remoissenet 2005 mercurey clos fortoul

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2005 Remoissenet, Mercurey Clos FortoulProfile
2005 Remoissenet, Mercurey Clos Fortoul

2005 Remoissenet, Mercurey Clos Fortoul
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose starts with a little mineral, some herbs and slightly cola-esque top-notes, but slowly a very, very pretty and slightly creamy red fruit note comes through. In the mouth there’s decent concentration, good acidity and some ripe, grainy tannin. Not fat but it’s a lithe impression. Faintly lingering. The structure hints to Nuits, but the fruit not. An interesting wine that has the balance for a long, profitable life.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. David Bennett2nd September 2009 at 8:30 pmPermalinkReply


    I’ve just picked up the last few cases of the 2000, which is drinking very well indeed at them moment. the 2000 is very “old school” and irony, sous bois and tannic but yet with fruit still present and some balance. Good for evening drinking outside in South Burg. Have some bottles left so will save some for you for drinking later on on the year… 🙂

    • billn3rd September 2009 at 4:51 amPermalinkReply


      – memo to self – ‘a few cases…’ I think I’m overdoing it if I buy 12 of anything!

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