weekend wine – week 29 2017


Of-course there were others, etrangers, but I thought I’d concentrate on this one.

I bought a few of these at a Swiss auction a few years back – though I later stopped buying from the auction house concerned as there were too many ‘questionable’ bottles for sale. But this has always had GREAT potential – if, more often than not, unfulfilled potential! The first bottle was magnificent. The second bottle would have been magnificent – if it hadn’t been modestly corked. The third bottle showed bacterial spoilage – it was smelly and cloudy. This wine, if only for a modest amount of time, returned to the theme of greatness.

I’ve previously written about this wine and the Savour Club – apparently this Chapelle having been selected by Troisgros with a provenance from Damoy:

1991 Le Savour Club, Chapelle-Chambertin
Ouf! Gorgeous aromatics – perfect Côte de Nuits of the highest class – earthy, leafy, almost white mushroom too – but with that special ‘clean’ quality that separates the great from the good. Likewise in the mouth this zings across the palate with mega-complexity and fine acidity – I could ask for a hint more sweetness, but only that. It’s simply fabulous wine. But. In the glass after about half an hour the amplitude of everything is on a more moderate level and there’s just a suggestion that the wine isn’t any more perfectly clear. Now it’s only very enjoyable – as opposed to superb. It really looks like this particular bottling is fading – I must dig out those remaining (1 or 2?) bottles and wish them a fond farewell…
Rebuy – Maybe

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