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offer of the day – clos du tart 2009

CLOS DE TART 2009 – Subscription

CLOS DE TART Grand Cru 2009 75cl 298.00 (Swiss francs)
CLOS DE TART Grand Cru 2009 150cl 626.00

In current circumstances this is too rich for my blood, but the valid question is: Given that this is cheaper than most Musignys, are you tempted?

On a related note, the first 2010 subscription offer came through the post las week, interesting pricing – more in the Spring Burgundy Report – hopfully sometime during the 1st week of April.

4 responses to “offer of the day – clos du tart 2009”

  1. Will


  2. stefano

    The Musigny of Prieur was “en primeur” for way less than that, but was sold out rather quickly. To answer your question: no I am not tempted. The last Clos de Tart I bought (2003) was about half that price… I would rather buy a nice Richebourg, for less than that. And as I like very much the Clos des Lambrays, that was my pick in 2009 for the Morey St Denis area (with some Clos de la Roche from Lignier-Michelot), for a fraction of the price of the Clos de Tart.
    Primeur 2010! Burgundy??

  3. Antoine

    Producer, producer! I have been told by Claude Kolm that he knew of some Bourgogne from top producers he would enjoy more than Grand crus from not so good producers!…and rightly so…

    …so I am glad for my financial sanity that I follow his advice and buy neither Musigny nor Clos de Tart…

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