Why Big Red Diary?
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Vintage information 1964:

I haven't met any whites, but the reds have been uniformly drinkable, if defined by their acidity. Initially highly rated and slightly better for reds. In the late 1970s many commentators already described the wines as 'fading' and the 'fuller' 1966s overtaking them. The ones I've tasted didn't really seem to be fading...

1964 Protheau François, Chambertin Clos-de-BèzeApr. 2009
The ’sample’ was medium-pale and slightly brown looking, but when it caught the sun the colour was pure ruby-red at the core. The nose is superbly clean for an old’un; a little turned soil and beef stock against sweet, decaying leaves – much nicer than it sounds. Bright acidity (like every ‘64 I’ve tasted) is on display, but somehow with ‘cut’ and focus. Linear, tannin-free, very mineral and subtly long – though it certainly won’t win any prizes in this area. Six hours on the nose has a faint but appealing volatile edge, otherwise it’s as steady as a rock. Texturally the wine fills out a little – perhaps it’s a (warmer) temperature effect – moderating the acidity just a little, it also seems just a little more intense and long, though certainly there’s now a metallic edge to the flavour. It didn’t fade a bit over 3 hours (so that’s 9 in total) of drinking.
1964 Faiveley Joseph, Vosne-RomanéeNov. 2005
Pale amber colour though there’s still some redness at the core. Estery and leathery nose that retains sweetness and a high-tone fruit element. Plenty of acidity and a rather slender figure to be sure, but the texture is still good and there is a more-than interesting length. A wine that is still alive and despite the acidity becoming dominant it is interesting and still quite drinkable – provided you keep away from the considerable sediment!
1964 Jaboulet Vercherre, Romanée Saint-VivantJul. 2005
Lovely old, brown-tinged but vibrant colour. The nose is alive and exciting. I hoped to be transported to another place – not quite – but this is lovely and it’s held together by a really fine seam of acidity. A lovely old lady.
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