2005 lignier-michelot bourgogne

By billn on June 03, 2007 #degustation

lignier-michelot bourgogneThis cost a little less than one Euro more than the Arlaud, and for its character alone if your drinking now, it’s worth it – but if I’m honest, the Arlaud has a little more sophisticated texture and is certainly longer finishing.
2005 Domaine Lignier-Michelot, Bourgognetry to find this wine...
Medium-plus colour with plenty of purple. Very understated nose – very little to say for the first glass, but glass two shows black cherry and a lovely red berry note as it drains. The palate is quite full, nicely textured and has good acidity that rolls into the finish. There’s a nice little burst in the mid-palate before you feel the slight astringence of the tannin. Lots of character here and enjoyed from the start.
Rebuy – Yes

arlaud 2005 bourgogne roncevie

By billn on June 01, 2007 #degustation

arlaud bourgogne2005 Domaine Arlaud, Bourgogne La Roncevietry to find this wine...
Medium-plus colour with more than a hint of purple at the rim. The nose is (for me) disappointingly more like Beaujolais than pinot – for 60 minutes it’s completely unchanging. If the aromatics don’t really impress, I have to say the palate is a little more interesting: A narrow, lithe entry, quite some depth and dimension plus there’s lovely acidity pushing the finish rather long – probably too long for gamay. Overall I’m a little disappointed – the wine ‘only’ costs around €12 but tastes like a (almost good) €10 Beaujolais – I think it’s sourced from Gevrey vines but I get little sense of pinot, never mind Gevrey. In the interests of fairness I left some for day 2; it smells more like pinot – still understated, but almost good – it’s well crafted and there are no hard edges. Perhaps then, it will be more interesting in 2-3 years.
Rebuy – Maybe

chézeaux 2000 gevrey-chambertin

By billn on June 01, 2007 #degustation

2000 des Chézeaux, Gevrey-Chambertintry to find this wine...
Medium-pale ruby-red. The nose starts with a waft of sweet oak, 2 minutes later it’s gone, replaced by a forward and ripe mix of strawberry/raspberry against a developing, more tertiary background. Sweet and soft with a good intensity in the mid-palate, the slowly mouthwatering finish is not bad either. This is a medium-weight wine that’s relatively easy drinking and simple but very tasty – shows the friendly side of the vintage.
Rebuy – Yes

jaboulet-vercherre 96 beaune 1er clos de l’ecu

By billn on May 30, 2007 #degustation

jaboulet-vercherre beaune clos de l'ecu
This wine has wonderful packaging – Faiveley (who currently make this wine) will certainly not achieve the same level of interest – I expect, however, that the contents will be significantly improved, even if you don’t like the Faively style!
1996 Jaboulet-Vercherre, Beaune 1er Clos de l’Ecutry to find this wine...
Medium-pale ruby-red. The nose has a high-toned start with a little resinous/green background, slowly a little jammier depth comes through. The palate is a little thin, with tart acidity, mild tannin and a rather unripe finish – if you persevere, your palate adjusts a little and there is some apparent sweetness – but I wouldn’t recommend it. Is this the worst wine I’ve opened this year? – well there was that 96 Lamadon Echézeaux, but more on that another day – for now this has that dubious award.
Rebuy – No Way

jc boisset 2005 savigny 1er serpentière

By billn on May 29, 2007 #degustation

boisset 2005
2005 Jean-Claude Boisset, Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er La Serpentièretry to find this wine...
Deeply coloured with a purple rim. Wide and high-toned aromatics on opening, very slowly deepens with black cherry and a snip of cream. Lithe entry, expanding in the mid palate with perfect acidity. The well-covered tannin is quite silky. Finally the nose is of redcurrant with a twist of tobacco – very nice. It’s young but a little easier to drink than the 05 Hautes Jarrons and certainly more elegant, but I just tend more towards the personality of the Hautes Jarrons – from 2012+
Rebuy – Yes

96 hospices de beaune 1er nicolas rolin

By billn on May 27, 2007 #degustation

1996 Hospices de Beaune, Beaune 1er Cuvée Nicolas Rolintry to find this wine...
A Chanson Père bottling. Medium-plus colour. The nose is deep and forward but throughout most of our time together it was always a little uncouth – there was finally a pretty red fruit note to save it. The palate is much better; density, very good acidity, background tannin and rather long – though like many from 96 the flavour profile is just a little metallic. Quite tasty but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more.
Rebuy – No

1997 daniel rion NSG 1er vignes rondes

By billn on May 25, 2007 #degustation

daniel rion nuits1997 D Rion, Nuits St.Georges Vignes Rondestry to find this wine...
Medium-plus ruby-red. The nose starts with deep, musky oak, only very slowly does a lovely red berry note start to come through – actually it becomes very nice indeed.

The palate is lithe though concentrated and shows balanced acidity. The tannin is there but you must search hard to find it. The finish is long, but like the nose, rather oak driven and, hence, just a little bitter.

A good wine that is not at all easy to spot as a ’97 and needs at least another 3 years to start coming into maturity.

Rebuy – Yes

guy castagnier 97 clos de la roche

By billn on May 24, 2007 #degustation

guy castagnier
Hallelulia! I was beginning to fall out with Guy!

His wines are honest and tasty, never the nth degree of class or complexity – but always fulfilling that important question: Did you enjoy it? – yes. Last week I came home from travels and decided what better to recover than Guy’s 1999 Clos de la Roche – hmm – horribly corked! So last night after a hard couple of days I though; ‘okay the 1998’. First sniff was okay, second… cork., I swore under my breath!

So why not continue the sequence with 1997…

1997 Guy Castagnier, Clos de la Rochetry to find this wine...
Medium ruby-red colour with more than a passing shade of amber at the rim. The fresh nose has some lovely componets; high tones, coffee, sweet undergrowth, unfortunately they don’t really meld together in a particularly interesting way. The palate has more interest, starting with a narrow entry it opens nicely on the mid-palate and shows good intensity. The acidity sticks out a little but there is sweetness and a very impressive length. Overall there’s no real class here – it’s very drinkable despite the rough edges, but hardly a grand cru experience – at least it wasn’t corked!
Rebuy – No

jc boisset 2005 savigny 1er hauts jarrons

By billn on May 22, 2007 #degustation

boisset hautes jarrons
2005 Jean-Claude Boisset, Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Les Hauts Jarronstry to find this wine...
From 45 year-old vines. Frankly on opening this reminds more of shiraz than pinot – Clarendon Hills style – you can take that as a criticism. The colour is deep purple – only just see-thru. The nose starts deep and, well – shiraz like; some high tones and mineral with a faint sweet topping. The nose very slowly unfurls, first with black cherry then red berry fruit – now we’re talking – day 2 and it’s lovely. The palate is linear and intense but there’s no expansion in the mid-palate, rather a laser-like run for the finish making it almost ‘lean’. That finish is quite long and also a little mineral, but very understated. The texture is, however, textbook pinot noir with soft tannins underpinned with very good acidity. If the nose was a little more fruit-driven (day 1) and if the mid-palate was to fill-out a little, you could easily mistake it for Leroy. Note that other ‘JCB’ Savigny 1ers like Serpentières and Dominode are better still, yet all cost only about €16! Hard to drink today as this needs lots of time, but infinitely better, yet cheaper, than most ‘luxury’ bourgognes…
Rebuy – Yes

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