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les climats du vignoble de bourgogne bookI picked this book up in Athenaeum in Beaune last month – a mere €10 for a little over 80 pages of photos from Armelle, Jean-Louis Bernuy and Michel Joly – and lovely photos they are.

Production quality is very good; the book is being sold in aid of the ‘Climats du Vignoble du Bourgogne‘ a push to achieve world heritage status for the Côte d’Or from UNESCO. What little text there is to support the images is all in French, but no big deal.

Cheap as it is, and despite the very good quality (softcover) presentation, there seams a flaw if it is designed to raise funds. Not the fact that it is too (or at at least remarkably) cheap, rather that the Athenaeum website seems to be the only place in the world you can buy it. Google, Amazon et-al are all a let-down. Oh-well, I’m sure the organisers have a plan…

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