monday in the côtes…


There was some snow at home when I left this morning, but the roads were clear. Plenty of snow about as I traversed eastern France though – particularly around Besançon – but afterwards it faded and everything became green.

I made a stop about 15 minutes from Beaune for a pain-au-raisin and a coffee and the snow suddenly started, but I didn’t think much about it, then I walked out of the services and all was white and I was surrounded by the 20km/h driving-brigade. Ouf! The motorway was already white too – I’d only spent 15 minutes, maybe less, in the service area! Fortunately I was the only one interested in driving in the overtaking lane, so soon lost the 20km-ers. 5 minutes later the road was clear again…

Arriving at Beaune there was no snow – curses! I’d been looking forward to taking a few nice pics with snow and blue sky – oh and some vines too – but then I saw the hills above Pernand were white and thought ‘why not!’

I also had a drive through Echevronne, less than 5 minutes from Pernand which is quite a nice small village – plenty of interesting old houses, in various levels of decay, for sale too. I particularly like ‘the Château’ but I’m assuming that it’s not for sale – or not for a couple of hundred ‘k’ anyway 😉

Then slowly onto Nuits for an appointment, stopping by the Clos de la Marechale to watch the man with the never-ending job – perfecting the wall of the Clos – but he says that’s just for the winter, in the summer he works in the Marechale’s vines instead!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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