la romanée 2007…


It was the boss’s birthday, so with fellow vendangeurs, we drank to toast his health…

2007 Comte Liger-Belair, La Romanée
Opened a couple of hours before and left open in a cool place. The wine starts with a big, round panorama of a nose, hints of smoke and spice in quite an 07 kind of way. The palate is linear and crystalline bright, perfect acidity and clarity but rather narrow. The length is very impressive with plenty of dry extract – but not astringent-dry – this is a very silky wine that melts on your tongue. I left the last of the glass a few hours and returned; The nose was deeper but the width attenuated, whereas in the mouth there was more width and mineral flavour. But forget the analysis, 8 beaming faces at lunchtime was the only feedback necessary.
Rebuy – Yes

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