Autumn 2012

Random Ruminations…

A Vintage Viewpoint
My updated annual review of recent vintages: 2012, 2011 & 2010…
Les Maranges
An introduction to ‘Maranges’ and its vineyards
Syndicat de Gevrey 2011
59 wines tasted: Villages, 1ers and Grand Crus
Catching up with Antoine
The 2011s of Antoine Olivier

Japano/Deutsch/Burgundy hybrid
Domaine Chevrot
‘The DRC’ of Maranges
Contat-Grangé & Edmond Monnot
Also from Maranges
Le Grappin & Henri De Villamont
Two sizes of Savigny
J-M Vincent & David Moreau
Brilliant Santenay
Domaine Pavelot
Complex, powerful Pernand

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest
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