Why Big Red Diary?

gilles bouton’s 2006 blagny sous le puits

Much of red Blagny has been replanted with chardonnay and in so doing becomes either Puligny or Meursault 1er cru – in the case of this wine a Puligny 1er – a wine that can sell at nearly twice the price of the red, not to mention be cropped at higher yield – so that’s a double win for the white! Blagny still has some fans, such as Benjamin Leroux, who is doing his bit to hold onto the label – there are not many – here’s another from Gilles Bouton:

2006 Gilles Bouton, Blagny 1er Sous le Puits
Medium, medium-plus colour, starting to show a little age. The nose, likewise, has the first hints of a sweet caramel maturity and that comes through on the palate too. It’s a nice and fresh width of flavour over the palate too – slowly melting red-fruited flavour over the tongue. The first hints of maturity but still a young wine – a tasty though not particularly distinguished wine.
Rebuy – Maybe

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