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a few tweets and links of interest…

By billn on June 18, 2014 #harvests#other sites#the market#vintage 2014

First, Clive on 2004 – I feel my wrists being slapped…! 😉

Second, one wonders why he was able to accumulate so much – but hey – it’s just another profit…

Third, what really is this UNESCO thing?

other sources…

By billn on April 04, 2014 #other sites

wines from prince merode – for a bonne (e)chère(?)

By billn on February 05, 2014 #other sites#the market


Want to stock up on the fore-runner of DRC Corton? – actually not so easy as it sounds, as there’s no Corton for sale! But anyway (details…) potentially some well priced bottles here:


PS – Thanks to Jon Wyand for the tip-off!

mr halliday’s scoring – yes but…

By billn on January 28, 2014 #other sites

Halliday on (some) Nicolas Potel.

Yes, I liked it too, but 96 points for 2011 Suchots? What space does that leave for really good wines?

Sorry, but ridiculous, or was James scoring in the context of Australian pinot? Not that I’m stirring the pot… 😉

catching up on the news…

By billn on January 26, 2014 #other sites

Just back from skiing and there are few things worth reading:

Victoria Moore on Burgundy 2012
Jancis, also on 2012

And some tweets too!



By billn on January 14, 2014 #other sites

I sat with Axelle last week during lunch, but didn’t realise that she was a poster-girl…

Spotted this evening on Facebook, picture by Thomas Nègre:



By billn on January 11, 2014 #other sites#travels in burgundy 2014


A couple of interesting news stories on the wires this morning:

1. Drouhin ex-cellar sale
2. Chanson’s Clos des Mouches obliterated – it was the same for Domaine du Pavillon (Bichot), though Drouhin and a couple of others were able to find enough in-tact grapes to make some wine.

Re the appended pic – I really can’t understand why they didn’t contact me first, the organising committee of the St.Vincent would then have known to choose another day – I have my annual ski-race that day, so will have to miss it. Still, it’s not often that you get a bit of Hollywood in St.Aubin! 🙂


By billn on December 15, 2013 #other sites


It takes bad news to get wine on the front pages (okay, near the front pages!) of many periodicals – but here is such a case. In this selection of reports you will note that many of those periodicals are important US news-gatherers-disseminators – but then the trial is in New York and has the odd NY billionaire testifying! It makes a great angle for newspapers that a billionaire can be defrauded by a young, foreigner, illegally living in the US.

Actually, far from bad news, I think this is great news. Forgers have had an easy a life in wine circles. It really should be time for some payback! Anyone can get away with forging Bordeaux it seems, but eventually it is Burgundy that trips people up. Hopefully Kurniawan will eventually sing like a canary, because most of the producers involved don’t believe he had the knowledge to work alone…

Whilst its 160 pages (plus…) length, its breadth and its meanderings now make it largely un-navigable, you should know that the mother-thread for all that is Kurniawan, is housed here on WineBerserkers. Doubtless, you can add half a dozen other reports to those bulleted above, but Don Cornwell’s occasional (and quite full) reports from the trial, are to be found (towards the end) of the linked WineBerserkers thread – like this – they are not to be missed.

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