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a structural shift in burgundy?

By billn on November 24, 2014 #other sites

Interesting, if something of a re-hash (others might say ‘building upon’) the recent piece by Jancis (1 month ago) that I recommended here.

dark side of the sun…

By billn on October 04, 2014 #other sites#travel#travels in burgundy 2014

Okay, I probably got that album title wrong!

Actually, I’m not really, and obviously tenuously, combining those two thoughts – except that I was too lazy to make two separate posts 😉

The pic above was snapped on my phone yesterday – yet another gorgeous day in the Côtes – but I’ll have to cut that theme/meme short as it’s becoming monotonous! So quickly moving on…

This article (the dark side) also has only a tenuous link with wine as I appreciate it. Yes, I know they are bottles, but the collections have been ‘assembled’ as ‘collections’ not really cellars – the could just as easily be stamps or pictures it seems – hence they are quickly consigned to sale because they have become more valuable and can turn a nice profit. If the ‘collectors’ were suddenly afflicted by a medical condition or a ginormous tax bill, then I could have a little sympathy – but this is clearly not the case. I’m sorry if I can’t see the connection to wine and wine enthusiasts. Actually the routine nature of these sales, even ignoring the possibility of falsifications, seems actually more boring than my pictures of the sun in Beaune!

a couple of links…

By billn on September 24, 2014 #other sites#the market

Decanter News: “The latest Burgundy export figures suggest the region’s wines are becoming harder for consumers to find and there are fears that prices have risen too strongly.”
…I suppose the obvious reaction is – no shit Sherlock…

To distract me from such pricing, I’ve been reading Jerome’s tour of domaines during harvest. Good stuff.

hail and volnay 2013…

By billn on July 11, 2014 #other sites#the market

One of the best articles I’ve read in a while, on Jancis’s site, written by Mark Haisma. I really should try to visit Mark!

As you will note from the tweet of Jancis above, she’s worried about 2013 Volnays and urging caution. This is only a small part of the article, but to my mind, this article is the perfect example of why you won’t have a problem with 2013 Volnay if you buy from respected names. My reasoning?

  1. Triage should have been relatively easy because there was less to triage – though there was rot to remove too!
  2. The best domaines are very serious about their triage.
  3. And like Mark, above, if it’s not right, they won’t put their label on it!

Now if you buy from a négoce that you don’t know, then of-course, caveat emptor…

jon wyand’s window on burgundian complexity…

By billn on June 18, 2014 #other sites

The complexity of Burgundy in just one picture – thanks to Jon Wyand. JNG, mentioned on the left of this image, is Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard.


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