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my NoteFinder sucks…, so…

By billn on February 11, 2010 #site updates

As mentioned in a post last week, the original notefinder application is becoming close to useless – killed by the rising number of users.

So whilst my new version is not (functionally) complete – ie the links to appellations, profiles and websites etc. are not currently working, and the tasting dates are wrong – the note finding part itself seems to function absolutely fine.

So please feel free to point your searching habits to the NoteFinder (2) here – let’s call it the ‘alpha’ version 😉

updating for the next days

By billn on February 04, 2010 #other sites#site updates

Just a quick apology and pre-apology!

The apology is for those users of the NoteFinder:

Leider benötigt Ihr Web im Moment 260 MB RAM. Ihnen stehen laut Vertrag jedoch nur 64 MB zu. Daher haben wir uns entschlossen Ihr Web auf 160 MB RAM zu begrenzen. Dies ist aus Schutz, da Sie sonst im schlimmsten Fall den ganzen Server für andere Kunden blockieren bzw. die Performance erheblich beeinträchtigen.

That basically mean that the ‘application’ is too successful so they will now make it fail in order to push me to spend 10x what I currently spend to make it work – nice huh! So sorry to those users that are fed up with how it works right now.

The pre-apology is because a few things could get quirky around here while I move it – TADA! – to a new solution. Hopefully it will be online by the weekend and will work 🙂

Apology mode over!

And now, from The PourA bargain at half the price

volnay – finally on the map!

By billn on January 27, 2010 #site updates

Map of VolnayWithin these pages, the ‘Map Resource‘ is one of most people’s favourite stopping-off points. It’s far from perfect of-course, but I cannot for a moment complain of the munificence of Kobrand for supplying me with their maps, and since way-back in 2004 too.

Those maps clearly needed a little work to be of publication quality, but c’est la vie… Clearly there were a number of gaps too, Fixin, Premeaux-Prissey, Volnay etc., but – tada! – a kind reader who wishes to remain anonymous (probably so their employer remains oblivious 😉 ) has donated a map in the same style that covers Volnay.

A big ‘thanks‘ to them – and from all of us I suspect!

a lazy toad…

By billn on December 01, 2009 #site updates

A couple of thousand people on this site’s mailing-list got this today. Only one of the replies called me a lazy toad! 😉

Dear Friends,

A quick email to say that there will be no ‘Autumn Burgundy Report’ for you this week – no I haven’t given up – not yet anyway!

One missed appointment and one cancelled trip, maybe due to flu, has left me with something that I would be embarassed to call a report.

However, early next week I should meet with Aubert, Maurice and Philippe and they will make the difference, and I suppose that it’s still Autumn if the report is published before the 21st of December!

In the meantime, as many have already asked me, please find below a link to my annual ‘Vintage Viewpoint’. Just a little something to keep you going another two weeks…

A Vintage Viewpoint

Thanks & cheers

abbreviation of content plus the high cost of false attribution

By billn on November 17, 2009 #site updates#the market

No bottles to open as I’m trying to rid myself of this damn cold, it also curtailed my domaine visit plans for the end of last week. So the net result is that the Autumn Report will be abbreviated versus my plan A – 120 2007 tasting notes from 2 tastings are missing, and also 2 domaines. At least I will could reschedule the visits for December, but too late for the ‘waiting’ report. That said I’ve no excuse but to ‘crack on’ and finish it – perhaps by the end of next week…

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m…
In a twist to that ‘personal ethics’ tale. I really do have the impression that wine writer Martin Isark earns as much from his legal activities, as he does from ‘wine writing’ – that said – and whilst the initial sum discussed sounds silly, what price can you put your reputation? Unlike (apparently) Matt Skinner / his publishers, Isark, really doesn’t like the wrong attribution of his work, though the Decanter story is less than clear, I can only assume the words ‘incredible value’ were clearly attributed to Isark, otherwise there can be no case to answer. Otherwise I will sue everyone who says ‘Rebuy – Yes’ (or no, or maybe!!) 😉

site tidying…

By billn on September 30, 2009 #site updates

discovering burgundyPart of the long-term updating of the site is to bring more and more of the content under the site (content) management tool. As per my previous note, the transfer of the ‘reports’ keeps moving at its snail pace of progress. Today 2003, much of 2004 plus 2007/8/9 reports are now ‘migrated’ (done!).

Yesterday I made a similar move with the ‘reference’ section that’s titled ‘discovering burgundy’ – it’s now here. I filled in a couple of the holes, but the content is largely as before – so what benefits? Well the benefits are all mine – if I add a new page in a particular section, all the others are updated automatically – I don’t need to adjust 25 pages to reflect the addition. I think they call it progress!


By billn on August 19, 2009 #site updates

The (possibly) long process of updating the site with the 20th century in mind has started. 😉
The Spring 2003 Burgundy Report has now been brought from it’s discrete collection of little files, under the wing of ‘the publishing system’. I find it interesting to look back at those ‘pokey’ images – they couldn’t have been much bigger as 800 pixel screen widths was the norm!
It will take (perhaps) one week per issue to finally take control of those 2003-2006 issues and their jumble of files – without resizing the images – so should be completed by Christmas!

site updates…

By billn on August 05, 2009 #site updates


Some changes may be obvious, others less-so. I’ve updated the database for the NoteFinder, so 2,800+ notes are now available; of which over 600 are from the 2007/2006 vintages. Performance should have improved too – it was more than a bit flaky of recent – but it turned out to be because of so many ‘concurrent users’ soaking up the available RAM – or some such. Anyway, apparently I have more rams now!

More obvious is the new design – looks not perfect in IExplorer 6, but the 12% of visitors will have to suffer for a better view for the 88%. As previously mentioned, unlike me, it is much cleverer under the skin than before. Currently it mostly works too! I shall be ironing out the odd hiccup over the next days.

Burgundy Report

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