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jancis on roy…

By billn on November 20, 2016 #other sites

Roy Richards has seen it, and done it all – not only was he the first to start selling Comte Liger-Belair, he was even the first to (try to!) import Maison Ilan into the UK market.


a synthesis of le montrachet 2016

By billn on October 06, 2016 #other sites#the market#vintage 2016

 Montrachet – 28-Aug-2016.

A really interesting story from Bourgogne Aujourd’hui, yesterday: Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Domaine des Comtes Lafon, Domaine Leflaive, Guy Amiot, Lamy-Pillot and Domaine Fleurot have blended together all of their grapes harvested in Montrachet – or maybe I should say Le Montrachet, as their parcels are all on the Chassagne side.

Normally these domaines would produce 20-30 barrels of wine from their combined 1.25 hectares, but this year, the sum of all their efforts will be 2 barrels worth of wine – all because of the frost at the end of April this year. It was clear that nobody really wanted to do a micro-vinification as it would have been more like a lab-exercise! Note, so exceptional was this frost, that there is no-one alive that can remember a similar event in the vines of Montrachet.

With their négociant licence, it is Domaine Leflaive that will actually make the wine, which will (presumably) be shared between the proprietors when it comes to bottling. These cuvées, in theory, will not be commercialised, as there will be no more than a few cases per producer – I can’t wait to see the label (design) – assuming they use just one label…

ladies of beaujolais…

By billn on September 21, 2016 #beaujolais#other sites


Honestly, I dislike positive/negative profiling, so ‘women wine-makers‘ at least as a concept, grouping or genre has always seemed odd to me, because the job-title wine-maker is in itself sexless. I’ll give you that from a historical perspective, women winemakers are clearly in the minority – yet that is also ‘so last century…

That said, I’ll still take these infos on-board if it brings useful new names; Claude-Emmanuelle and Mee I’ve already visited – so now I’ll have to look out for Sonja, even if I already know the (brilliant) wines!


By billn on September 13, 2016 #other sites

I have to say, fabulous design and photos. Nothing to do with Burgundy (fortunately!) but even the story is a good one!


hats, dogs and pruning…

By billn on September 08, 2016 #other sites

Found. A super (2010) article about Michel Duclos:

Does he ever remove his hat? No, he says, never. He shows me his car: The back seat has more hats, in case he feels like a change
Margaret Rand / World of Fine Wine

elin’s apocalypse…

By billn on June 28, 2016 #other sites#the market

A thoughtful article from Elin McCoy, which has many overtones of my own ‘Vuittonification‘ post from last December. Elin has taken a more personal (producer) perspective versus my more structural perspective – but the conclusions are the same. The only things that have changed since my post in December is that we now clearly have a tiny 2016 vintage underway, one that can only make pricing even more difficult for the market to swallow, and a European (fiscal) market in turmoil due to Brexit.

Everyone sees the problem, yet, seemingly, no-one can help avoid the impending market crash for Burgundy wines.

jefford on clos de tart…

By billn on April 06, 2016 #other sites

A thoughtful and in-depth article on the Clos de Tart by Andrew Jefford – it only took him 6 months since his tasting in September to publish it – but a welcome addition, nonetheless 😉


don’t miss viewing…

By billn on March 18, 2016 #other sites

Highly recommended – a super interview of Christophe Roumier by Steve Tanzer:

I see a few interesting videos here too from Sarah Marsh:

Burgundy Report

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