Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Mommessin, Beaune Sur Les GrèvesFeb. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is just a little bit better than pretty, there’s a high-toned fruit-pastille impression, but also a nice cherry core too – the last drops smell lovely – bravo! Ripe fruit that becomes fresher and more intense as you hold onto it. Decent acidity and the merest reference to tannin in the mid-palate. Good depth with most subtle touch of cream. The tiniest bit of fat pads out the texture. It’s not the most concentrated Beaune you will ever drink, but it is complex and a very well made 2007 indeed. I have to bite my lip and say – bravo (again!) – particularly as the price I paid was less than €20.
2005 Mommessin, Morey St.Denis La ForgeNov. 2007
This is the second wine from the Clos de Tart. Relatively deep ruby-red colour, still a little cherry-red at the rim. The nose is deep, ripe and serious. In the mouth, you have a really excellent texture, warm red fruit with a faint spice. The tannins are quite ‘executive’ despite the declassification and the acidity is very well judged. This is no shy and retiring wine, but has really super balance. Highly recommended.
2004 Mommessin, Clos de TartMar. 2006
A wide, creamy and interesting nose. Versus ‘La Forge’ this is much silkier and has so many more facets – more intense and certainly more complex. Lovely, lingering finish. My style of wine – super.
2003 Mommessin, Clos de TartMar. 2006
Deep colour. Thick and heavy nose of coffee edged sweet plum and herbs. Tasting provides an unctuous, and sweet mix that avoids being ponderous because there’s just so much of everything. Elegant it isn’t, but this is so jam-packed with material that you have to be impressed. Give it 15 years in the cellar and see what develops.
2002 Mommessin, Clos de TartMar. 2006
Medium-plus colour. The nose shouts deep, black-edged, creamy cherry and a little coffee – not so wide. The soft entry delivers you sweet, interesting red-shaded fruit The tannins are very well covered by the concentrated fruit – builds well from the mid-palate into a super, mouth-watering finish – it just melts away. Today it’s certainly a hedonist’s wine rather than an intellectual wine – but if, with time, it builds some complexity it will be a very fine bottle.
2004 Mommessin, Morey St.Denis La ForgeMar. 2006
The nose shows spice and a good core of fruit. Tasting shows a little fat and earth, interesting flavours, nice concentration and good acidity. Some tannin shows, but it’s not too unruly and the finish lasts well. Worth it’s 1er Cru label.
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