There’s a new Burgundy Report…

By billn on November 10, 2023 #reports

Nascent Pommard 1er CruOnline now.

Yes, I’m catching up on my backlog of reports – something that’s really needed with about 75 visits now needing my attention – and then your reading 🙂

My focus on this one was still the 2021 vintage – but nearly half of the domaines wanted to show 2022s – as they had no more 2021s.

Shit happens when there’s been frost!


a new report…

By billn on September 07, 2023 #reports

Meursault!Just a heads-up that another 20 domaines have been uploaded to the report section.

It’s a mix of people that I couldn’t fit in at the end of last year, plus others that prefer to show their wines a little later – or in some cases earlier too 🙂

Given the low volume of the 2021 vintage it’s no surprise that one or two domaines were only offering 2022s to taste – so that’s a vintage change about 1-2 months earlier than in most years – but it’s not a surprise!


New Burgundy Report online…

By billn on August 18, 2023 #reports

April 2023It’s taken a while – but now I’ve only 40 more domaines to write up before the start of the harvest 🙂

The new report is online here.

I hope you enjoy it – and also here’s to all your weekends – it’s going to be a hot one where I live!


March 2023 Report – now online

By billn on April 30, 2023 #reports

Côte du Py - March 2023The March 2023 Report is now online – 33 domaines including 5 new ones to me.

The domaines are spread over Chablis and Beaujolais plus March marked the return to the Côte d’Or with a trio of domaines that shouldn’t be missed. The coming months will be a mélange of regions, domaines, appellations and climate – but with a little more focus on the Côte d’Or

These reports are still covering the wines of 2021 but a couple of Beaujolais domaines were sold out – so we looked at their 2022s – that’s already 308 published domaine visits since the end of the 2023 harvest – and nobody covers Chablis and Beaujolais in such depth as you will find here…

Enjoy here

New Report: 85 domaines – Beaujolais 2021

By billn on March 25, 2023 #reports

2021 BeaujolaisOnline today!

My summary of the 2021 Beaujolais vintage – a complex one with multiple personalities – great wines to downright ugly ones!

85 domaines – with lots of new names too.

Their vintage experiences and their wines described – as always the great wines – at any level – properly highlighted for interested buyers. Enjoy.


At least now you know why it’s been quiet here in the last few days – furious typing 😉

2021 Chablis

By billn on February 20, 2023 #reports

Asperions - Chablis 06 April 2021Online – Januray 2023’s Burgundy Report:

2021 Chablis
Nearly 60 domaines – and there are more visits to be made in a couple of weeks!
A summary of the vintage and its weather – plus, of course, the best domaines and the very best wines.
I hope that you will all enjoy it!

2021 Chablis – Out of adversity, the great and the good:

There are also a few follow-up visits in Puligny-Montrachet and a report from November’s Roi Chambertin to keep you busy too 😉

sad, but…

By billn on February 19, 2023 #reports

The best kind of sad email 😉

This week – plus some pics from Beaujolais

By billn on February 16, 2023 #beaujolais#reports#travels in burgundy 2023

A successful week of typing at home – my 2021 Chablis report is done and will go online on Sunday, plus – I’m also shocked(!) – my first week of 2021 Beaujolais visits is also fully typed – all 22 visits!

But there are 60 more visits to complete in the next two weeks – so don’t expect that report to be online before the end of March – particularly as the first week of March sees a return to Chablis as I ‘only’ managed to visit 60 domaines in January!

Now I’m going to start pruning a tree in the garden – in the frost – brr! Of course, today is Thursday – which is my start to the weekend – so I must make a quick(?) visit to the cellar 😉

First, some week 1 (last week) mainly Beaujolais pics!

New Burgundy Report – The 2021 reds of the Côte de Nuits

By billn on January 16, 2023 #reports

Clos Saint Denis 2021Uploaded yesterday – 41 domaines and their wines – those worth a special search are outlined as usual…

Additionally, I have significantly updated the summary of the vintage for Côte de Beaune reds to also include the info on those from the Côte de Nuits – so all in one place rather than piecemeal…

For January, I have already more than 20 Chablis domaines in my report book (okay – laptop!) so that will be part 2 of my white report – probably to be published at the end of the first week in February – then it will be, once more, Beaujolais time – for part 3 of 2021 reds.

No rest for the wicked – and it might even snow on the way to Chablis later today!


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