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the autumn 2007 burgundy report

By billn on November 29, 2007 #site updates

autumn 2007 burgundy report

The content is now up.

The only thing missing is the section with the most recent photos – I’ve now decided you’ve probably seen enough photos of leaves, trees and stones…

Thanks for now

updated: gevrey-chambertin village profile

By billn on October 30, 2007 #site updates

beautiful gevrey

Following my profile of Gevrey-Chambertin in the Summer Report, there was a great request from a reader for more info about communal-level Gevrey-Chambertin.

I’ve dug out a pile of info about the climats concerned – one of the best sources being Jacky Rigaux’s excellent book ‘Gevrey-Chambertin’ which I must make a short review of in these pages – and tried to include the names of some good producers to match, it’s added it to the profile – here


By billn on October 09, 2007 #asides#site updates

It seems like not much is happening – and you could be right.

I’m currently travelling in Holland, though on Friday I have some visits in the Côte d’Or and I expect my lingering cold will by then be forgotten. I tried to make a visit at one relatively well-known producer and was for the first time in about 12 years of making appointments, rebuffed – “he says he’s too busy said his wife” – that was at the point of the the third possible date. I don’t yet feel like ‘naming and shaming’.

Of-course some other things happen – I updated the NoteFinder, now to just under 1,750 notes. Also, buying opportunities often (too often!) present themselves; last week I received an offer that contained 6x Clos Frantin 2001 Vosne 1er Malconsorts. I’ve tasted that wine, and it’s a good one – for 36 Swiss francs each, I bought the lot. That’s a lot of value when set in the context of 2005 pricing…! There was also some 2000 vintage but I didn’t have the cash for both. Maybe they are still left next month!
Ciao for now…

more in notefinder + a few new & interesting articles

By billn on October 03, 2007 #other sites#site updates

As I have nothing useful to say for myself, and my (slowly abating) cold precludes opening bottles – and even worse, no travelling to the Côte d’Or this week – I shall instead scrape around for a few interesting stories for you.

burgundy report notefinder tasting note search

For this site, I’m slowly updating the NoteFinder database. There are today about 50 notes more than last week, and over the next week or so I will be adding ~150 more. I should be close to up-to-date by then.

Looking further afield, I found some articles worth reading:

becky wasserman le serbetLastly, let me recommend to you a site which is packed with info despite it’s ‘work in progress’ status. There has been little under this URL for the last months (years), but it seems that Becky has finally ordered her troops (or could it be vice-versa!) into line.
Already a great resource.


website hosting debacle – advice

By billn on August 23, 2007 #site updates

First thanks for all your patience, I recieved 407 emails from ‘readers’ to tell me I had a site problem – it lasted just a few hours short of seven days – sorry I couldn’t reply to you all, I was trying to focus my corresondence on fixing the problem:

So how about a little advice to web-hosts?

  • When the connection to databases fails on a server, it would be best let all the people housed on that server know by (mass) email, do not do nothing. Afterwards try to avoid the following:
  • Do not wait 2 days to reply to user’s increasingly frustrated requests for info
  • Do not tell users that their lack of website has been assigned ‘medium priority’
  • After user has emailed the managing director to find out what is happening, do not reply saying ‘what do you expect, we don’t work weekends’
  • Do not say that there will be a solution ‘today, or tomorrow – if it works’ and when it doesn’t work say nothing (again)…

They fixed it this morning, it took ~7 days. If anyone wants to offer me a great deal on a QUALITY windows hosted environment together with a MySQL database, drop me a line.
Cheers and thanks again

Burgundy Report

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