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The Prince Retires (this time for good)

By billn on February 01, 2023 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

Rusty Gaffney - Prince of PinotSad – I followed Rusty, on and off, for years. He even guest wrote a few pieces here – way back when…

But now he’s really retired.

It comes to us all I suppose – but I hope that I’ve another 10 years in me 😉

wine conversations podcast – Anthony Hanson

By billn on January 21, 2021 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

Much as I devoured the content of Clive Coates, it was Anthony Hanson who initially cemented my lust for writings about Burgundy. I began with a copy of his original Faber book, and then bought the reprint too.

I occasionally bump into him at a domaine when tasting – the last one being at Roulot – but not when tasting 2019s. As he points out – those of us who managed to keep up with the tasting schedule in France’s second ‘confinement‘ were pretty rare…

Whilst properly ‘playing the role’ of the wine-merchant, there’s not too much to argue with in his 2019 vintage analysis, simplified as it must be for less than 14 minutes of talking time. Worth your time, I think:

Anthony Hanson on 2019 Burgundy

The reimagining of Beaujolais

By billn on September 22, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

Beaujolais - esprit de partage
Beaujolais – l’esprit de partage

For quite some time now, the marketing of the Chablis region had its own visual identity; this/these in informative ‘little black books‘ the style and content of which I particularly enjoy.

Now is the time of Beaujolais.

Whilst some of the data-based presentation – 2 départements, 2 grape varieties, etcetera – smacks of the approach of Chablis, the actual presentation / visual identity couldn’t be more different or more lively. Whilst it’s always nicer to have the real book(let) in your hands, I offer you the chance of not having to live too vicariously – below you can see the pdfs:

In French*
In English*

*NB: These are not small downloads – there’s over 100 pages per – but they are well worth your time!

the wines of burgundy – just a small update…

By billn on September 04, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

The wines of Burgundy Pitiot and Gotti

Only 20 years separate these editions; the current number 14 in English versus the 10th edition from 1999. There are 16 editions in French…

This remains the pre-eminent small-form guide to Burgundy – and also the only one which (sensibly!) today includes Beaujolais – though sadly without any maps for Beaujolais. In 20 years we have an additional 100 pages too – now 390 of them. I have only one nit to pick; Roger Jones translated the text for the 10th edition into English – it’s faultless. This can’t be said for the new one as there are many spelling mistakes and even more approximations of English – which a shame – though in the end, these bring more of a smile than a distraction.

Still the most successful small guide to the technicalities of the region and highly recommended.

corton & charlemagne – the map!

By billn on September 02, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

I’ll be the first to admit that I get far too easily excited by maps, but here’s a new one in the series by Laurent Gotti – perhaps with help from his new partner Sylvain Pitiot? – Laurent is now joined with Sylvain, replacing the name Poupon, on what was once the indispensable book of vineyard maps by Pitiot & Poupon – it still is indispensable if you have small pockets. For those of you with more space, this would be my first choice 🙂

From Beaune’s Athenaeum – here. Shining light onto, perhaps, the most complicated (ownership and wine-colour wise) of all Burgundy’s grand crus. I suppose I will be buying a copy this week!

Image from Athenaeum.

burgundy maps…

By billn on March 12, 2020 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!


Via the BIVB today, this is completely new. It works okay on my desktop – integrated with locations of domaines, etcetera. It still needs a bit more work for handheld devices I think – a more app-style would likely be better – but it’s a good start 😉

I’ve added the above to my Map Resource.

1 year’s vineyard work distilled into 13 and a half beautiful minutes…

By billn on November 17, 2018 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

With thanks to Vins de Bourgogne BIVB

A brilliant introduction the workings of a vineyard in Burgundy. Almost 1 year’s work distilled into 13 and a half minutes – absolutely worth your time!

After one year of filming, resulting in 40 hours of footage and some 30,000 photos, the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) is proud to present its latest short film in the series “Winemaker in Bourgogne, an artisanal craft”. This first part, “The People and the Vines”, was filmed between September 2017 and August 2018, on around 10 estates in the Bourgogne region.

As you can see, it clearly never rained in 2017 & 2018 🙂

for your (late) christmas stockings!

By billn on October 17, 2018 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!

I’m thankful to Laurent Gotti for the alert about this:

After “Climats et lieux-dits des grands vignobles de Bourgogne“, Marie-Hélène Landrieu-Lussigny and Sylvain Pitiot’s reference work dedicated to the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits (Editions de Monza – Editions du Meurger 2012), the pair continue their exploration of the Burgundy terroirs by publishing “La Côte Chalonnaise – Atlas et Histoire des Noms de Climats et de Lieux” (also Editions de Monza – Editions du Meurger). I like to call this ‘The Third Côte‘ – the Côte de Dijon having been long-time lost to us…

Mercurey, Givry, Montagny, Rully, Bouzeron are covered by their associated maps and the names of their 561 Climats.

Now, cleverly, bi-lingual, so no need for two editions. I know that I will use it a little less than their first ‘atlas’ but it remains a ‘must have!

new maps & saturday afternoon in the meursault sunshine

By billn on February 25, 2018 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!#travels in burgundy 2018

I love these maps – and now there are even more of them!

To the right you can see the new ‘wider picture’ maps in the Beaujolais series, which now means that it’s a set of 19(!) – and they are all now in my greedy hands! This set now comes in a much more user-friendly A3 size – as opposed to the more cumbersome A2 (roughly) versions that were previously available – so now they will be much less expensive to frame. Actually, they are the perfect size for laminating and using as place-mats – though that means that I’d have to find 19 ‘friends!

[Edit] And you can actually buy them here.

The Siberian cold isn’t quite in the Côtes yet, but the wind still has some chill to it – we bumped into Dominique Lafon in Beaune’s market on Saturday and I asked him if he was happy with the cold snap, he answered “For the vines yes, but I’m damn cold – I’ve got a hat in my jacket pocket, that I should be wearing, but my girlfriend doesn’t like the look of it – so there you go!” Haha!

Anyway in the afternoon we took a walk around the hillside of Tessons (plus, plus) with its views towards the town of Meursault – I liked the light so took far too many very similar pictures! Enjoy!

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