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st.aubin before the showers…

Wandering around Saint Aubin at mid-day today – a few spots of rain punctuating bursts of sun. That was before the heavier showers – even a few small hailstones ~13h30 in Beaune. It was much cooler but dry in the evening – we will probably get a frost – so a quick (ish!) 30 minutes jog. I strained a calf during the week – makes participating in the Beaune half-marathon, in 2 weeks, something of a long-shot!

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  1. Mark in Pernand

    Nice photos as usual, thanks Bill ! The views from Dent du Chien vividly remind of a super walk up there almost a year ago, including meeting petit chiens of chasseurs 😉 . On a separate note you remind me how much I’ve enjoyed the wines of Domaine Larue albeit a good while ago now – must address that. Cheers.

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