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By billn on March 09, 2012 #site updates

Some might call it laziness – I can cope with that! But I’ve finally started to catch up on a backlog of notes dating as far back as December 2010, in-fact, I’d added nothing at all to my NoteFinder page in 2011!
Anyway in the last 2 weeks I’ve added about 700 notes, many from the 08/09 vintages, but as usual only those wines that were ether bottled, or already assembled in tank for bottling – no barrel samples. I’ve still about another 2-300 to go, then I might start typing the Spring BR… 😉

saturday links…

By billn on January 28, 2012 #other sites#site updates

Hot from the presses this weekend:

Thinking about listing links like those above, you may, or may not, be interested in how some people end up here, or hereabouts.

To the right is a summary of last year’s referrals (links) to this site. If you were to drill down on the ‘search engines’ you see what an effective monopoly of searches Google has; Yahoo and Bing combined reach a measly total of about 2,500 views. Twitter, despite media-darling status, was way down the list with 308 views. Maybe I should consider using it more – but then I never was much of a ‘pusher’!

annual update – burgundy vintage chart – now includes 2010 view…

By billn on November 23, 2011 #site updates

There are few movers, just the worst of 2008 and 2009 plus the average 2009 go down one point. 2010 is added but in brackets as the wines are not finished and delivered – those points awarded will be unchanged until this time next year.

As always – the broadest of brushes…


a few site updates…

By billn on October 04, 2011 #site updates

I must admit that after nearly nine years, this site is getting hard to keep up with – there are many pages, begun with the best of intentions, that need maintaining. Three I finally got around to are the following:

Discovering Burgundy:

Actually that last one was more like copying, pasting and slightly tidying the list that I put together about 2004-2005 – a few things have moved on since then! If you see some new producer websites, feel free to let me know – or comment on that specific page.


meaningless millions…

By billn on September 16, 2011 #site updates

How can I be so proud? It’s frankly meaningless given that the site has been up and running since the end of 2002, yet having installed webstats at the end of 2009, I can’t help but feel a pang of pride as, yesterday, we pass the one-million mark. I suppose a little over half a million per year is not so bad…

time for new wines for a new year…

By billn on January 04, 2011 #other sites#site updates#the market

76-richebourgAh it’s January and a young wine-buyer’s thoughts turn to en-primeur!

Well that’s the case for anyone with an association with the UK market, which seems to have retained its relative importance despite (just like the US) buying very little of the 2007 and 2008 vintages – or has it? – I wonder if merchant’s allocations are quite at the same level as before. I’m not sure you’d find anyone who would admit it even if it was the case.

Anyway, on Friday I’ll post a link to some EP offers that are already available – the first tastings are already starting next week.

At home I’ve started the year drowning under the weight of things I have to write and things I’ve not yet read (Manzanilla – Fielden & Hidalgo, Burgundy: Vines and Wines – Arlott, Fielden, Grandi Vini – Joseph Bastianich, Our Kind of Traitor – J le Carré, The Finkler Question – Howard Jacobson, A history of modern Britain – Andrew Marr, Burgundy (French Regional Guides) – Arthur Eperon, Burgundy – J.E. Flower, Burgundy – Ian Dunlop, White Burgundy – Fielden, Country Wines of Burgundy and Beaujolais – Patrick Delaforce, Wonderful Burgundy – Bazin and five unread issues of Granta!), at least (above) there are some new bottles to help me with the drowning!

One thing I did already find time to read: Why do your barrels smell?

A little 2010 site info: Rather surprisingly, everything associated with this site continues on an upward trajectory; the telephone-book numbers for 2010 were: 448,730 visitors to the wordpress generated pages (90% of this site), the busiest day bringing 7,320 people (Autumn report day). Over 800 comments were written, though (more than) balancing those were just over 30,000 spam comments in just one year! As I type this there are 774 in the filter (15 days worth) – I long since gave up checking the contents of the filter for miss-classified comments as there wasn’t enough time in the day! If you think you wrote something that fell into a black hole let me know, but I can’t resurrect anything more than 15 days old. By popular demand the forum came into being at the end of April – its use almost slowed to a halt in December but there seems a January flourish! The forum anyway has 200 registered users and 960 posts in about 8 months. Enough puffery I say, what about wine?!!!

Well, I’m sitting drinking F et D Clair’s 2005 St.Aubin Dents du Chien and everything seems okay – despite reports of rampant p.ox in 2005s – everything is in order with this bottle, at least.

Wishing you all the best for 2011…

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