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By billn on June 01, 2021 #weekend stuff

Having received my second (Pfizer) covid jab on Saturday, I chose the option of discretion – so no wine and no jogging this weekend – I know, a whole 48 hours – it’s a bit of a shock(!) but I had no repercussions, so all good.

Yesterday I corrected both of those ommissions – in fact, I even ran twice – so normal service is resumed!

The last days in Bern allowed me to punctually (equally shocking, I know!) get my April 2021 report online yesterday and also gave me some chance to enjoy my garden. My two ‘Bern Vines’ look a little sorry for themselves this year – particularly the chardonnay – frost clipped buds near the stem but some semblance of growth wider on the canes. You may also know me as an iris ‘fancier,‘ but that does show some insight into the growth patterns of the different years; just like in Burgundy, their growth is at least 3 weeks behind 2020, and some cases closer to 4 weeks.

It looks like I may have only about a dozen different plants coming into flower this year but here are the first 6 of those – the last (blue with striations, bottom right) opened for the first time today, compared to the 9th May last year:

iris 2021

catching up!

By billn on April 08, 2019 #degustation#weekend stuff

Just a few weekend pics – in this case the Saturday market in Bern, not Beaune!

And then there was today – but in Beaujolais – BBB to be precise:

3 things to note from this weekend:

By billn on July 24, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017#weekend stuff

Fantasy Pricing #1
If in Gevrey, and if not taking a coffee at Jeanette’s, then I like to sit on the big sofas of the Rotisserie for drink. The drink prices are okay for such a place – but stay with the drinks. I ordered a couple of (disappointingly small) early-afternoon sweets to go with our drinks – small blueberry tarts with a little ice cream – though I should add that they were delicious. But the bill was €30! Yes, that’s right, €10 per plate of tiny desert. The daily menu here (one of my favourite restaurants, Chez Lucien) is less than €20. So be warned – don’t order the sweet unless you are the restaurant. Two pieces of (not much smaller) chocolate cake came gratis with last Thursday’s coffees! NB Two coffees and two glorious pâtisseries at Pâtisserie Fabien Berteau in Beaune cost about €15…

Fantasy Pricing #2
The new ‘domaine shop’ of Champy in Beaune is very nice – beautifully fineshed and just a stone-throw from the Hôtel Dieu. There are lots of well-priced wines here too – villages and Mâconnais wines mainly – and it’s a nice showcase for their new label design and of-course there are plenty of Domaine/Maison Laroche wines too. The prices of name wines is completely another thing though; €100 for Puligny Folatières, or (wait for it!) €315 for 2015 Mazis-Chambertin? I know that this wine is, year-in, year-out, their best wine, and I have to assume that they know the market pricing better than me, or rather what the market will bear, but €315 – really………(?)

Really, it seems that now is the time to say ‘Goodbye Bejot’
I know that today was a Sunday, so why shouldn’t Bejot’s old premises on the D974 look deserted(?) But a second glance reveals that all the signage has been removed – no single reference to Bejot remains…
(Bejot’s old news)

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