Why Big Red Diary?

New pages & updates

Two new appellation pages; Corton and Puligny-Montrachet are completed, plus an update of the Links page – another 20+ links to producers added.
The NoteFinder page seems popular – over 20% of all the site’s traffic in the last week – and consistently pushing unique visitor numbers above 500 per day since launched.

NoteFinder – Launched

optionsFinally launched after a 2 years thinking and 3 months gestation. Hopefully no rough edges – if so let me know.
Here I can link all that peripheral information to a tasting note; Producer profile (if I’ve done one), the producer’s website (if they have one), appellation information for the wine (if I’ve done that) and finally a profile of the village – admittedly mainly an (additional) opportunity for work on my part.
I will upload notes to this on roughly a monthly basis, the ‘other wines tasted’ page in the Burgundy-Report issues will remain as this will be the only place to view all the most recent bottles in one place.


The last dotting of ‘i’s and crossing of ‘t’s is being done on the NoteFinder, hopefully it will get the launch fanfare in the next 3-4 days. This work actually shows up the gaps in other areas, so I’m finally (also!) knuckling-down to getting on with the appellation reference. Chablis and Grand Cru Chablis and finally Corton-Charlemagne have been added to the appellation page. Many more are required, but 2 or 3 per week should see this completed over the summer.

Hopefully I will eventually have time to write about some of my latest visits(!) Château Matroye, J-F Mugnier, Mischief & Mayhem, Comte Liger-Belair, Camille Giroud etc…



Take a look, kick the tyres – let me know what’s not working. A couple of cosmetic ‘enhancements’ will come on-stream before I do an official ‘launch mailing’ late next week.

Hopefully it will work with more than 1 person at once (I don’t know…) trying to get at stuff. Effectively in one page you can access most of the Burgundy-Report, domaine websites, domaine profiles, appellation profiles and of-course the wine tasting notes. That’s the plan anyway!

Email me at the address at the foot of this page if you can’t make it work, it doesn’t work or you don’t like how it works etc. and I’ll see what I can do


Cheers, Bill

A few days in the Côtes

BBC weather forecast was a washout – literally – fortunately the days on either-side were more than passable. Get up at 8:00am and you’ll find that many have been in the vines already for almost 2 hours – they are still at it at 8:00pm – I’m happy enough to watch!
The vines were about 2-3 weeks behind the average schedule due to the cold winter, but seem to be catching up. A ton of material now to be written-up, oh and my developer is on holiday leaving a bug in the system – so at least a week before the note-finder is deployed – c’est la vie!

NoteFinder – A Sneak Preview

a new type of search engine
I’m very happy with what I have sofar – my developer has done a great interpretation job.

Unfortunately I have an even bigger ‘content’ job ahead of me.

The NoteFinder links to lots of other potentially useful things such as appellation factsheets, producer websites and profiles within Burgundy-Report – and that’s not all!

This all means (of-course) that I have no time left to eat or drink!

Note Finder and Outages

It all seemed to be going so well – site was migrated, note-finder database coming along ‘swimmingly’ – all was well.

Then last week my ‘hosters’ had some harddisk malfunctions and the site was gone for almost 2 days – then bits were missing and the stats still don’t work. Not really a fine start…

Anyway, I expect a bit of ‘beta testing’ for some poor unsuspecting ‘friends’ at the end on next week and going live at the end of the month. Gotta have a target!

Cheers, Bill

Update Page

This update page is now just-about up-to-scratch. Forward to the database for tasting notes (and more!) which is already running on a test-server – scary!
Cheers, Bill

Phase 1 Success.

I’m sat in a lounge at the airport, and if you’re reading this, then the server-switch was a success – everything seems okay.

Perhaps not a very challenging phase 1 then! Phase two is the database development, phase 3 is the implementation. I’ll get a few friends to roadtest (crash?) phase 3 as soon as it’s up and running – I’m thinking May…

Now just 12 hours on a plane to Zürich to get through; it was Harry Potter and the goblet of fire on the way out, I wonder what civilisation advancing entertainment I’ll get on the return. 😉

New Reference Pages – Burgundy’s Grapes

The page on Burgundy’s grape varieties is finally up here – it was a busy week, so quite slow progress.

Had a meeting with the developers for my tasting-note finder – sounds easy – I just need a new web-host, to develop something in .NET and update it with microsoft access. All very easy apparently…

Now I go to China for 9 days hoping that nothing breaks down in the meantime!

Feeds links

Finally got the feed links sorted out (I think!) – they weren’t working before as they should. It’s possible to see the updates via ‘feedburner’ or by-far the easiest route – but only if you use Firefox – is by clicking the feed icon which appears on the browser’s address-line (when you view the Burgundy-Report homepage. This adds a link to the bookmarks that shows if the site has been updated – very elegant and easy.

Must get back to writing about Burgundy’s 8 allowed grape varieties!

New Reference Pages – Segmenting the Region

New page that segments by region the areas that together are called burgundy. Also updated (mainly style-wise) are the following:
Wine Making
A-Z of Appellations
The Map Resource
Weights & Measures
Profiled Producers
That’s enough for today!

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