a little st.vincent action

By billn on January 27, 2018 #events

No rain!

As Matt in a previous comment noted, very well organised, and it seems to me that the idea of having a concert with 300(+) people collected together in one place was good for keeping the streets just a little more ‘navigable.’ Apparently the organisors had problems with some people complaining that there was no red wine – presumably that would be the same people, who towards the end, were walking in (approximate) straight lines and who were ‘interacting’ with some of the displays 🙂

Already looking forward to the St.Vincent 2019 in Vezelay!

st.vincent – st.veran – 2018 27-28 january

By billn on January 26, 2018 #events

If you are going to the St.Vincent for St.Veran tomorrow – in Prissey – you actually may not need an umbrella!

The Château du Clos de Vougeot has an exhibition of all the posters – the first poster was done in 1971 – but if you can’t make it, here they are in ‘micro-format!

tastevinage – version 100

By billn on September 20, 2017 #events#the market

The images for this post were stolen from the website of

Next week I’ll be attending the 100th edition of Tastevinage tasting in the Château du Clos de Vougeot – as a little background, here’s what I previously learned and wrote about the Tastevinage tastings.

The twice-yearly tastings have been organized since 1950, but for the 100th edition, the organisers are trying add a little extra interest for the millennial generation.

The underlying question “Would you recommend this burgundy to a friend?” remains unchanged, but there is a more ‘modern’ approach to the labeling, and instead of the usual Coups de Coeurs – i.e. the wines liked unanimously by the table of tasters – will henceforth become, more internationally, the Majors – “And their should be not much more than 25 per session” notes Arnaud Orsel of the organising committee.

So, on the face of it, just a little tinkering – as the concept seems to work well in practice. The most interesting ‘change’ will be novel new tasting glasses – apparently specially designed for the tasting of burgundy wines – specially to cover both the reds, whites and crĂ©mants that are part of this tasting. You will even be able to buy the glasses at the shop in the Château du Clos de Vougeot – I’ll report back on what I think of them.

And, perhaps, in a nod to the general market aspirations of Burgundy, Jeannie Cho Lee will be the president of the day for this tasting number 100.

a world of difference…

By billn on May 07, 2017 #degustation#events#travels in burgundy 2017

What a lovely day Friday was, but how definitely un-lovely the rest of the weekend in the CĂ´te d’Or was!

Friday I had lots to do, but late afternoon it was possible to get out for a walk in the vines and the old town of Meursault – and not one piece of Panatone from the Petite Vadrouille passed my lips!

Saturday (& Sunday, mainly) was a different kettle of fish – and pity the poor vignerons of Savigny-lès-Beaune who had their weekend of ‘open-doors‘ – a few of us hardy souls braved the rain, but 2 hours was more than enough, even with umbrellas – everything was wet!

In that time we managed to take in the Chenu sisters, the sisters of Domaine de Serrigny, Hugues Pavelot and Henri de Villamont – with strikingly different results – noting that I had a head-cold so no notes, but all our (4!) palates were generally aligned. We all like the Chenu sisters’ wines the most – 2015s – the Savigny blanc tasted more like a Bourgogne Blanc but a fresh and tasty Bourgogne – the 2015 red Savignys were lovely – Les Clous was most of our favourites, probably followed a super and typique Lavières. The Talmettes was delicious and very elegant if a much lighter impact wine – we all bought bits and pieces!

Onto the sisters of Domaine de Serrigny; a small range on show with a couple of villages level 2015s and some 2014s, even a CĂ´te de Nuits Villages from Corgoloin which was lovely, as was the Savigny Blanc here – it had much more about it than the Chenu wine. The trip to the cellar of Hugues Pavelot was something of a disappointment – maybe it was the choice of wines – perhaps things that they had more of in the cellar and were looking to sell off? Anyway, not much to write home (or to you!) about.

Lastly we dropped in on Henri de Villamont – probably with the sole hope that they might be showing their 4 domaine Chambolles! In the end we got two white Savignys and two red, plus they found a couple of 11s in the tasting cabinet – a Chambolle and a Mazis. Of the Savignys – in both cases it was the domaine’s Savigny 1er monopole Clos des Guettes which was the best – both red and white were forward, sweet, brassy wines with a lot of oak make-up – but highly drinkable. The two 11s I wouldn’t recommend to anyone – then again, I don’t know how long those bottles had been open.

That was it – 2 hours – very wet, time to go home for a hot shower. Dinner in the evening was our first visit to Beaune’s ‘La Superb‘ restaurant, sat right in front of the brusque chef as he cooked. I hated my desert, but really enjoyed the rest – I’d definitely go back!

virĂ©-clessĂ© celebrates its 19th spring ‘open-doors’

By billn on March 31, 2017 #degustation#events

If you find yourself with nothing to do over the Easter weekend – and are in easy traveling distance of VirĂ©-ClessĂ© – why not?

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April 2017, from 10h00 to 19h00, visitors can taste the wines of producers in VirĂ©-ClessĂ© in 29 cellars spread over the villages of VirĂ© and ClessĂ©. ‘Entry’ is €7 with the usual free tasting glass for the event plus a draw to win €1,250 worth of wine.


Mercurey – Saint Vincent – 28-29 Januray

By billn on January 09, 2017 #events

It’s getting closer and closer – the Saint Vincent in Mercurey, that is – and let’s not forget its co-host, Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu! Don’t forget to save the date!

Unfortunately (and typically!) I can’t attend, I’m already too much in France in January and February, but I’m hoping that it runs well and everyone enjoys better weather than was the case in Irancy last January.

Still, the team at Bourgogne Aujourd’hui have put together a really useful Mercurey spotlight for their up-coming issue, including appellation info, Saint Vincent info, a very complex ‘soil map’ of the appellation, and notes from tasting various crus – which you can read/see here (it is in French).

For more information from the organisers, including the programme (et-cetera) you can visit their website here.

o leflaive with pousse d’or & d duband – hospices weekend dinners

By billn on October 28, 2016 #diary dates#events

If you are ‘in town’ for the Hospices weekend, then this really looks not bad; good food and some proper wine…

Full infos here.


188 tastevinage wines for you…

By billn on March 23, 2016 #degustation#events

tastevinThe Spring tasting of the Tastevinage was done in the Clos de Vougeot last week.

For those of you with an interest, here is a list of the 188 wines chosen, from the 565 which were presented, that are now allowed to wear the tastevinage label. Lots of great 2014s from the Mâconnais and Chablis, even Cremant included…

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