Travels in Burgundy 2018

a few pics from chablis last week…

By billn on January 22, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Holed up in rainy Bern until Friday, typing. But here a few images from (mainly) rainy Chablis last week:

week 3 2018’s ‘chablisesque rogues’ gallery

By billn on January 19, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Save for a few short hours this week, there has been little sunshine – but lots of rain! This week, on a few nights I’ve got home quite late from visits, with the imperative of going straight out jogging before I sit down – otherwise it would be too late! But on two of the nights the rain was so hard that I had to resort to typing reports! Pff! Okay it’s nearly the weekend – and back home and for a week too – the first time I’ve had that luxury this year – only the small matter of 500 kilometres in the car now…

Have a good one!

wet, wet, wet…

By billn on January 16, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Prehy, today…

No, not the crooning Scottish boy band – before Boy Bands were a ‘thing’ – but rather the weather.

December started in the vein of the winter of 2015/2016 – cold, frosty, there was even some snow. Since then there have been waves of wind, rain and warm-fronts. The weather has been much more typical of the run of recent vintages – rather too warm – typically 6-12°C with plenty of rain.

As far as the rain is concerned – despite the flooding of some small streets in Chablis and me having to negotiate the ragondins (coypu!) by night – this is probably a good thing given that the summers and autumns of the last couple of years have been very dry. The bad thing, of-course, is that the temperatures mean that the growth-cycle starts earlier – the Forsythia is in full bloom – there are bulbs pushing out from the soil – and we are only in mid-January. Not a great place to be in late April when, like the last two years, frost is a distinct possibility.

Still, the views between the squally rain-showers can be lovely – just like today…

week 2 2018’s ‘chablisesque rogues’ gallery

By billn on January 12, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

A fuller week this week – 23 visits – one pic comes twice – the grid has to be equal (tsk!) – so that’s more than half of my 60 already done. Another full week comes next week – but first recuperation in Bern!

Practically I saw almost 2 hours of sunlight this week – that was on Tuesday morning. I also met a ‘ragondin’ that was as big as dog – in the flooded backstreets of Chablis!

the last 3 days…

By billn on January 06, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

spot the difference

By billn on January 03, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

One day in Switzerland, the next (today) in deepest Chablis:

Burgundy Report

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