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Vintage 2013



My ‘home domaine’ has attacked the bottling this week – the soundtrack to the week will be incessant clinking of glass bottles. The chief is very happy about the conjunction of the calendar and the fine, calm weather. He’s also very happy with his wines 😉

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part dix)


But actually, days 11 and 12 – 11 being the last harvest day. The wood burning stove thing looked like something out of an illicit still operation from the backwoods Southern USA. Très bizarre! Romain A was using it to heat ‘pure’, for bio purposes, very hot water although the initial lighting of the wood […]

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part neuf)


And whilst this is part nine, note it’s not day nine – it’s day ten as we had one day off…

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part eight)


Day 8, the Thursday, 10th Oct 2013, one week after the start of the Arlaud vendange saw us experience the worst weather to date by some margin, and for me, to then the most seriously unpleasant weather I’d ever experienced in a vendange. It had rained heavily overnight and was much colder. We commenced under […]

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part seven)

First thing with Cyprien doing TESA paperwork for new vendangeur. Annie & Thierry in background.



Waiting for the pressings

Decuvage: Emptying the fermentation tanks, digging out the cap from those tanks and pressing the cap. The day after our Paulée seems more Spring-like than Autumn; there’s a cool-ish blue sky, but bright sunshine too. I thought I was going to get my hands (and probably a lot more!) dirty this afternoon, as we planned […]

it’s called the paulée…

it’s called the paulée…

I should mention that the food was rather good too!

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part six)

Day 6 - Vosne Villages roadside along from Clos Vougeot - dragging Daniel on board to depart

We finished lunchtime, praise be the lord, after another testing episode – it was so cold first thing back on that damn Haut Cotes de Nuit plateau, with a claggy mist exacerbating the cold, that my jacket had ice on the left arm (honestly) and you can imagine what one’s hands felt like – yes, […]

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part cinq)

01-Day 5 Gevrey La Justice grapes in case on back of porters carrying frame
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