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A podcast!

By billn on April 14, 2023 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

I think it may have been recorded before Christmas – but at any rate:

Or Apple

The Prince Retires (this time for good)

By billn on February 01, 2023 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

Rusty Gaffney - Prince of PinotSad – I followed Rusty, on and off, for years. He even guest wrote a few pieces here – way back when…

But now he’s really retired.

It comes to us all I suppose – but I hope that I’ve another 10 years in me 😉

wine conversations podcast – Anthony Hanson

By billn on January 21, 2021 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

Much as I devoured the content of Clive Coates, it was Anthony Hanson who initially cemented my lust for writings about Burgundy. I began with a copy of his original Faber book, and then bought the reprint too.

I occasionally bump into him at a domaine when tasting – the last one being at Roulot – but not when tasting 2019s. As he points out – those of us who managed to keep up with the tasting schedule in France’s second ‘confinement‘ were pretty rare…

Whilst properly ‘playing the role’ of the wine-merchant, there’s not too much to argue with in his 2019 vintage analysis, simplified as it must be for less than 14 minutes of talking time. Worth your time, I think:

Anthony Hanson on 2019 Burgundy

The reimagining of Beaujolais

By billn on September 22, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

Beaujolais - esprit de partage
Beaujolais – l’esprit de partage

For quite some time now, the marketing of the Chablis region had its own visual identity; this/these in informative ‘little black books‘ the style and content of which I particularly enjoy.

Now is the time of Beaujolais.

Whilst some of the data-based presentation – 2 départements, 2 grape varieties, etcetera – smacks of the approach of Chablis, the actual presentation / visual identity couldn’t be more different or more lively. Whilst it’s always nicer to have the real book(let) in your hands, I offer you the chance of not having to live too vicariously – below you can see the pdfs:

In French*
In English*

*NB: These are not small downloads – there’s over 100 pages per – but they are well worth your time!

the wines of burgundy – just a small update…

By billn on September 04, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

The wines of Burgundy Pitiot and Gotti

Only 20 years separate these editions; the current number 14 in English versus the 10th edition from 1999. There are 16 editions in French…

This remains the pre-eminent small-form guide to Burgundy – and also the only one which (sensibly!) today includes Beaujolais – though sadly without any maps for Beaujolais. In 20 years we have an additional 100 pages too – now 390 of them. I have only one nit to pick; Roger Jones translated the text for the 10th edition into English – it’s faultless. This can’t be said for the new one as there are many spelling mistakes and even more approximations of English – which a shame – though in the end, these bring more of a smile than a distraction.

Still the most successful small guide to the technicalities of the region and highly recommended.

corton & charlemagne – the map!

By billn on September 02, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

I’ll be the first to admit that I get far too easily excited by maps, but here’s a new one in the series by Laurent Gotti – perhaps with help from his new partner Sylvain Pitiot? – Laurent is now joined with Sylvain, replacing the name Poupon, on what was once the indispensable book of vineyard maps by Pitiot & Poupon – it still is indispensable if you have small pockets. For those of you with more space, this would be my first choice 🙂

From Beaune’s Athenaeum – here. Shining light onto, perhaps, the most complicated (ownership and wine-colour wise) of all Burgundy’s grand crus. I suppose I will be buying a copy this week!

Image from Athenaeum.

burgundy maps…

By billn on March 12, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!


Via the BIVB today, this is completely new. It works okay on my desktop – integrated with locations of domaines, etcetera. It still needs a bit more work for handheld devices I think – a more app-style would likely be better – but it’s a good start 😉

I’ve added the above to my Map Resource.

Burgundy Report

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