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NYT – best winebooks of 2014(?)


I’m guessing that editorial deadlines didn’t leave space for Jon Wyand’s ‘A Year in Corton’ – or maybe because the prose is in French – but the words are only a minor part of this book; a pictorial view of the producers and vines of that famous hill. Worth more than an honourable mention I think 😉

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  1. jonwyand

    Thanks for the mention Bill. The book is not published in the US so, despite the internet, neither the publishers or the press seem to be interested in it, although I doubt NT Times were even sent a copy. Being in French only is of course a problem. It will be available in Canada, 2 weeks after Christmas… If they sell rights in the US, we’ll be there next year I hope. Being 90% photos does not help in France it seems, the publishers seem reluctant to put me in the spotlight, that is reserved for the producers. Did I miss the books on Pontet-Canet, Latour and Cheval Blanc?

  2. Mark in Pernand

    Looking forward to my copy of your’s Jon for Xmas Day – to be a present from the In Laws ! Thereafter quiet afternoon in prospect leafing through – maybe with a glass or two of Corton-Charlemagne or Pernand Sous-Fretille 🙂

  3. jonwyand

    Thanks Mark, I have to say the vignerons seem happy with it but I’m nervously awaiting the reaction of the drinking public and the reviews. Hopefully they will go easy on “the Englishman in love with Burgundy”…. On verra

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