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By billn on July 31, 2009 #site updates

The occasional thing may seem a bit ‘flakey’ around here and maybe for the next few days as I (piece-by-piece) update the site’s structure.

A slightly different design which currently looks okay in internet explorer (7) but is less than perfect in Firefox, I expect it will be about 2 weeks before everything is bedded in. Unlike me, this is much cleverer under the surface! Hopefully it doesn’t break too often!

PS – did I mention the Summer Burgundy Report will go live sometime this evening…(?)

red flag diary…

By billn on July 01, 2009 #site updates

red diaries from www.garyreed.netI was recently searching for something-or-other and came across a very different Big Red Diary. Clearly it is run, since 2005, by a red-headed lady – I’ll make no other assumptions in respect of the word ‘big’ – anyway, zero complaints from me! But that got me wondering how many other ‘BRDs’ there could be “out there…”

Not many it seems – though ‘Red Diary’ is more common – I did, however, find one interesting piece of social history; an old publication of that name designed by one David Wild in 1973 for Pluto Press, a publisher of radical political pamphlets and books – who still seem to be going strong. According to the official Pluto Press web-page:

“Pluto Press has always had a radical political agenda. Founded in 1969 as a publishing arm of International Socialism, the forerunner of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK, in 1979 we broke with this political affiliation and became truly independent. Today, we represent authors from a wide range of progressive political viewpoints. With over 550 titles in print, Pluto Press is one of the world’s leading radical book publishers. We publish more than 70 new titles each year.”

I didn’t know the history when I appropriated the ‘Big Red Diary’ name, and it seems that ‘red’ mainly stood for something else in the 1970s – though depending on where you live, times have mainly moved on! I found a few old cover-pages of the ‘original’ Red Diary that you might be interested to see. If there are any staunch socialists out there with a penchant for burgundy, then please do send me some scans from any ‘missing’ years that you may still have…
EDIT 21-Aug-2009 – four more covers including the classic “better active today than radioactive tomorrow”! Courtesy the publisher – Pluto. The last issue was 1987.

EDIT 13-May-2013 – A kind reader delivers the cover for 1983! Many thanks…


By billn on June 13, 2009 #site updates

TypingMonkeyI just wanted to share with you a short note on contributions to these diary pages.

The early Burgundy Reports had a ‘guest text’ section which despite having fallen by the wayside in last couple of years, it remains open and available to potential/latent contributors. Outside of that, it’s really only the two reports of Bruce Palling and Peter Sidebotham that covered DRC 2006 that haven’t been written by me – I’m not anticipating much change there, but let’s see!

Regarding these ‘diary’ pages, things are certainly more flexible. Whether it’s Ray’s ‘how to start a domaine/new life’, Peter’s bottles – with the odd etranger among them – or some of Rusty’s insights into another world of pinot noir, it’s all stuff that I like to read. Maybe I will get the chance to add even more contributions/contributors so not to leave you on the monotonous drip of ‘today’s bottle is…’ If you have ideas, get in touch!

That’s it!
Note, it should be even easier to differentiate who has written what (hopefully it’s not hard now) when I finally get round to updating the site design a little – nothing too generic of course !

pierre morey 06 bourgogne pinot noir + notefinder updated

By billn on April 15, 2009 #degustation#site updates

Pierre Morey Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Pierre Morey Bourgogne Pinot Noir

2006 Pierre Morey, Bourgogne Pinot Noirtry to find this wine...
Medium colour. High tones, with pretty red berry and cherry fruit – it’s really lovely. The palate is not quite how I remember it; the texture is reasonably silky with just an edge of fat, but the acidity is much more in the ascendant than when I first had it – it’s also quite tart. Mouth-watering length, not surprisingly, but with a sneaky creamy edge. The fruit on the nose remains super. I would not touch another of these for at least 3 years as I does remind me of the ’96 Leroy bourgogne at the same stage, and that’s a beauty now!
Rebuy – Yes but not for drinking now…

notefinder burgundy report

Another 250+ notes uploaded into the NoteFinder application, about 500 of which cover only 2006 & 2007 wines…

spring report and a holiday to recover!

By billn on March 27, 2009 #site updates

It’s holiday time – but in part-payment for my absence, I leave you with the Spring Report. Over 280 tasting notes dotted around 15 pages. Feel free to comment and argue, but my moderatory tones will only return in a week…

back from the côtes…

By billn on March 24, 2009 #site updates#travel

5:40pm 23rd March 2009: Finishing the last row in Romanée-Conti
5:40pm 23rd March 2009: Finishing the last row in Romanée-Conti

Two days in the Côtes and a whole book full of notes to try and put in some semblance of order for the Spring Burgundy Report which should be ‘out’ on Friday evening CET. After a tough 2 hours (well, maybe not!) in Vosne yesterday afternoon tasting the 2007 vintage with the vignerons – 52 notes made it into my book – we took a refreshing walk up the hill, into vines to clear our heads. Under the clear blue sky the first thing we saw was the horse and its handler ploughing their very last row of the day, in the Romanée-Conti vineyard…

notefinder updated…

By billn on January 22, 2009 #site updates

Just to let you know that I’ve updated the NoteFinder database, so there’s nearly another 200 notes in there. There are now well over 300 notes each on 2005 and 2006 wines in bottle. Hope it’s useful!

I’ll be away the next couple of days, so no updates and probably not many bottles either – I shall be trying to be ‘sportif’!

vincent girardin 2005 santenay les charmes + various

By billn on December 08, 2008 #degustation#other sites#site updates#the market

2005 Vincent Girardin, Santenay Les Charmestry to find this wine...
Medium-plus ruby-red colour. The nose started blocky with a little dark oak and roasted dark fruit – a little uncouth – but five minutes in the glass and it is transformed with very pretty flashes of red and black fruits. In the mouth it starts in a similar fashion; muddled dark fruits and oak but quite silky. This improves no end, though never becoming as captivating as the nose. Smooth dark fruit and an ever-present but not unfriendly dark oak flavour as undertow. Smooth and easy drinking once it’s open.
Rebuy – Maybe

  • Notes from over 100 bottled 2006’s now online.
  • New on Wine Terroirs – Bert visits Domaine Leflaive
  • A fun trip around Burgundy
  • It might not look so good for investment managers or people fixated with the ‘value’ of their cellar – for me it only means ‘how much cheaper will next bottle be?’ 😉


autumn 2008 report…

By billn on November 30, 2008 #reports#site updates

Was in Burgundy Thursday-Friday; Both days were freezing and foggy/misty – only about -2°C but the modest wind made it feel much cooler – a bit more about that tomorrow.

Anyway returning to a weekend of hard typing has provided enough of the Autumn Report for me to release it. The compendiums of notes for bottled 2006’s plus the rest, will trickle through in the next days.

Burgundy Report

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