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updating and a selection of bottles…

By billn on November 21, 2010 #degustation#site updates

david-clark-2008-bourgogneVarious things:

I’ve just done what I suppose will be a roughly annual updating of my Burgundy Vintage Chart, it slightly preempts the Autumn Burgundy Report which should be online by the end of next week (should be!).

As mentioned, you’re having to wait for the Autumn report because I have too many things – I will have to do some culling to make everything fit!

I’ve also updated the cuvée information at the end of the Hospices profile; much had changed since 2005.

The last days have seen some tasty wine, but not in situations for studied note-taking: Friday evening with friends majored on spicy food, so we stayed with white wines; some fizz, an 07 Alsace Riesling GC, Mischief & Mayhem’s 2007 Puligny (which is now singing) and finally Pierre Morey’s 2006 Meursault Perrières whose extra distinguishing features were a touch more silk and extra mid-palate width. The last days have also seen a couple of bottles from Domain David Clark – both 2008 bourgognes – the Passetoutgrains and Bourgogne Au Pelson. It was actually the Passetoutgrains that had a bit more mid-palate guts, the Pelson is an altogether smoother beast. Both very good and rebuys.

As I take stock, I note that from my case of Dublère 08 Bourgogne Blanc (Millerandes) there are only 4 bottles left – lucky I’m back in the Côtes in 10 days!

rss feed change – again – sorry…

By billn on July 22, 2010 #site updates


Another attack of techy-itis – hopefully the last. The above is the new feed location for this journal. I’m sorry for any inconvenience to your feed readers…

rss / atom – note to update your feed…

By billn on May 12, 2010 #site updates

Just a short note that a few people were missing the feed from recent posts in their RSS reader. It’s a function of the recent site update, so you will now need to point your ‘reader’ to the following new url:



live links – dead links…

By billn on April 30, 2010 #site updates

If anyone’s having problems – sorry.

The whole site was re-linked (with redirections) overnight. The site will be easier to manage but you might experince quite a lot of dead links if you’ve bookmarked any particular pages – just so you know. The NoteFinder is today’s biggest casualty – hopefully back later today…

burgundy forum

By billn on April 29, 2010 #forum#site updates

Burgundy Forum is here.

I made a forum – I have to say, it was surprisingly painless to install.

What won’t be painless, and will most likely take at least a week of part-time fiddling, will be my attempts to make it look like it fits to the site, rather than some techie add-on.

Have fun, and note that there’s only one rule – be civil!

Domaine names?

I am warned from overseas today:

Following are all the domain names and internet Keyword which are submitted by Matua company:
1. Domain names:
2. Internet Keyword:

However, I can block them if I wish (it’s a small time window of-course) by buying them all myself…..

fooey fuées!

By billn on April 23, 2010 #degustation#site updates

Lots of Chambolle 1er Les Fuées with Jacky Rigaux last night – while the site was looking a bit odd after the server change – if odd for half a day is all I have to put up with, that’s fine!

Back to the Fuées; when I say lots, it was ‘only’ ten wines. If I add a few more it could be the basis of (okay, I’ll say it before you do – the ‘padding’ for) a vineyard profile – hmm – perhaps in the Autumn Burgundy Report, Summer is already booked 😉 Of note, there were 2 wines from the 2004 vintage and let me just say, you didn’t need sight of the label to guess the vintage!

hoping the sky doesn’t fall in!

By billn on April 19, 2010 #asides#site updates

In the next few days the whole of this site will be moving to another server. I’m quite sure that this is a tried and tested process and that nothing can go wrong. That said, this is my last entry until all is done – 2 days, 3 days or the sky falling in – we will see.

Signing off – hopefully for a short time….

louis jadot 1999 beaune 1er les theurons

By billn on April 14, 2010 #degustation#site updates

Just a short not to say that the Spring 2010 Burgundy Report (already the 8th!) will be up-and-running tomorrow. Well in excess of 300 notes from real bottles, interspersed with stunning (i.e. not written by me!) articles – coming soon! 🙂

I have only one complaint related to this wine – why do Jadot say Theurons, when almost everybody-else say Teurons?! (walks away with Gallic shrug…)

1999 Louis Jadot, Beaune 1er Les Theurons
Medium, medium-plus colour – and quite young looking colour at that! The nose has minerality, tar and eventually candied red berries. Real intensity and mouth-watering acidity define the wine today, yet there is a hint of fat before the acidity takes over and dissuades you from chewing to inspect the tannin! Long, mineral flavours with and edge of sweetness. Drinkable but très young!
Rebuy – Yes


By billn on April 09, 2010 #p.ox#site updates

Like a duck paddling away below the surface I’m trying to give the impression of everything being serene above the waist. The fact is the next Burgundy Report (already the 8th year!) is coming together in a much more orderly/timely fashion than usual – in fact you will only have to wait until the 15th because I’ve requested some stuff from external parties, and that’s their deadline – I suppose if they deliver it early you can have it early too 🙂

I’ve been going through a bit of a white clear-out phase, and didn’t want to subject you to the same notes every week, but during the last 6 weeks I’ve managed to go through the following, only some of which have been mentioned in the diary:

  • 1999 G. Roulot, Bourgogne (1) – oxidised
  • 1999 Morey-Blanc Meursault (1) – oxidised
  • 2000 A. Guyon, Corton-Charlemagne (1) – oxidised
  • 2000 Méo-Camuzet, Clos St.Philibert (2) – fine
  • 2001 Méo-Camuzet, Clos St.Philibert (2) – fine
  • 2001 Leflaive, Bourgogne (1) – fine
  • 2001 Chât.Puligny, Puligny Folatières (1) – ‘okay’
  • 2001 W. Fevre, Chablis Les Clos (3) – fine
  • 2002 W. Fevre, Chablis Les Clos (3) – fine
  • 2002 W. Fevre, Chablis Bougrots (1) – oxidised
  • 2002 Bouchard Père, Meursault Perrières (1) – oxidised
  • 2002 A. Guyon, Corton-Charlemagne (2) – part oxidised
  • 2005 Bouchard Père, Chablis Bougrots (2) – fine
  • 2005 F&D Clair, St.Aubin Dents du Chien (1) – fine
  • 2005 Marc Morey Chassagne Morgeot (1) – fine
  • 2006 Pierre Morey, Meursault Perrières (1) – fine
  • 2006 Alex Gambal, Bourgogne Blanc (3) – fine

So 8 oxidised from 27 – but that’s too charitable I think, as I included some young wines. If we look at 2002 and older it’s 8 from 19…

Moving swiftly on, here’s an article about Faiveley that was published last weekend….

Burgundy Report

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