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les grands jours – days 4 & 5

By billn on March 16, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

The last days of the Grands Jours. Thursday after ‘avoiding’ Mercurey, there was domaine visits in Volnay followed by an evening in Nuits St.Georges. Whilst Friday brought Vougeot, Gevrey and Marsannay. Marsannay is a Paulée to finish the week – I’m writing this before the Paulée! Interesting to see how many ‘punters’ took a chance today: 1,200 were registered for the Vosne tasting, but many more thought that they would try to get in – many, many were turned away at the door because the tiny ‘V’ was missing from their badges! We didn’t register for it – there is no joy in tasting with no elbow room…

We have one more visit in Gevrey on Saturday before heading back to Bern after 9 days in Burgundy. There will be plenty of typing next week, finishing-up my February ‘Beaujolais 2016’ report. Onwards!

driving, driving

By billn on March 15, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Driving rain today, also driving to Mercurey and back from Beaune – total time ~1 hour – but no Côte Chalonnaise tasting I’m sorry to say. The only available parking was miles away, and in that rain I was not going to be in the correct state to taste. I don’t think my note-taking iPad would have survived either – and it certainly wouldn’t have fit under my hat!

A shame, I was looking forward to finding some new names. Still, my afternoon and evening will offer plenty of exercise for my iPad!

grands jours – days 2 & 3

By billn on March 15, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Just so you know that there is life here!

Over 100 wines per day are passing my lips, and to be honest, my teeth are complaining. The extra sensodyne helps a little but also exacerbates the structure of reds – whites seem immune – so long as I realise that, and can factor it in, all is well.

The weather was fabulous yesterday – the first day of 2018 I jogged in shorts and t-shirt – it won’t last long, a) as it is pouring with rain today, and b) because temperatures are set to plummet and freeze again at the weekend. Oh well!

grands jours – 1er jour

By billn on March 12, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Most of Beaune decamped to Chablis today – sometimes with blue sky, other times with heavy rain and hail – just like in the Côte de Beaune yesterday.

Two years ago we enjoyed 26°C during this tasting- and the wines quickly became too warm. There was no worry about that today – temperatures were about 10°C. A big thumbs-up for the tasting glasses here – decent sized things from Schott-Zwiesel – I approved! Anyway I sought out a dozen names that I’ve never tasted or visited before, took lunch in Au Fils du Zinc and then tasted some Irancy. A good day. Tomorrow tastings in Santenay and Beaune!

a little (mainly) st.romain action today…

By billn on March 11, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

Having, first, dispatched the first mosquito of the year, the forecast wasn’t great for the afternoon – but we still had sun in the middle of the day – So we decided to take a chance and go for a walk in St.Romain. We couldn’t have calculated it better – the first drops of rain started to fall just as we got back to the car. Onward to Hotel Montrachet for mid-afternoon coffee – always to a back-drop of blackened skies, flashes of lightening and the sound of thunder. Kindly the heavy rain and hail waited until we were on the inside, looking out.

I’ve seen heavier rain in the Côtes, but not for a long time – the roads quickly flooded and there were intermittent power-cuts – everything was reset back at the apartment in Beaune. I may not jog!

new maps & saturday afternoon in the meursault sunshine

By billn on February 25, 2018 #books, maps, magazines & films#travels in burgundy 2018

I love these maps – and now there are even more of them!

To the right you can see the new ‘wider picture’ maps in the Beaujolais series, which now means that it’s a set of 19(!) – and they are all now in my greedy hands! This set now comes in a much more user-friendly A3 size – as opposed to the more cumbersome A2 (roughly) versions that were previously available – so now they will be much less expensive to frame. Actually, they are the perfect size for laminating and using as place-mats – though that means that I’d have to find 19 ‘friends!

[Edit] And you can actually buy them here.

The Siberian cold isn’t quite in the Côtes yet, but the wind still has some chill to it – we bumped into Dominique Lafon in Beaune’s market on Saturday and I asked him if he was happy with the cold snap, he answered “For the vines yes, but I’m damn cold – I’ve got a hat in my jacket pocket, that I should be wearing, but my girlfriend doesn’t like the look of it – so there you go!” Haha!

Anyway in the afternoon we took a walk around the hillside of Tessons (plus, plus) with its views towards the town of Meursault – I liked the light so took far too many very similar pictures! Enjoy!

gallery 3 of 3 – this week’s beaujolais visits…

By billn on February 23, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

It was getting chilly in Beaujolais this week – a few snowflakes but no rain – perfect for resetting the biological clocks of the vines – they had already been showing some signs of growth – so all good. Time now for a weekend in Beaune!

pics from tuesday and wednesday…

By billn on February 21, 2018 #travels in burgundy 2018

I might have posted a few more images this week, but with the ‘state’ of the wifi in my hotel, this post actually required 2 hours to engineer – so you may, or may not see anything more before Friday – let’s see how patient I can be!

Anyway, the light has been good this week, but each day it’s cooler and cooler. Today’s start with 0°C would be nothing if it weren’t for the cutting wind – but the forecast says than the region will get colder still, closer to -10°C by the middle of next week. I suppose my little red fingers might get to take a few properly frosted pics before I head to Beaune on Friday afternoon!

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