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oops – a (pinot) history lesson…

By billn on February 25, 2016 #other sites

I just have to agree. Articles are not just made from the 3 books in front of you. If I similarly mess up, I hope that people will quickly put me on the straight and narrow…


With all due respect, the history of Pinot noir here is incorrect and reflects what was written in the early to second third of the 20th century. We now have historical proof that this grape was cultivated by the Romans 4th century (as discovered near Gevrey Chambertin in the last 5 years) from Burgundy to the Black Forest. It’s religious ties go way back before the Cistercian order was even created, it irks me that this type of information is held for fact when many new discoveries have been made since. The DNA research alone puts the grape in It’s indigenous regions way prior to the Roman invasions. Basing articles and courses on entirely out of date information is doing no service to the wine community.
Peter Wasserman
20 February

comte liger-belair q&a

By billn on February 24, 2016 #other sites

Actually, my pic! 12.06.2015

Adam Lechmere’s good q&a with Louis-Michel Liger-Belair in Wine-Searcher:

Louis-Michel perfectly encapsulates biodynamics for me in his description – it’s not about blind dogma following, rather being assiduous in what you do…

clos de tart in the mainstream

By billn on November 12, 2015 #other sites


Okay, I’m afraid it has to be in a yukky ‘luxury’ section of the mainstream news, but mainstream news it is, and that’s a rarity. Given the pricing of the wine, this categorisation as a luxury can hardly be quibbled with. Personally I’d much prefer it to appear in a ‘culture’ section; because here is something quintessentially French and with more than 1000 years of history. So be it, but ‘luxury’ adds a certain intellectual ‘baggage’ which will prevent some people from even wanting to turn that page.

It’s the smallest of domaine thumbnails by Victoria Moore, but certainly given the probable word-count constraints (the terror, not the terroir) of modern writing, this is a very nice job indeed. Merci!

noteworthy in the last days…

By billn on August 10, 2015 #other sites

  • Not the Hosemaster’s finest hour, but Riedel’s action was a ‘PR disaster’ – as a result, I’ll happily revert to Zaltos!
  • Some semblance of wine chemistry…
  • A longer watch, but interesting nonetheless…

‘anthology’ of the last days…

By billn on August 04, 2015 #other sites

A shocking tasting by Allen Meadows:

“1996 white burgundy, and in particular Ramonet though Niellon and Sauzet contributed, continues to disappoint as 8 of 9 bottles were premoxed and another one (1976 Leflaive “Clavoillon”) was corked as was one of the reds (1989 Roty Griotte). It was one of the bigger debacles that I have seen in a while.”

Like a cross between Gevrey-Chambertin and Red Bull?

patchworks, repeats and aubert…

By billn on March 25, 2015 #other sites#travels in burgundy 2015

The 18-20°C of the last days has disappeared under the clouds and the spitting rain today – about 5°C for the record. But the vineyards still have that great patchwork impression as the different domaines plough – or not, and prune – or not, at their own pace.

The lunchtime menu du jour contained andouillettes today – as part of my total immersion, I take them without hesitation – the last couple of mouthfuls even tasted pretty good (it seemed) – but boy did those flavours repeat and cause reflux 5 hours later during a modest jog – sacre-bleu!

Finally, a link that you really should make some time for: Aubert de Villaine in conversation – definitely worth 1 hour of your time! https://t.co/Fj18Nh9F2C

year-end new articles…

By billn on January 02, 2015 #other sites#the market

Lots of news on Beaujolais and Jura to finish 2014, but I’ll try to keep my focus from Irancy to Saint Veran in 2015, starting on Monday with two weeks in Chablis…!

And a little champagne? That might be nice…

Oh, and do yourself a favour – if you’ve a cellar full of DRC – get a better door! I have noted some other ‘wits’ mentioning that the French Laundry’s $150 corkage fee should similarly be classed as robbery 😉 Anyway, imagine having to drink all that wine, just because the auction houses won’t touch it – some of them anyway 😉

‘museum-ification of wine’

By billn on December 16, 2014 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!#other sites

“Have ultrahigh prices distorted our understanding and enjoyment of wine?”

Well, have they?

I think so. I didn’t used to think and then re-think whether to open a bottle from, for instance, DRC 10-15 years ago. Today it is hard, because it’s not just great wine, it’s a new garage door or a fancy new refrigerator – or in some cases, even a new kitchen.

Good writing, and more importantly, thought-provoking writing, from Matt Kramer – he still has it

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