Online – Burgundy Report, March 2018

By billn on May 02, 2018 #reports

It’s a couple of days late – sorry about that – but now online is my March report for subscribers:

Included in this issue are the wines of over 50 domaines – about 40 of which are new names to the report.

The domaines cover the full geographic spectrum of Burgundy – from Beaujolais, Chablis, Chalonnaise, Mâconnais, the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits. One includes a visit to Domaine Rebourseau in Gevrey, looking at the changes put in place since they finally sold their picking machine!

Then there are two tastings from during the Grands Jours de Bourgogne, covering over 60 grand crus.

Finally – what is it about amphora?

So, since my October 2017 report, that’s now over 260 domaines covered and over 2,750 wines from the 2016 vintage tasted. Enjoy…

February 2018 Burgundy Report – 2 books and counting…

By billn on March 22, 2018 #reports

The fifth of my quintet of 2016 Vintage Burgundy reports is now online for subscribers, namely Beaujolais 2016.

I usually feel inadequate when I hear of 100s of domaines, 1,000s of notes plus maybe 100,000 words delivered in other places, but this time I forced myself to do a little benchmarking: So, so far, my October to February reports covering the 2016 vintage are arranged; Côte d’Or Whites, Côte d’Or Reds, the ‘Grand Maisons,’ Chablis and Beaujolais – amounting to 210 domaines and 2,440 wines – over 180,000 words – there were only 90k words in my book!

I feel better already!

Whilst the core of my Beaujolais report remains those domaines that I’ve slowly discovered through blind tasting, this time I decided to include alternative facets of the market for Beaujolais – there are 9 cave co-operatives and I managed to visit 7 of them. On the opposite side of the market I decided to visit some of the more successful ‘natural’ winemakers; Foillard, Sunier, Thillardon, Dutraive and Lapierre – among others – there is no single truth to good wine!

I hope that you will enjoy. From now until the harvest, my reports will return to the freestyle approach.

The January 2018 Burgundy Report is now online – Chablis 2016

By billn on February 19, 2018 #reports

Chablis 2016 Report – now online for subscribers – Here!

Sixty domaines and almost 540 wines tasted – then there is the bonus of a look at the 2016s from an extra seven Côte d’Or domains, with an additional 60+ wines tasted.

If you are not a subscriber and would like to see what might be included, then check my report on the 2014 Chablis Vintage – published 2 years ago. All my Burgundy Reports are free to view after 2 years, so see what you might be missing!

week 1 2018 – the ‘chablisesque rogues’ gallery

By billn on January 05, 2018 #reports

A short first week in Chablis, but there’s two more weeks (plus a bit) to come. Here my first ‘rogues’ galley and already it’s clear that 2016 in Chablis is a fascinating vintage – already three distinct styles – and that’s with only 10 of 60 visits done!

Now recharging the batteries in Beaune for the weekend – cheers!

December 2017 Burgundy Report is now online for subscribers!

By billn on December 28, 2017 #reports


The trilogy of October to December reports cover 101 Côte d’Or domaines and over 1,600 wines.
With over 100 more domaines to be covered in January and February – that’s for 2016 Chablis and 2016 Beaujolais – nobody else provides such depth and perspective of the new vintage in Burgundy.


2016 red burgundy – report online

By billn on December 20, 2017 #reports

For subscribers, my November report with 50 visit reports and 650 wines and more is now online:

2016, not much wine, a complex yet highly rewarding red burgundy vintage

And if you’re undecided about subscribing – here is my report on the 2014 Reds:
Burgundy Report 11-2015

2016 White Burgundy Report

By billn on November 22, 2017 #reports

There are 550 wines in this issue, 400 of them in the White Report but there’s also plenty of Moulin à Vent & Central Otago pinot noir too. Want to see what you might be missing? Check out my 2014 White Burgundy Report – now free for all…

week 41’s ‘rogues’ gallery

By billn on October 14, 2017 #reports#travels in burgundy 2017

Some lovely visits to kick off the work for October’s 2016 White Burgundy Report. Wines that are really a surprise (to me) and it was particularly good to see some smiles on the faces of many vigneron(ne)s after their 2017 harvest – not everyone, but most.

Now it’s my birthday weekend (I’ve been told!) so time to open some bottles – no?

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