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No, I’m not advertising my weekend – though dinner tonight, cooked by a friend who can really cook, will be accompanied by Guy Roulot’s 2000 Meursault Perrières, and Méo-Camuzet’s 1993 Corton Clos Rognet from my cellar – can’t wait!

Now, back to advertising. Burgundy-Report has remained a free resource and I have no plans to change that – yet at the same time, higher mortgage rates have cut my wine purchasing budget and my website (hosting) costs went up with a bump this month – and the latter cost is all you-lot’s fault! I have, over the last 2-3 years rejected offers of advertising on this site, but I think I may sell my soul to the devil and trial some from next month. I’ll try and keep it within the bounds of good taste, and for sure there will be no pop-ups – importantly the advertiser’s link will be next to good and bad wine reviews, and from my perspective one will never influence the other.

I will keep you updated

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Philip18th April 2008 at 5:35 pmPermalinkReply

    Fair enough – I have a much simpler website than yours, and it costs the equivalent of a couple of bottles of a decent Grand Cru every year.

  2. ed20th April 2008 at 12:18 pmPermalinkReply

    Everyone appreciates that content costs something. Its creation is either subsidized or sponsored. Nice that the page is free of advertising now but I think very few will fault you for taking some on to offset your expense.

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