a quiet night among the books…

By billn on March 22, 2016 #degustation#events

Just a quiet evening among the books of Athenaeum in Beaune tonight. Fred Ménager was cooking (with his team) plus multiple bottles of 2008, mainly in magnum, from Christian Clerget, Jean-Jacques Confuron, Vincent Dureuil-Janthial, Michel Lafarge, Hubert Lamy, Jean Louis et Andrée Trapet, Tollot-Beaut, Vitteaut-Alberti and Guiseppe-Rinaldi.

The wines were some thing of a free-for-all both before and during dinner – my iPad was never opened – these few pics, were the best I could come up with, and for a whole evening’s work, too! Sorry 😉

a tasting audience…

By billn on March 22, 2016 #degustation#events

Some of the people watching us taste yesterday evening:

Notes will follow in the March report, unfortunately it was mainly the reds as I started to get some tooth sensitivity – still, a trio of Bâtards to finish was something of a balm…

week(end) 11 – a tasty wine selection (part 2)…

By billn on March 21, 2016 #degustation#events


I suppose you could call this a warm-up for the ‘Grands Jours’, that week of tastings every two years, where it is literally impossible to attend every ‘session’ that you are either invited to, or have subscribed for!

Having decided to miss the Nuits St.Georges half-marathon, the associated tasting in Nuits and the auction of the Hospices de Nuits – the Nuits-a-thon(!) – I decided, instead, to try a Chablis-a-thon!

Three presenters, in various degrees of focus - by midnight, the focus was reversed ;-)
Three presenters, in various degrees of focus – by midnight, the focus was reversed 😉
The Sunday night before the Chablis tastings, Laroche decided to put together a tasting to discuss minerality – plenty of wines to be tasted – some more ‘mineral’ than others. there were contributions from Grégory Viennois of Laroche, David Croix showing wines from both Camille Giroud and Domaine des Croix, plus Stéphane Derenoncourt who came from somewhere called Saint Emillion.

Plenty of wines and lots if discussion (which will be in March’s report) was followed by dinner and lots of lovely wines. To add to those dinner wines above were 2011 Chassagne 1er Vergers, 2011 Corton-Charlemagne, 2010 Corton Clos de la Vigne aux Saint, 2010 Le Chambertin and 2005 Latricières from Mr Croix, 2008 Clos Fourtet and 2008 Pavie Macquin from Stéphane, and probably others that I was ‘too tired’ to remember. Great discussion, great wines and a really fine audience and audience participation.

Day 1 of the Grands Jours started with Chablis – the 2014s of 9 new producers (to me) was enough for me – packed as it was – the lunch buffet was clearly a bridge too far – 993 visitors and 136 exhibitors all trying to eat at the same time! Tonight there’s an evening a tasting of various producers in the Hôtel Dieu – now that doesn’t seem so hard does it? I’ve even managed 25 minutes jogging and a shower (luckily for the other people!) before I leave the apartment for that tasting.

Wish me luck….!

burgundian half-marathons…

By billn on March 17, 2016 #events


Above, some (light!) preparation for Saturday’s half-marathon from Nuits St.Georges. In front is Romanée St.Vivant. The wall on the left is that of Romanée-Conti…

I didn’t feel the need to prove myself in this one, having been well beaten by Boris Champy, and pipped by Frederic Barnier in the last one – it’s better for me to concentrate on the training 😉

made it…

By billn on November 14, 2015 #events


Multiple massages and heat patches just about did the trick – save for the (should know better) sprint for the line. I was in shape to do 5 minutes faster, but made a conservative start. A super day – and lots of emotion on the start-line as everyone belted out La Marseillaise…

tada! lights, action…

By billn on November 13, 2015 #events

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Christmas has come a little too early for Beaune, but the Christmas lights (which went up, around town, in October) were switched on tonight!

Of-course, today is the first day of the ‘Les Trois Glorieuses’ – the weekend that marks the auction of the Hospices de Beaune:

a viennese weekend…

By billn on October 05, 2015 #degustation#events#picture gallery

All quiet here over the weekend, but that was because I had to see some horses, some blue sky and a brilliant range of 1985 (mainly) grand crus.
Cheers! 😉

relocation, muscle ache and 99 volnay (as a starting point…)

By billn on June 27, 2015 #events#travels in burgundy 2015


It was a quiet week in this Diary – eh?

Not so for me, in general, the above was my transport for part of the week. Full-power house-moving this week, and the refrigerated truck was just for my wine relocation. Although all my wine would have (just about!) fit into the truck, apparently I was not allowed to fill it with more than 1.5 tonnes – so I had to split the journeys. One trip to Bern and another slightly bigger parcel for a trip the Beaune – and fortunately no complications by customs/douane/zoll along the way – phew!

Did I say phew? Maybe phew what a scorcher – and getting warmer every day. I did note one design fault on my truck – yes climate control for the load, but no air-conditioning in the cab – oh-well only 3+ hours to Beaune with a coffee stop!!!

I can honestly say that I had a few aches afterwards – one case at a time (I’m something of a weakling) up the stairs from the cellar, up the steps into the truck, then back down the stairs for the next. Then reversed for the offload – fortunately in Beaune, the ‘reception’ was a little more professional – two palets piled impressively high, wrapped in saran and then transported to the cellar by forklift followed by lift – I gave thanks…

Friday was about catching up with a the wall of email, and today, Saturday is a very relaxing day – almost without muscle pain! Tonight the there is there is the dinner of the ‘Elegance de Volnay‘ the weather is warm with a medium breeze, but fortunately, unlike last year, all is calm…

I’ve two 99s lined-up to take to the dinner, I’ve just opened them and they seem fine; Potel’s 99 Clos des Chênes and d’Angerville’s Clos des Ducs. I’m anticipating ‘YUM!’

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