mâconnais got pretty badly hit by the hail this year, some vineyards (to use the local black humour) completely harvested. Most people have some hail damage, the very worst affected domaines have lost over 80% of their production. By contrast, the south of Mâconnais which includes the important areas of Saint Véran and Pouilly-Fuissé were overwhelmingly untouched.

In the south the vines and grapes look fabulous – despite a little mildew towards the bottom of the slopes – their one (joint north-south) issue is that the hot and dry weather – much drier than the CĂ´te d’Or – is starting to block the onset of maturity. So whilst the south are planning on a harvest start of ~25 August, it could easily slip into September without the help of a little rain. The grapes are plentiful but small – see images below – rain will not just be needed to rejuvinate the progress towards maturity, it will also be needed to bring better balance to the grapes. The producers of the northern Mâconnais are already looking at September for harvesting, their vines being 7-10 days behind those in the south…

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