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tonnerre and a hole?

By billn on August 07, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020

Fosse Dionne Tonnerre week 33 2020

After a Chablis lunch this week in Les Trois Bourgeons – originally a sort of sister establishment to Au Fils du Zinc – we decided to take in the big blue-green hole of Tonnerre, better known as the Fosse Dionne:

Tonnerre, depending on your perspective, sits majestically within an amphitheatre of hills – one side full of vines – or alternatively, you could say that it sits in a hole.

Much larger than Chablis and described as a small city of character by the local tourist office (which was closed!) I have to say that the old town has a wonderful collection of 17-19th century architecture with two great gothic churches, Saint Peter’s at the top of the hill being particularly impressive. Sadly, much of this old part of the town is unoccupied and in a terrible state of repair. There are so many wonderful buildings that you might consider as renovation projects, except that it’s likely that your neighbour’s house will fall down before you are finished – taking yours with it!

The fosse is indeed worth a visit – it’s only 15 minutes from Chablis so ‘why not?!‘ But the old town of Tonnerre is currently something of a hole itself – I left feeling sad for the place…


Of-course, there was some Chablis too:

visits week 30 2020

By billn on July 24, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020#vintage 2020

week 30 2020 puligny vignerons

My thanks to the vignerons who hosted me this week – all important producers of Puligny-Montrachet – if not all based in Puligny!

Versus last week, the water leak in the Beaune apartment is fixed – but more work is required – though I’m not sure when as it looks like there will be a small ‘vigneron vacation‘ pause in my visits.

a littlle puligny, beaune & pommard today…

By billn on July 22, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020

Walking around Puligny this morning and jogging around Beaune and Pommard this evening:

visits week 29 2020

By billn on July 17, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020

visits week 29 2020

My thanks to the vigneron(ne)s who hosted me this week – all producers of Puligny-Montrachet – if not all based in Puligny!

My last appointments cancelled at short notice today due to a water leak in the apartment in Beaune – old apartments have such charm!

A few views:

my thanks to the vigneron(ne)s of puligny, week 28 2020

By billn on July 10, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020

Of-course not all based in Puligny, but all with vines in Puligny 🙂

My July report will be looking at the important vineyards of that village – many more visits to do over the next 2-3 weeks – but this week with the help of Jadot, Drouhin, Bouzereau, Terres de Velle and Sauzet…

Puligny - week 1

it’s warming up nicely!

By billn on July 07, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020#vintage 2020

Just a few pictures, taken today, from between Montrachet and Folatières in the commune of Puligny-Montrachet.

At 8 am I was happy to be wearing a sweatshirt – no-longer at 9 am. Almost 30° today and a couple of degrees warmer is possible in the next days…

week 27 2020 in Burgundy

By billn on July 03, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020

visits week 27 2020
My thanks to the vigneron(ne)s who hosted me this week – all of whom will be in the next Burgundy Report…

At this stage of the growing season, the growers are generally happy with their lot. They have had enough rain and the disease ‘pressure’ remains quite low. There seems plenty of crop – probably less than in 2018 as the number of grape-clusters per vine is more variable – but still plenty. This seems to be the consistent theme all the way from Chablis to Beaujolais.

In terms of the forthcoming (early!) harvest, most don’t seem to have a problem recruiting pickers – but with covid in mind, they are unsure how they will approach the lodging of, and their communal eating with, their harvest helpers…

And a few captioned images from the last 3 days – more next week:

a few pics from the côte de nuits today….

By billn on June 30, 2020 #travels in burgundy 2020

at last…

By billn on June 20, 2020 #degustation#picture gallery#reports#travels in burgundy 2020

domaines week number 21 2020

I’ve only missed 12 weeks of being able to visit producers, but to be honest, it has seemed longer.

My thanks – of course – to the domaines that had the time to see me this week – they will all be in my June report. I’m planning to be ‘en place‘ for a few days every other week, and there are always many more people worth paying a visit to!

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