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a few new things…

By billn on November 04, 2013 #other sites

Dreamy tasting location: Lausanne last Thursday…

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been doing a lot of typing! What that basically means is that an annual Burgundy Report will be winging its way onto the net after my last tasting appointments – so roughly by the end of this month.

Additional things I’ve seen, include:


the elevation of nuits st.georges…

By billn on September 21, 2013 #other sites

Of course there’s a big (editor’s) error in the second paragraph, but a good article none-the-less…

(and no, no new wines yet – sinuses remain stubbornly locked…)

an honour…!

By billn on September 17, 2013 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!#other sites

soon it will be rudy-time…

By billn on September 17, 2013 #other sites

Still no wine notes here for you – I think I need another 3-4 days before my head-cold clears – but there’s plenty of interesting reading out there; roll on the trial in December!

Un vigneron expert pour le FBI

Burgundy Report

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