New Burgundy Report – The 2021 reds of the Côte de Nuits

By billn on January 16, 2023 #reports

Clos Saint Denis 2021Uploaded yesterday – 41 domaines and their wines – those worth a special search are outlined as usual…

Additionally, I have significantly updated the summary of the vintage for Côte de Beaune reds to also include the info on those from the Côte de Nuits – so all in one place rather than piecemeal…

For January, I have already more than 20 Chablis domaines in my report book (okay – laptop!) so that will be part 2 of my white report – probably to be published at the end of the first week in February – then it will be, once more, Beaujolais time – for part 3 of 2021 reds.

No rest for the wicked – and it might even snow on the way to Chablis later today!


New Burgundy Report – The 2021 reds of the Côte de Beaune

By billn on January 03, 2023 #reports

Clos des Cortons - Faiveley - 6 weeks after the frost

It’s online for subscribers today – 35 domaines and their wines – those worth a special search are outlined as usual…


The 2021 White Burgundy Vintage – A Very Modern Classic – Part 2

By billn on December 23, 2022 #reports

Online now for subscribers – I’ve only had time for this and a glass of Beaujolais today 🙂


2021, a very modern classic – part 1

By billn on December 07, 2022 #reports

Solutre in SeptemberThere’s a new Burgundy Report, online since yesterday; it’s the first part of my 2021 reporting: 22 domaines in the Mâconnais plus a vintage commentary for the region.

I’ve visited over 120 domaines for the 2021 reporting, so far, so there will be no let-up in the typing except whilst having to taste even more wine!

You can find the new report for subscribers, which I hope that you will enjoy, here.


2021, a very modern classic – part 2
The whites of the Côte de Beaune

– coming soon!

a new report online

By billn on October 28, 2022 #reports

Already online for a couple of days – here

June 2020 - Burgundy Report

“Mainly 2020s from 12 domaines, an important vineyard profile and a look at how the 1996 vintage for reds is coming along – spoiler – the Musigny was the best wine!”

New on Burgundy Report

By billn on August 02, 2022 #reports

Just as a heads-up, a new Burgundy Report is online. Here.

The image above also references stories in these diary pages in the last days too.

I hope there’s something interesting for you.

Thursday is holiday touring for me – no wine visits – but there will be some in the car for emergencies 😉

A new Burgundy Report

By billn on June 23, 2022 #reports

A new Burgundy Report with an additional 20 domaines from in and around Chablis to add to the 64 tasted in January – that’s 84 domaines’ 2020s – and there’s more too!
Nobody gives you more…



March Burgundy Report online

By billn on May 05, 2022 #reports

March 2022[It goes without saying – for subscribers!]

Mopping up some Beaujolais domaines moved from February into March and a mix of names – new and old – from the Côte d'Or and Mâconnais.

This report, as always, has those wines worth a special search highlighted for you in blue. That's now over 300 domaines (304) for this 2020 vintage season – with, the winemakers giving their thoughts on 2020 and 2021. Of course, there are more to come before we switch to the 2021 vintage!


2020 Beaujolais Report – online…

By billn on April 21, 2022 #reports

Moulin à Vent - February 202068 domaines visited in February – all the reports plus my summation are now online. There are also another 14 from Beaujolais which will come in the March Report.

As of the end of February, that’s the wines and thoughts of over 290 domaines that have been published since beginning my tour of Burgundy’s 2020 vintage – and you can be sure that I didn’t stop in March!

One or two domaines, during bottling for instance, are preferring (already!) to show their 2021s – but for now, they remain rare – the normal changeover to the new vintage comes around July. I’ve another 43 domaines already visited so will easily pass 350 domaines before the 21s start to dominate.

Anyway, enjoy the 2020 Beaujolais Report – there is much to enjoy in this vintage, despite higher than average alcohols…

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