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beaujolais en primeur

Beaujolais En Primeur – And from a wine merchant to the Queen too.

For a region that has, for too long, been unfairly ignored this seems like something of a breakthrough. I well remember the first Burgundy En Primeur that BB&R ran – for the 1996 vintage – I bought two cases. Those were very different times, BB&R opting out of doing the same for the 1997s as they thought the quality of the vintage didn’t warrant the effort – nobody would dare to do (say!) that today!

But it’s also possible to be critical of their BJ offer:

– Only 13 options – at release.
– Only one domaine that’s actually from Beaujolais too – and Olivier Merlin excepted, all the rest are long-term suppliers to this merchant from the Côte d‘Or.

But you have to start somewhere, and maybe next year they will have a little more imagination!

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  1. weawines

    It’s good. There are many other merchants who promotes Beaujolais more actively!

  2. Mike Harper

    Boillot’s MaV Les Brusellions 2014 is currently offered by the Caveau at MaV for €15.4. So £105/case of 6 en primeur seems like quite a price hike for the 2016. Weather to blame, or greed, or efforts to talk up Beaujolais as a quality wine?

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