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pixar / disney does wine

remyDisney, of all companies, are launching a wine and food range to coincide with their new film. I say “of all companies”, because wine was of-course banned from all their theme-parks! Anyway for their promotion for the new animation, the Pixar produced Ratatouille, they will market in the U.S., wine and food to match – it’s not clear if that’s a long-term commitment!

The film is the story of a kitchen rat (Remy!) in a Paris restaurant, a rat who dreams of becoming a top chef. To match they will market a ‘Ratatouille’ chardonnay – a 2004 white Burgundy from Château de Messey in the Mâconnais, available from August through Costco for ~$13.

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  1. James

    I think Disney’s position on wine has been changing significantly in recent years. I just returned from a week in Florida at Disney World and the Disney Cruise and was surprised to see wine and beer for sale on carts inside Epcot. And on the cruise my wife and I attended a wine tasting at the high-end Palo restaurant. The wines they selected for the tasting weren’t anything spectacular but their aim was to educate the participants and to that end they did a great job.

    Also, California Adventure offers wine tasting at a special area in the middle of the park. I believe this is a joint effort with Robert Mondavi. And, of course, Napa Rose is an incredible wine and food accomplishment for Disney. Sure it’s in one of their hotels adjacent to California Adventure (Grand Californian) and not inside the park but I think it’s an acknowledgment nevertheless of just how serious they are taking wine.


  2. Richard Brooks

    Entirely understandable. As markets fragment into more and more diversity, strong brands will be more and more important in guiding consumer choices. This is another force creating polarisation in the wine world, towards big brand mass market products at one end and high quality artisan products at the other, but with not much space in between.

  3. Burgundy-Report » disney drop the rat wine promotion

    […] Did I say something about committment? LOS ANGELES, July 28 (UPI) — Walt Disney Co. has shelved its plan to offer U.S. wine and rodent lovers a “Ratatouille Chardonnay” in honor of the star of its latest movie. […]

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