More 2022 Beaujolais – 37 more domaines online

By billn on March 28, 2024 #beaujolais#reports

Col du Truges - February 2022...

I promised you that to avoid such a long wait I’d get more reports up weekly for the February Report – there’s always plenty of Beaujolais – and why not in such a splendid vintage!(?)

So here are another 37 domaines in Part 2: February Report

That’s 60 domaine visits in the February report so far – I think with about another 20 still to add – plus of course, my 2022 Beaujolais – Vintage summary – probably all online week of the 8th of April – as I’ll be tied up with visits for next week.

Enjoy Easter !!

February’s Burgundy Report – Part 1

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Beaujolais - Feb 2022Here

As promised, the first part of my 2022 Beaujolais Report.

I visited about 80 domaines in February, all of which will be included in my final February report. To avoid long periods with no obvious new content, I’ll be updating this report weekly with another tranche of finished visit reports – so check back in another week when I’ll have over 50 reports completed.

Just to keep me busy, I’ve another 20+ Beaujolais visits to do in April! It’s a great vintage in Beaujolais – but only on the completion of the full February report, will I include my 2022 Beaujolais vintage summary.


Catching up #1 – Beaujolais Reporting

By billn on March 16, 2024 #beaujolais#reports#travel pics#travels in burgundy 2024

So a couple of days of typing this week, post week number 4 in Chablis – but for now, let’s just talk about up-and-coming Beaujolais reporting.

Like in Chablis, there will be another week of visits in Beaujolais, as three weeks just doesn’t cut it in either place anymore – I’ve over 100 domaines to visit in both regions. But more visits means less time to type – such is life.

So I don’t want subscribers to wait around too long for reports just because I’m doing more. So I plan to split February’s monthly (Beaujolais) report into about 3 weekly issues until all is complete – then there is less tumbleweed on the site. As soon as at least 20 of the 80 visits are publishable, I’ll do that and let everyone know on the WhatsApp group (top right of this page) – and of course, with a post here.

Only to say, that at this stage of the wines’ lives – I think the greatest quality/value to be found in 2022 comes in Beaujolais – only a teaser 馃檪

Chablis 2022 – the sunniest vintage

By billn on March 06, 2024 #reports

Chablis Grand Cru Grenouilles 2022It’s time for some Chablis 2022 !!

The sunniest vintage on record – maybe ‘on average’ the best vintage I ever tasted – but where are those elusive great wines?

63 domaines, with their 2022s and their thoughts on the 2022 and 2023 vintages. With another 30+ domaine visits to come in March and May

As a warm-up, how about 100 wines blind-tasted? The 2022s of Petit Chablis and just to turn the gums black – yes it’s one of those vintages – Irancy too?

My January 2024 report is here.

Enjoy !! Now I can concentrate on those 80 domaines already visited in Beaujolais 馃檪

Reports Update

By billn on January 24, 2024 #reports

Chablis - Friday 19th January 2024
Chablis – Friday 19th January 2024

As I previously wrote – due to the number of requests, over the last 7 days I added the last 30 domaines in piecemeal fashion to my 2022 C么te de Nuits report – and on Monday (yesterday) the report’s 50 domaines were all finished – so please enjoy!

So, that’s 146 domaines since the harvest plus another 24 domaines whose 2022 wines I tasted in the weeks before the harvest. You won’t be shocked to hear that I’m already 30 domaines into my tour of 2022 Chablis !! At least I can start typing those now 馃檪

My best to all…

Chablis 2024…

By billn on January 16, 2024 #degustation#reports

No, not the 2024 vintage – it’s ‘just’ my location.

Beautiful hoarfrost this morning and blue skies too – but it was still -6掳C at 10h30 !! Yesterday the mist/low cloud only departed the scene at about 3pm – but it’s been clear since then. How hard I had to scrape the Subaru’s windscreen this morning attests to that!

Anyway, as usual in January, I’ve started my tour of Chablis domaines – I’ve a list of about 100 domaines to visit, so let’s see how that goes. I’ve three consecutive weeks with about 20-22 domaines per week, then I’ll have to return in March to add as many more as possible.

I’m also planning blind tastings of 2022s from Irancy and Petit Chablis while I’m here.

And, as every spare moment allows, I’m also adding a few new domaines each day to this 2022 C么te de Nuits reports page.

All my best… !!

2022s from the C么te de Nuits

By billn on January 12, 2024 #reports

Roman茅e-Conti - the 2022 harvest is finished!I’ve still another 35 reports to write, but given the number of emails I’ve already received from subscribers – ‘what can you tell me about this, what can you tell me about that?‘ Here’s the first tranche of producers from the C么te de Nuits.

It will certainly be another week before all are online 馃檪

The December Report: C么te de Nuits producers

Enjoy !!

A new report – 2022 Part 3 – Reds from mainly the C么te de Beaune producers!

By billn on January 10, 2024 #reports

June 2022 - VolnayPart 3 – 2022 Reds (part 1) HERE !!

This issue with my vintage summary – 2022 whites and reds together

This is the third of my series focusing on the 2022 vintage and it contains 30 mainly red wine domaines from the C么te de Beaune and a few from the Chalonnaise.

That’s 96(!) domaines published since the harvest not forgetting another 20 domaines 2022s tasted before the harvest. Another 60-or-so domaines from the C么te de Nuits will be published in 7-10 days. So that’s 170 domaines’ 2022s tasted before I start the tour of 100 domaines in Chablis next week 馃檪

Happy New Year…

By billn on January 04, 2024 #reports#site updates

… and the ones that got away!

There’s no other time like December/January for the Burgundy Report – so little (apparently) happening but so much typing 馃檪

I’ve so far uploaded the first two reports for the 2022 vintage – the whites of the C么te de Beaune and the M芒connais – and I’m well on my way with the C么te de Beaune reds (online Monday or Tuesday) with the C么te de Nuits to follow maybe 1 week later. 66 new reports are already online with 80-90 more on their way.

I’ve not included any vintage summary – yet – it will appear in the next report. For a special reason this year, I will combine the whites and reds into a single summary – all will be clear when you read it !!

And the ones that got away?

Well, that would be practically all my planned Christmas and New Year bottles. Every year, just before Christmas we spend some days in Nice – me typing in the mornings and in the afternoon we promenade! This year the weather was lovely – sunny and 14-16掳C. For our return trip we decided to spend 2-3 days in Beaune – but already the first evening my better half wasn’t feeling well. The next day she was worse, so we headed directly to Bern. She had a strong flu (twice negative for corona) – and guess what? Three days later, me too – despite both of us having taken flu jabs.

My better half is just about well now, I still have a dumb cough so haven’t jogged for 12 days already. We have managed to finish a bottle of cremant over the last 3 days – which is a clear improvement! – but couldn’t finish the couple of bottles of Beaujolais that I opened over the last 10 days. But one was a useful exercise; I caught my first (known!) dose of corona in September and whilst I quickly regained my tasting faculties, I wasn’t sure that I could smell and taste the pyrazines as effectively as before. With the Lapierre 2021 I know that the sensations of the pyrazines is well and truly back 馃檪 Oh well – the rest of the wines should last another year 馃槈

Health and happiness to you all in 2024 !!

Burgundy Report

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