Bond, James Bond…

By billn on September 19, 2003 #other sites

Ever wondered what James Bond drinks? Here’s a treasure-trove of information – where he drinks that half-bottle of ’53 Mouton Rothschild etc.

Towerblock Cellars

By billn on September 19, 2003 #other sites

Ever though of updating your cellar? Just think, if you made it over 12 metres tall from glass and stainless steel, you’d have to throw away all those cartons with only one bottle in, and probably the lids from wooden cases that you thought you might find a use for!

Sacrifice in Romanée-Conti

By billn on September 13, 2003 #vintage 2003

romanee-contiPlenty of domaines harvested in August but some left it until September.

By the 12th 99% of the producers have finished, but for the Grand Cru’s of Vosne-Romanée, most still have lots of fruit on the vine, plenty also on the floor – as above in Romanée-Conti.

The yields were pitiful with 2-3 small bunches per vine – and yet still whole bunches were sacrificed in the ‘nameplate’ vineyards.

The Heat of 2003

By billn on September 10, 2003 #vintage 2003

La TacheLooking across La Tâche 25.07.2003

Already two months of close to 40°C and another month of the same still to endure – praying for a little rain?

Still it’s a little cooler as we start September, but most vineyards are already cleared.

It seems that some vineyards have problems; the increasing sugars and decreasing acidity are usually a sign to begin harvesting – but the phenolics were still unripe. Many still harvested as they believed that no acidity would be left.

It will be – for sure – a fascinating vintage and certainly one to remember, though, despite the skills to be found in many domaines (where doubtless some superb wines will appear) I expect this to be a very heterogenous millesime . . . . .

Terry Thiese

By billn on September 09, 2003 #other sites

I cannot lie, Terry Thiese was a new name to me when I came across his work this week. An ardent terroiriste he writes with wit verve and for me the occasional bolt of blinding clarity. Do yourself a favour and check out some of his work.

Oaky Wine & En Primeur

By billn on September 08, 2003 #degustation

lambraysJust in case you didn’t know, there’s a big problem with en-primeur tastings;

Back in January 2002 the 2000 Grand Cru of Clos des Lambrays really stood out for me at a tasting organised by the UK merchant Howard Ripley.

The problem is that the wines are sometimes not representitive of what eventually gets bottled. I drank a bottle of the retail ‘version’ this week and despite lovely fruit, the palate is like chewing wood – very disappointed – this will probably be affecting the wine in 10 years time – Given that there’s a 6-pack in storage, I hope this is just an isolated batch…

The New France

By billn on September 06, 2003 #books, maps, magazines, films even podcasts!#other sites

jefford new france
Can one vineyard consistently produce wine of a different quality or expression despite being separated by no more than a small dirt road?

It is the basis of the French A.O.C system and the clarion call of the ‘terroiristes’.

There are those who find this (very) frankly an unsatisfactory and even worse a completely unscientific explanation of the phenomenon – if indeed there is such a phenomenon.

Although starting on the (almost) completely different subject of reviewing Andrew Jefford’s super new book ‘The New France’ here in this thread a wonderfull display of entrenched positions emerge.

New Website…

By billn on September 02, 2003 #other sites

Nicolas Potel’s first website had a touch of the ‘off the shelf’ about it, but this new one looks a lot smarter. Hopefully we will see plenty of updates!

free lunch?

By billn on August 30, 2003 #other sites

Can there ever be such a thing as a free lunch? Well Tom Stevenson’s superb and completely free 2003 Champagne & Sparkling Wine Guide at 228 pages seems hard to argue with.

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