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gros frère et soeur’s 1995 grands-echézeaux

1995 Gros Frère et Soeur, Grands-Echézeaux
Now that’s an informative cork! From a small parcel of vines just behind the wall of the Clos de Vougeot, next to the vines of DRC. Much of the domaines vines were replanted between 1980-1995, this could be quite young vines, or…
A spicy nose, open above, still with old toasty oak at the base – it takes an hour from opening, but the dirty oak fades (perhaps it was more reductive) and there’s some fine, elegant floral notes – this level of improvement implies to me that there is plenty of improvement still in this wine. A good volume in the mouth. Freshness and openness over the palate, nothing blocky or weighty. This is quite mature, relatively surprisingly, and it’s delicious too. Quite some elegant finishing complexity too but certainly not a wine of power – perhaps young vines then (…?)
Rebuy – Yes

10 responses to “gros frère et soeur’s 1995 grands-echézeaux”

  1. Claude Kolm

    I knew this wine when it was young. It rather clearly had gone through an amelioration that I have not seen in the last 25 years or so in Burgundy.

  2. Claude Kolm

    Sorry, I misread the vintage. My comment above was about the 1985 Grands-Echézeaux, not the 1995.

  3. gvpwine

    based on this quite positive gros frere1995 grands echezeaux, how do you see drinking window for their 2008 echezeaux, having gotten 1/2 case at auction?

  4. gvpwine

    I also like their Clos de Vougeot Musigni – have the 2005, find it fruity, but will wait a few years for further exploration. However,10 years becomes an optimistic wait at 72. Will try one in 2018, then wait, perhaps, several more years, etc. Thanks for feedback.