Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Jadot Louis, PommardNov. 2011
Some quite high tones, red fruit notes that are sweet and faintly alcoholic, but not overly so. In the mouth this is soft and understated, actually a bit too soft. The fruit is sweet enough and buffered with just a little tannin. Frankly I don’t have much engagement with this wine, though it seems friendly enough. As a Pommard it’s very simple and doesn’t seem a patch on the 2008.
2009 Buisson-Charles, PommardNov. 2011
There’s a little more tannin here than the Bourgogne shows – no surprise, but the tannin comes with more flavour too, and lovely flavours at that. I’d almost say that there was a ‘finesse’ about this wine!
2008 Jadot Louis, PommardNov. 2011
This wine showed two personalities; day 1 it was a little non-descript on the nose; rounder and sweeter than the Guyon Chambolle but less impact or dimension – here was a club to the rapier of the Guyon. Day 2 and I’m much more impressed with this; the nose has opened with a slightly warm and sweet core but coupled to creamy flashes and top notes of violets – nice! There also seems a bit more depth to the palate, pretty, higher-toned red fruit and a slowly lingering finish on very good but not bright acidity. There is a hint of grain to the low-key tannin. If I’m totally honest, this cuvée can be a bit expensive, but here is a wine that rewards your investment – on day 2 anyway!
2008 Dubreuil-Fontaine, PommardApr. 2011
Deeper, more profound fruit on the nose. Fine fruit covers good structure – a very obvious cherry flavour – precociously tasty.
1985 Guillemard-Dupont et Fils, PommardOct. 2010
Medium colour with a touch of orange about it. The nose has width, if not depth, and showcases sweetly baked red fruit tarts. In the mouth this is very smooth though if you really search you might come up with a suggestion of tannin near the finish. The fruit in the mouth is also sweet and it’s quite enough to offset a slightly tart impression given by the acidity. This is mature and very drinkable – not significantly complex, but that’s the why its a village label.
2008 Buisson-Charles, PommardJul. 2010
Patrick was very happy with his 08 Pommard, it was a lot of work through the growing season but it avoided hail and in the end he used 20% whole clusters. This has depth and a little richness to the aromas. Fine structure and concentration – there is lots of flavour but delivered with balance and a little minerality. Also sold out – what a shame (for me).
2007 Buisson-Charles, PommardJul. 2010
Almost everything is sold-out here – this is the last bottle! There is good freshness here that has an added richness that is reminiscent of the 2008. There’s a little padding in the texture, abetted by the velvet texture of the tannin. Just a hint of astringency in the finish.
1999 Arcelain Michel, PommardJul. 2010
Deep, apparently oak-inflected aromas – very nice. There’s a lovely width and ripeness of dark red fruit – there’s a joy here. Lovely finish with hints of licorice – a great first wine.
2008 Boillot Louis, PommardMay. 2010
The red fruit aromas are accented with licorice. Soft and ripe fruit, soft tannin too. Fresh, but not too fresh. This is a good starter!
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