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Update 7.1.2007(13.12.2006)billn

We are now in the ‘home straight’ and things should be becoming clearer(?) For those that missed it, here’s part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Wine 13
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. High tones overlay a nose of considerable depth – earthy and cedar aspects and a slightly ‘lifted’ impression – but throughout our time together the nose remains completely understated. This wine bursts with excitement; it’s intense and the forward acidity makes it difficult to hold the wine in your mouth. The tannin is very well covered and the finish only slowly fades. It’s not as long as the best here but it’s not too far behind. This is an excellent bottle.
My mark: 18.25/20, group average 17.8/20

Wine 14
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose starts wide and creamy – I though a little lactic too but this was transient – quickly taking on a forward cream coverd red cherry aspect and eventually coffee notes too. Understated, concentrated and tons of mid-palate dimension – many of these wines are one-dimensional in comparision. The fruit is so well done that it completely buries any necessity to discuss acidity or tannin. The creamy finish is understated but very long. Really top-class wine.
My mark: 19.0/20, group average 17.7/20

Wine 15
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. The wide nose showcases well delineated soft red fruit and a little coffee too. High-toned fruit in the mouth that is both concentrated and bursts into life on the mid-palate. There is some astringency to the tannin but the combined sweetness of the fruit and the considerable spicy oak means that it’s not overpowering in the finish which also shows plenty of cream and just a touch of espresso. In quality terms this wine is quite close to the previous wine, just a little shorter and less precise – mainly due to the layer of sweet oak which I don’t find ‘additive’.
My mark: 18.5/20, group average 18.6/20

I’ll let you consider until tomorrow’s results which might be which, but in the meantime here is my summary of the scores:

My ScoreGroup Score
Wine 219.2518.0
Wine 1119.019.0
Wine 819.018.3
Wine 1419.017.7
Wine 718.7518.1
Wine 1518.518.6
Wine 1318.2517.8
Wine 518.017.9
Wine 918.017.7
Wine 618.017.5
Wine 1018.017.4
Wine 117.517.5
Wine 417.017.7
Wine 1217.017.4
Wine 316.016.6

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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