Why Big Red Diary?

tuesday, st.romain via volnay…

The tree at the top of Volnay Clos des Santenots – in full bloom!

I often get distracted whilst underway – at least when the rain stops! The almond tree in Santenots this morning was just the latest example – it didn’t make me too late for my appointment today, though.

I’ve meant to do it for years, but this morning I finally visited a tonnellerie, and not just any, but François Frères a) of St.Romain but b) of rather more global fame. More in my March report, but here’s a ‘flavour’ of my visit:

2 responses to “tuesday, st.romain via volnay…”

  1. jonwyand

    Let’s hope no one takes that tree down ! Very sad to see the one in Vosne go.

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