Travels in Burgundy 2018

gallery 2 of 3 – this week’s beaujolais visits…

By billn on February 16, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

My second gallery from 3 weeks of tasting 2016s in Beaujolais – the weekend now beckons, but I’m back to Morgon on Monday!

beaujolais – getting into the crus this week

By billn on February 14, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

 With obligatory shot of Mont Blanc, brilliantly visible on both Tuesday and Wednesday – this the best I could do with my 52 mm equivalent lens!

Fernand VerpoixA super first three days in Beaujolais this week. Of-course the weather has been alternately grey, then sunny, and then erupts with storms of snow – snowflakes bigger than a €2 coin – though it doesn’t stick around for too long – despite -4°C on Tuesday morning!

Of-course I was very sorry to hear yesterday of the death of Fernand Verpoix – pictured with his wife to the right in their Chapelle du Bois vineyard. He died just a little over two weeks ago, well into his 80s. I hadn’t planned to visit Fernand this year (I tasted his 2014s and 2015s and still have one or two bottles at home) because last year he told me that he was the only vigneron in Fleurie to declare no yield in 2016 because of the hail – 2017 wouldn’t have been much better for him. He was such a lovely man – I hope that his son and daughter find enough time to continue the domaine – all his equipment looked brand new – let’s see…

The week started with a little Morgon, moved to Brouilly and then filled a day and half in Fleurie. There’s more to come in Chénas, Juliénas and more Morgon on Thursday before I head back to Switzerland – then that’s already two of my three weeks here finished.

Here are a few views collected so far this week:

visits in beaujolais – week 6, 2018

By billn on February 11, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

My first week of three, looking at the 2016 vintage. The weather was largely cold and wet – but the welcome, as always, was warm…

a few more beaujolais pics – 9 feb, 2018

By billn on February 09, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Who would have thought it – some blue sky!

a few beaujolais pics – 5-8 feb, 2018

By billn on February 08, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

today I will mainly be doing gevrey…

By billn on February 01, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Highly variable weather today and a drop in temperature of more the 5°C – it’s damn cold in the wind now. The forecast is ‘maybe’ snow – the vignerons aren’t particularly excited by that – but they are very happy to see that there might be a few days with overnight temperatures as low as -6°C – they are happy about that! NIce to see that Faiveley have finished renovating the house in Les Issarts – it just needs an occupier now!

yesterday in gevrey, chambolle, morey – and venezuela (probably)

By billn on February 01, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018


By billn on January 31, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Rainy in Chablis on Monday, so despite 3 visits, only 1 pic. Those were the last of the visits for my 2016 Chablis (January) report – 60 domaines and still about 530 wines despite very low yields – online in about 3 weeks time. On Tuesday, in the Côte de Beaune, the weather wasn’t bad – until some rain about 5pm. Again 3 visits, but many more pics…

sunday afternoon – a stroll around beaune

By billn on January 28, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

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