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an invitation to your burgundy report

By billn on May 18, 2008 #site updates

Use this link if you would like to join the ‘experimental’ pages: i.e. YOUR Burgundy Report pages. The content and discussion comes hardly from me, but from the already 270 and counting people who have and will join. Merchants, producers, enthusiasts and consumers – they are all there…

Visit My Burgundy Report

I haven’t really yet learned all the things that are possible, but you will already find a more than basic canvas which you can modify to your heart’s content. By Wednesday 21st I will change the invitation code and the one above will cease to function. I hope you find it both useful and enjoyable.

back – with an experimental site…

By billn on May 17, 2008 #site updates#travel

Back from the Côtes. Weather was cooler with threatening cloud, but not too much rain. I tasted some very nice wines today in Aloxe and (dear god – not again!) decided to buy some…

Lunch was at the Table de Pierre Bourée, which I will write about most likely tomorrow – but for now, it was nice!

While I was away, I opened the book on a new experiment for the site, an interactive area where anyone can contribute. It’s a closed area which requires an invitation. Sunday-Tuesday I’ll add a link here if you want to join, then afterwards make a new code. So-far, in three days, 250 misguided souls have decided to sign-in – many are lurking at the moment, but let’s see how it develops – and of course, once you’re in you can invite whoever you want; there are several winemakers currently ‘lurking’…

advertising and weekends

By billn on April 18, 2008 #other sites#site updates#the market

No, I’m not advertising my weekend – though dinner tonight, cooked by a friend who can really cook, will be accompanied by Guy Roulot’s 2000 Meursault Perrières, and Méo-Camuzet’s 1993 Corton Clos Rognet from my cellar – can’t wait!

Now, back to advertising. Burgundy-Report has remained a free resource and I have no plans to change that – yet at the same time, higher mortgage rates have cut my wine purchasing budget and my website (hosting) costs went up with a bump this month – and the latter cost is all you-lot’s fault! I have, over the last 2-3 years rejected offers of advertising on this site, but I think I may sell my soul to the devil and trial some from next month. I’ll try and keep it within the bounds of good taste, and for sure there will be no pop-ups – importantly the advertiser’s link will be next to good and bad wine reviews, and from my perspective one will never influence the other.

I will keep you updated

site updates

By billn on April 10, 2008 #site updates

I had to bite the bullet – I was using too much memory (actually it was you!) on the server and they cut back to ‘contract’ levels – that’s why the site was close to off-the-map since Friday evening. Today I signed up to a much more expensive hosting package and will see how that goes over the next weeks!

I also just updated the database for the NoteFinder with over 300 new notes now viewable compared to last week – I hope it’s useful.

more silly prices and server problems

By billn on April 07, 2008 #site updates#the market

First, apologies for yet another hosting issue with the site – 60% down since Friday evening – it’s a big job to move hosts given the site complexity I seem to have arrived at, but I may have to bite the bullet. Anyway, at least I’m not charging you!

parker points for chateau margaux

I found the above in my mailbox last week. When I look at the pricing from first tier suppliers of Bordeaux wines (i.e. no grey-market speculation), it seems that despite the pricing outrages of ‘2005 burgundy trophy bottles’, burgundy is still relatively cheap. These offer prices (Swiss francs per six-pack) on 05 Margaux are the same per bottle as Romanée-Conti – quality is quality, but my only argument against this is that there are 350,000-plus bottles of Margaux per year versus 5,000 for Romanée-Conti! Even my bank manager used to buy cases of Margaux, but he told me he stopped with the 1990 vintage – which cost about 60 Swiss francs per bottle – he said it got expensive after that! I also note with interest the massive premium versus a good Haut-Brion that 100 Parker points brings!

PS I know it’s still a silly price (330 Swiss Francs), but clearly still cheaper than the above Haut-Brion 2004. Today I picked up the only bottle I ever saw, and one of only 146 (according to the label, and mine’s number 00099), of Faiveley’s Musigny. It’s the 2004 and will be opened at a great dinner when I’m 65 – how’s that for planning? – only 19.5 years to go!

grands jours jet-lag

By billn on March 15, 2008 #site updates#travel

grands jours de bourgogneBack from Beaune and ready to sleep. Three full days in a visitor-packed Burgundy. I went during the Grands Jours de Bourgogne which lasts seven days for the 2,000 or so registered attendees, 3 days / 2 nights was all I could spare. While there I managed to pack in 3 lunches, 2 dinners, well over 100 wines and (trumpet fanfare in the background) the best wine I ever had with a dinner – and from an merely average vintage too – 1948! Oh and did I mention it was a white? I must try to avoid any similarity to reporters who make you sick by eulogising over their most recent 48’s and 28’s etc. Oops, bugger, I had quite a special 28 too!

It was great to catch up with everyone and to see the efforts they put in to all the organised events – more on those later. Most of my notes will get written up over the next couple of weeks and end up in the ‘spring report’ as I’m short of material 😉

Burgundy Report

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